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Dublin Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl
"The Irish pub remains the social focus of Irish culture and is one of Ireland's most popular attractions. While most cities around the world boast of at least one offspring of Celtic drinking culture the original Irish pub remains a rare commodity. On this entertaining musical pub crawl you'll visit authentic establishments in the heart of Dublin. Temple Bar is a hive of activity where artists designers and young entrepreneurs have set up small art galleries cafes theaters and colorful shops. The pedestrianized streets allow you to walk freely through the narrow cobbled alleys running close to the banks of the River Liffey.Dublin Traditional Irish Music Pub Crawl includes at least 2 of the following famous """Discover Dublin's traditional pubs and wonderful Irish music on this 2.5-hour pub crawl through historic Temple Bar. Led by two talented professional musicians
From EUR13.00
The National Wax Museum - Admission Ticket
"Enjoy an experience of sight sound and entertainmentThe National Wax Museum Plus is an exciting interactive visitor attraction located in the heart of Dublin's city centre Temple Bar district and just off Dame Street. The museum is housed over four floors and 13000 square feet in a historic Foster Place landmark building previously the home for Ireland's gold store and arms at the turn of the last century!The museum is an outstanding original visitor attraction and has been designed to deliver an interactive experience taking you on a journey through Irish cultur an enchanting children's zone of discovery Ireland's only dedicated tribute to our top scientific inventors a Green Screen video room
From EUR12.00
Dublin Twilight Tour by Bus
"This lively evening tour around the heart of Dublin City delivered by an entertaining local guide with music and ""craic"" on board is the ultimate way to learn about Dublin its people nightlife and attractions. On our Night Tour Dublin city you'll enjoy a FREE shot of Irish whisky (over 18's only) and soak up the atmosphere of the city's redeveloped business district - including the floodlit Convention Centre and the famous Dublin Doc going to the theatre or a gig."""
From EUR10.00

Elephant & Castle Tips (11)

Elephant & Castle: Elephant & Castle - Touristy? Nah!

We were looking for late-night dinner in the Temple Bar area and came upon Elephant & Castle. Now this restaurant just so happens to be in every single Dublin guidebook so I was reluctant to try it (thinking it would be ultra-touristy). But I was wrong.

The food was inventive, fresh, and inexpensive. The crowd was replete with Dubliners and hardly a tourist among them (I only counted us). The service was quick & efficient and we felt welcome in the place. I would definitely go back especially since I'm a sucker for things such as goat cheese, black olives, capers, and tomatoes (give me artichoke hearts or asparagus tips, too, and I'm head over heels).

Favorite Dish Fettuccine with Goat Cheese, Black Olives, Capers and Tomatoes - absolutely delish! Ian was quite happy with his burger and each dish cost around 12 euro which fared well on our budget.

Photo: April 2010

BeatChick's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2010

Elephant & Castle: posh dosh

I was asked to talk about the food, ambiance, surroundings etc but unfortunately I never experienced any of these things. I phoned to book at table and was very disappointed with the telephone manner of the staff that dealt with my query.

I was booking a table for seven people and was told that I couldn't book over the phone. I would have to come down to the restaurant and wait for a table. I explained that I lived in Belfast and 'coming down there' might be a bit of a problem.... The logistics of this statement didn't seem to sink into the man's brain so after an awkward silence I asked if there was anything that could be done.

My 'helper' swiftly left 'to find out' from someone else what could be done and a completely new person came on the phone. After a very short 'I don't have time for this' hello from my new 'helper' I explained (again) about my situation. This time the man was a little more helpful and after going away to find out what could be done he told me that they were booked up from 5:30 to 9:30. By this stage I was a little confused because, as you might remember, I had been told by my first helper that you couldn't book. You had to just turn up and wait. I thanked him for his 'help' and said that it didn't suit me.

The saga continues..... My boyfriend who is from Dublin then phoned Elephant and Castle and put on a posh accent. He asked to book a table for exactly the same amount of people and was told that it was no problem!!! They very politely asked him to phone back the next day and confirm as the had 2 big bookings in for that night.

Would you want to eat there? I'm booking somewhere else in Temple Bar. Somewhere else that deserves my hard earned money.

Favorite Dish Don't know!!

Feb 10, 2008

Elephant & Castle: Irish Stew

Located in Temple Bar, the Elephant and Castle is a very popular and casual restaurant. Cajun Creole cuisine, famous for the delicious chicken wings, salads and omelettes. There is always a wait for the tables here, no reservations are accepted. If the restaurant is full they will tell you when to come back. Great again for people watching whilst your eating your food.

Favorite Dish Everyone talks about the spicy chicken wings.

IrishFem's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2006

Elephant & Castle: Do not enter if not spending more than 20$

I have to admit, if you are given the chance to eat it, the food in this restaurant is fairly good unfortunately, you will be shown the exit if the management belives that you are not spending enough.
My husband (scotish) and I (french) were in Dubin in July 06.
We went to elephant and Castle for diner one night. The food is not very cheap (similar to what you will pay in a touristic place in Paris) but good.
The next evening, we decided to try another restaurant but went back to Elephant and Castle for Cake, tea and coffee.
As usual, the staff give us a glass of water and then took our order.
10 minutes later the manager of the restaurant told us that the were only serving full diner and asked us to leave. Before, we had the time to argue (and tell her for example that the night before, I had returned to the staff a bank note they had lost on the restaurant floor), she removed the glasses of water that we were drinking and left. having receive a christian education, I was told that you don't refuse a glass of water to a begger... I was deeply insulted by her gesture and my husband and I left.
Needless to say that despite the good food, I will never go back to Elephant and castle in temple bar ever again. The management attitude is just to appalling

Aug 06, 2006
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Elephant & Castle: Best burgers in town!

We tried to get a table on a Saturday night without having booked - nothing until 10.30pm, so we booked it up for the following Saturday lunchtime before our flight home. We had really been anticipating this since it had been a week since we were disappointed not to get a table, so the stakes were really high. They did not let us down. The food is nothing fancy, just salads, sandwiches, burgers and a few other American style favourites, but they do it very well, good portions and very tasty. The best thing is that you can tell it hasn't seen a microwave - or if it has I certainly couldn't tell. They also do brunch and breakfast, which looked like it would be good too, but we opted for a lunch instead.

Favorite Dish The spicy chicken wings are a must - not overly spicy, so don't be put off if your palate is a little delicate. They are soooo moreish!! You can have this as a main course or to share as a starter. Our party of four all opted for burgers, the traditional cheese and bacon and also the mozzarella, pesto and roasted tomato one. All delicious - they are over an inch thick and come cooked properly to your liking - pure beef and nothing else....funny how McDonalds claim that and they taste nothing like this!!! The toppings add the rest of the flavour. Great fries - hand peeled and not frozen. All washed down with a raspberry soda. Couldn't manage a dessert as we were stuffed full, but I am sure they were great too.

Oct 18, 2005

Elephant & Castle: Yummie snackfood

Elephant & Castle is one of the best known locations in the centre of Temple Bar. It serves burgers, salads, omelets, sandwiches, and very good breakfasts! The interior is nice, the food well-prepared and the service is great as well!

Favorite Dish For breakfast take the California Sunrise Breakfast: orange juice, eggs, bacon, hash browns, French toast and tea or coffee. It costs 10,50 euro, but you're sure to last until late afternoon before eating again :-)

The mushroom and herb omelet is also very delicious!

Mahieu's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2005

Elephant & Castle: Goot enough to eat!

This place is in prime position in Temple Bar so after a hearty feast you only have to tumple out the door to be in the middle of the nightlife and party on til the wee hours of the morning! But thats not the half of it-Elephant & castle has the most mouthwatering food in the city in my opinion-for a reasonable price and all! Good atmosphere-but you will undoubedly be turned away for a half hour because its full so go early!

Aug 29, 2003

Elephant and Castle: Dublin Fare

This is the same as the New York (SoHo) establishment. It was reportedly opened in Dublin when one of the chefs was deined entry into America.

The place is always busy. The waitresses instinctively know which of you is the most hungover and they fill up your water glasses in direct proportion to your dehydration.

Favorite Dish They are reknowned for their buffalo-style chicken wings. However, they do have some excellent salads, appetizers, burgers and pasta dishes. While we only ate dinner there, the breakfasts at this bistro -- from bacon and eggs to huevos rancheros -- are reportedly a terrific value

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Aug 09, 2003
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"Ultra Trendy Capital City"
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"Great place - but not the real Ireland"
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"Dublin - The Windy City!!"
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Elephant & Castle: My favorite!

The Restaurant is very plane. Wooden floors wooden chairs and tables but there is a certain warmth about it a certain cleanliness. From the first time I looked in the window there this is how I feel. The out side is white and it looks cosy with the warm wooden interior and old pictures on the walls. The first time we went there there was no chance of getting a table so remember to book it atleast on the weekends. This was a place where you could go to in your jeans at lunch time or tierd after a flight or all dressed up and ready to go and have a late nite! Anything fits with the surroundings and that is why it´s my favorite, you always feel good and welcome there.

Favorite Dish Chicken sandwich, cesar sallat, chicken sallat, fresh good food, I love chicken! Every thing I had there was good but I have a very simple idea of good food! I was never disapointed, I was always happy to leave a tip. I belive that when you order food in a restaurant it´s because you have a craving for something and you want it perfect because your ordering it at a restaurant, often your quite hungry and don´t want to wait to long. I have been all of those things and I have never been disapointed.

Inga78's Profile Photo
Jul 07, 2003

Elephant & Castle.: Elephant & Castle.

I was very surprised as this restaurant is right in Temple Bar (tourist food not always being of the highest quality). We were just desperate for grub so we fell into this place. It doesn't look like much but don't be fooled. Great tasting food, well presented, healthy sized portions & friendly quick service all came as a bit of a surprise. Everyone likes surprises so give it a crack.

Favorite Dish Defo go for the chicken tacos with a mango chuntney/salsa topping bound up with the most devine tasting sauce I have ever had! I raved to everyone for weeks after about this meal!

nixon_fc's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Elephant and Castle

Elephant and Castle
Located in Temple Bar, this is one of Dublin's most popular, casual restaurants. The Elephant & Castle serves a variety of American-style menu choices, including burgers, salads, omelettes and their famous chicken wings. They also serve an American-style brunch on Sundays that is very popular. There is almost always a wait for the tables here, but since the restaurant is located in Temple Bar, there's always plenty to look at just outside the door if you need to kill time. This is where I always went for a taste of home.

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Aug 25, 2002

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18 Temple Bar, Dublin 2


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