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Dublin Pass Including Free Entry to Over 30 Attractions
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Dublin Pass Including Free Entry to Over 30 Attractions
From EUR48.00

Dublinia Tips (18)

Fun for children

I had been looking for something which would be of interest for an eleven-year-old boy. Dublinia is an interactive museum/exhibition about the Vikings and their life in Dublin. The reviews I had read before were mixed.

From our visit I think it depends on your expectations:

If you expect to learn a lot about the Vikings in a scientific way, you'll be disappointed. But for kids it's a very nice.They could write their names in runes, could put on a chain hat, other clothes, play old games etc.

We got a family ticket for 17 Euro.

christine.j's Profile Photo
May 05, 2009

The mediaval Dublin

Dublinia illustrates life in medieval Dublin from 1170-1540. The Viking World reveals the histoyr of the Vikings from their origins in Scandinavia to their integration with the peoples of Western Europe. The exhibitions are housed in the former Synod Hall of the Church of Ireland which neo-gothic in syle, eas completed in 1875 and is built on the site of the medieval church of St Michael. Dublinia is owned by the Medieval Trust, a private charitable trust which aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the medieval period.

Opening Hours:

April to September: Daily from 10 am - 5 pm (last admision 4.15 pm)
October to March: mon to fri: 11 am-4 pm (last admision 3.15 pm)
Sat/Sun/Bank holiday: 10 am-4pm (last admission 3.15)


Adult: 6 Euros
Child: 3.75 Euros
Concession: 5 Euros for students, senion citizens and unwaged.
Family Ticket: 16 Euros (2 adults and 3 children)

lina112's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2005

a trip to the Middle Ages

Dublinia is one of the places of Dublin I most enjoyed. It is a museum, but it doesn't look like all the other museums, where people only have to look at paintings or anything else. It's very interactive.
Dublinia is a trip through the history of medieval Dublin and Ireland. It's a must if you visit the city.

Mikebond's Profile Photo
Oct 29, 2005

Step back in Dublin time

Dublinia is an exhibit located in Christchurch Cathedral, which takes you through the early history of Dublin, from around 900 to about 1500, with the focus on the medieval period. It's an interactive exhibit, very good for kids, which encourages you to try things on, throw things, open drawers and press buttons. Along the way, it's surprisingly informative about life in early Dublin, which was quite a small settlement, mostly populated by people who weren't native to Ireland - first the Vikings, then Normans and English at different periods. One or two sections of the exhibit could do with refurbishment, but generally things work, and there's an excellent balance between text and activities, so that even restless adults will find themselves with plenty to do. At the end, you can climb up the tower and take a look at most of Dublin's best-known sights, with an excellent series of printed displays to guide the eye.

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Jun 11, 2003
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I didn't visit, but this attraction is connected to Christ Church Cathedral. You actually enter through the church. From what I understand, it's basically an exhibit that gives you an view into what Medieval Dublin might have been like. The tour uses audio-visuals to recreate the past and even has a full-size reconstruction of a merchant's house.

Open 10am-5pm daily.

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Jun 07, 2003

Dublinia & Viking World

Dublinia unfortunately turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I was just expecting too much... my friends told me it was some kind of Viking museum. And with Dublin’s exciting Viking history in mind I was expecting something as spectacular as "Historiska Museet" in Stockholm. Dublinia is rather an exhibition than a museum, you will not find too many authentic relics there. The history of the origins of Dublin and the living conditions of the city’s inhabitants is reconstructed. Several of the exhibitions there are „interactive“, there is a reconstruction of a man put in the pillory, for example. People can throw balls at him and if they hit his nose he’ll reveal why he’s in this predicament. You’ll also find detailed info on topics like: local laws and customs, crime and punishment, medieval guilds, trade relations, etc. Each exhibition has information boards in English and commentaries and info sheets are also available in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German).
One separate exhibition examines Viking history. You can find a reconstructed Viking warship and detailed info on Viking religion, war gear, poetry, clothing and living conditions, among others. The exhibition also explains the effects that the Viking rule and raids had on Dublin and Ireland.
Dublinia did not come up to my expectations but children will probably find the interactive character very entertaining.
You'll find a gift/ souvenir shop on your way out.
If you intend to visit both Dublinia and Christ Church Cathedral get a combined ticket at Dublinia!
Entrance fee Dublinia: 6,25 Euros
Combined ticket: 11,00 Euros (will save you 1,25 Euros)
Family tickets available

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Jan 31, 2009

inside the medieval city of dvblinia

an attraction where you learn about how dublin came to be dublin. it is divided according to different aspects of the medieval dublin such as the medieval fair, life in the city and crime and punishment. the scale model of the city in the 16th century is particularly impressive in its detail. on a lighter note i got a papal pardon (which i needed bad) and got dressed in medieval attire. both fun and instructive.

psyche327's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2005

Viking World!

This is linked to Christ Church Cathedral via a Victorian footbridge, also known as half-penny bridge.

It's one of the city's most popular heritage centres as it explores the medieval history of the city & the Viking World.

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Dec 31, 2009
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"Dublin - The Windy City!!"
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Dublinia is the name given to a heritage centre located in the old St Michael's Church dating from the 12th Century. It is embedded in the Synod Hall of Christ Church Cathedral. The exhibition of the Center covers the formative period of Dublin's history from the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in 1170 to the closure of the monasteries in the 1540's.There are many exhibits here which include video's, model's and reconstruction's and in the ground floor a large-scale model of Dublin around 1500. Perhaps people dont know that until the restoration of Christ Church , It and the St Michael's Church were two unrelated buildings. Street designed the Synod Hall around the original church tower all that remains of the original St Michael's Church.

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May 24, 2005

Dublinia Viking and Medieval History Museum

Located within and connected to the infamous Christ Church Cathedral of Dublin (a.k.a. "The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity") is now one of Dublin's most spectacular and interactive museums/tourist attractions. Christ Church is the elder of Dublin's two medieval cathedrals, next to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Christ Church is officially claimed as a set of both the Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic archbishops in Dublin. The Museum and Cathedral sits in the former heart of medieval Dublin next to WOod Quay at the end of Lord Edward Street. Christ Church is the only one of the three cathedrals that can be seen from the River Liffey. It is the home of the purported tomb of "Strongbow" - the medieval Norman-Welch warlord who came to Ireland and marking the start of English involvement in Ireland. The Dublinia Museum tells the story about how Dublin was settled by the Vikings and that is was an important medieval mecca at one time. It was established by the Medieval Trust in the rooms of the disused Synod Hall. The concentration of the museum is between the 11th century and the Reformation. The museum is a living history museum, with hands-on displays, and typical museum artifact displays. Reconstructed dioramas give glimpses of Dublin in the Middle Ages. The Museum gets quite crowded and is sometimes difficult to navigate around. The museum also houses the archaeological finds and a presentation of the current excavations of Wood Quay. The museum is linked by a bridge to Christ Church. Parts of the building are visible and climbing the tower will give you spectacular views of Dublin's skyline. There are three prime exhibitions in Dublinia: (1) Viking Dublin Exhibition, (2) Medieval Dublin Exhibition, and (3) History Hunter's Exhibition. Visitors can explore the Viking times of Dublin, its settlement, what life is like on a Viking warship, the clothing, what it is like to be a slave, and how cramped Viking homes were. Visitors can learn the runic alphabet and learn the mythos of the time. Visitors can see medieval Dublin - following history from Strongbow to the Reformation, what warfare and crime/punishment was like in the times, and about the Black Death. Visitors can get a glimpse of the historic Dubin Faire. Tourists can also gain insight into modern archaeological practices and current digs in the area, the technology they use, and the tools they utilize. Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

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Aug 24, 2010

Dublin's History

Dublinia is a museum of the history of Dublin from the time it was a Viking settlement, through the middle ages and today. I think kids would get a kick out of this especially because there are a lot of hands on things for them to try such as doing rubbing at one of the vendor's stands in the Medieval market place, pushing the buttons to learn about the section of the exhibition one is looking at, video vikings, throwing objects to learn info from the display mannequins etc.
Still while Dublinia has many interactive displays for childern it is a great way for everyone to learn.

I wasnt quite sure what to think of it when I went in but coming out it was something I was glad I did although parts were a bit childish at times it was still entertaining.

I recommend going here before Christchurch as you receive a discount into the cathedral if you visit Dublinia first.

Adults: €6.25
Children: €3.75

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May 13, 2007

Viking experiance

I was searching up and down looking for The Viking experiance which ive often seen advertised on the internet. This has shut down now and Dublinia has replaced it.
There is not a great deal on the walk around, Jorvik centre in York is a lot better i thought, but all the same if you have a spare 6 euros and an hour to waste, its worth a wander around.

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May 26, 2005

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Getting to Dublinia


St. Michaels Hill, Christchurch, Dublin 8


  • Sunday 10:00 to 17:00
  • Monday 10:00 to 17:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 to 17:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 to 17:00
  • Thursday 10:00 to 17:00
  • Friday 10:00 to 17:00
  • Saturday 10:00 to 17:00