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Avalanche and K-Ration Diet: Full-Day Tour from Paestum
"The Allied Landing was not only the start of the Italian liberation but also a catalyst that allowed American physiologist Ancel Keys inventor of the 'K-ration' to learn about the nutritional culture of Cilento. Keys provided the inspiration for a full examination of the Mediterranean Diet.To commemorate this important event the tour will alternate tasting moments with insights dedicated to the plates and the typical preparations that were consumed in the 40s. The liberators coming from a strong economy and accustomed to a diet rich in calories noticed a marked difference when they switched to the Cilento diet
From EUR160.00
Boat Excursion to Paestum
"The excursion is carried out with the aid of a guide that shows both history and the topography of the places that are visited during the navigation. The itinerary starts from the coast of Paestum in a southerly direction exploring with mask and fins various relics of the landing of Salerno sunk during the the Second World War. Procee visiting sheltered coves for unforgettable diving in the clear waters or to practice snorkeling admiring the curious and-hungry fish often found under the keel of the boat waiting for some bite.The guided tour is conducted with a 10-meter long boat that has a bathroom
From EUR350.00
Paestum: Route of the Allied Landings Tour
"Trace the route of Operation Avalanche the largest landing operation ever undertaken in military history at the time of World War II. In September 1943 that members of the US 36th Infantry Division began their attack on Salerno to force the Germans into retreat. The tour retraces the moments of the landing at Paestum. You will go to the landing beaches where wonderful views of the Gulf of Salerno form a contrast to the horrors of the stories you’ll hear.Learn about the Campaign Internment Camp established by Mussolini to intern Jews and foreigners. Hear about the Four Days of Naples uprising when the Italian Resistance and town folk forced out their German occupiers. Your guide will tell of criminal massacres of civilians by the Nazis as well as the victims of the bombardments
From EUR50.00

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