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Pompeii - Vesuvius 'n wine"Following a morning pickup from Sorrento or Naples travel by air-conditioned minivan to the ancient city of Pompeii — widely considered among Italy’s most important historic sites. Along the way listen as your guide sheds light on the city’s past and gain insight into the deadly volcanic eruption of 79 A.D.On arrival in Pompeii explore the site and learn of life there during the Roman era. See key sites of interest and hear how the bustling streets were silenced by the heavy downpour of ash and molten rock. Next head onward to Mt Vesuvius and hike to the crater for panoramic views over Naples and its beautiful bay. Follow rugged trails around the crater’s edge and marvel at the spectacular volcanic scenery you find. Visit a local winery and explore the v
From EUR120.00
Private Day Trip to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast
"The itinerary is flexible you can decide with your driver to visit Pompeii first or start with the coastal ride. Pompeii is heavily visited in the morning it's recommend to take the afternoon tour.   The tour can start from Naples or Sorrento or Salerno. Pompeii is about 40 minutes away from Naples Salerno or Sorrento along the drive great scenery with Mt Vesuvius and the Ocean.The Archaeological site of Pompeii extends 150 acres. To make the best of your day trip to Pompeii we strongly recommend the optional guided services.  A privat the Theaters a private house
From EUR410.00
Private Herculaneum Walking Tour
"The first approach is absolutely spectacular: beneath you the ancient town laying at the bottom of an archaeological hole about 60 feet deep in front of you the huge skyline of Mt Vesuvius behind you the clear light blue of the Bay of Naples and its islands. From the top you can see at one glance all of the excavated area corresponding probably to one quarter of the entire ancient Herculaneum. Also visible from the very top is the ancient marina where a 300 human skeletons were found together with a boat and a few fishing tools. Crossing a modern bridge discover the garden of the “House of the Albergo” where quince apple trees were replanted following the evidence of carbonized roots of these ancient fruit tree.Next
From EUR160.00

More Shopping in Sorrento

Sorrento Alley way Shopping

the small alley ways in and around the vicinity of Via San Cesareo and Corso Italia such as Via Degli Archi, Lagro Padre Reginaldo Guilani and Via Santa Maria De Grazie, to name a few, has lots of...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Apr 25, 2016

Corso Italia Main Shopping Street

this will be my shopping tip for Corso Italia, I will have a separate things to do tip for it.Corso Italia is the largest street and Main Street of Sorrento and Together with the parallel Via San...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Apr 25, 2016

Main Pedestrian Shopping Street

The Main Pedestrian Shopping Street of Sorrento is Via San Cesareo and the small alley ways in and around it, while the larger Corso Italia is the main Boutique Shopping Street. Via San Ceseareo...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Apr 25, 2016

Sorrento Leather Good Stores

Italy is famous worldwide for it's various leather products such as bags, belts, wallets, man bags, luggage, gloves, jackets and a lot more and since Sorrento is a famous Touristy town, you would...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Apr 20, 2016

Sorrento Souvenir Stores

Hey, the town of Sorrento is the most famous Resort Ton in Italy so don't be surprised to see a large number of souvenir shops and stalls and stores along the town, particularly along Via S Cesareo...
machomikemd's Profile Photo
Apr 19, 2016

Via Cesareo: Main Shopping Street

Via Cesareo is the main shopping street in Sorrento. The best place to start a walk down the street is where it intersects the Plaza Tasso. The street narrows to a group of small shops and stalls...
TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo
Aug 31, 2013
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Sorrento Gioielli / Sorrento Jewellery Shop

This store had some very lovely jewellery. But that being said, save your money and don't risk getting ripped off. We truly enjoyed all the shopping in Sorrento. Bought lovely scarves for 8-10 euros,...
May 31, 2012

Limon candies

almost any shop you can find the lemon candies. They are packed in small transparent bags.They are kind of yellow hard little balls . They not too sour when you start to absorb it flavor but then, a...
Ilney's Profile Photo
Jan 20, 2012

Arte e Dimora

This is a special shop in Sorrento - it is a magical place all year round. Great vintage glass pieces. Great vintage light fixtures. Furthermore, for the chic woman there are purses and vintage...
AMellior's Profile Photo
Jun 07, 2011


This agricultural shop for the Fattoria Terranova is located in the Piazza Tasso. Great location for the display of produce and food items grown and made in the Sorrento area. The actual farm is...
travelgourmet's Profile Photo
May 11, 2010

Local Specialties

Sorrento has a larger selection of items, at more affordable prices, than most other areas of the Amalfi coast. From a few euro to draining your 401 (if airfare hasn't already done so) you'll be able...
goodfish's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2009

Max Mara

Very-very polite ladies. Try to speak italian. They are really helpful. Well, I found lots of items in stock. Items that were not there at the same shop in Naples. Since it was the sales period Naples...
Feb 27, 2009

Ceramics, Inlaid Wooden items, Murano Glass.

Shopping in Sorrento is fab. You can buy painted ceramics, leather goods, and lots of local speciality goods like Limoncello and inlaid wooden jewellery boxes. I noticed they were obsessed with cats...
Cazee's Profile Photo
Nov 29, 2008

Anywhere in Sorrento

I bought a couple of adorable dishes but was spoiled for choice there were so many lovely ones and so hard to fit in the bags.I also bought pasta, herbs, chillies and dried tomatoes. I like to give...
Wowmoment's Profile Photo
Apr 16, 2008

Top Hotels in Sorrento

Via Fuorimura 7, Piazza Tasso, Sorrento, Campania, 80067, Italy
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Via Nuovo Rione Cappuccini 7, Sant'Agnello, Campania, 80065, Italy
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Piazza della Vittoria 5, Sorrento, Campania, 80067, Italy
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34 Piazza Tasso, Sorrento, Campania, 80067, Italy
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Via Rubinacci, 1, Sorrento, Campania, 80067, Italy
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Via Capo No. 33, Sorrento, Campania, 80067, Italy
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Top Things to Do in Sorrento

Things to Do

Day Trip to Capri

part two of my tips with more pictures Sorrento, Together with Naples, is the main stepping point for a day tour or two of the fabulous Island of Capri, termed the Luxe Resort Island and the...
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Things to Do

Piazza Tasso

part two of my tips with more pictures around the Piazza Piazza Tasso is the main Square of the bustling resort town of Sorrento. It was named after the famous Italian Rennaisance Poet, Torquato...
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Things to Do


Like in nearby San't Agnello and Piano Di Sorrento and Meta and Vico Equense, San't Agnello has many private beaches which are owned by the luxe villas and hotels located along the cliffsides and...
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Things to Do

Marina Grande

A short walk from Corso Italia, there is a path of viewing the marina. We have an excellent views over here. Standing on top you'll see everything down there, the fishermen colorful houses overlooking...
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Things to Do

Day Trip to Pompei

part two of my tips with more pictures The ancient ruins of Pompeii, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, needs no introduction as most people around the world know what happened when the famous...
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Things to Do

Street Scene

Visiting Sorrento during holiday season is very nice. Less touristy and nicely decorated with Christmas Lights. As I observe around most of the visitors in the winter time are mostly Italian The shops...
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"An excellent base for exploring....."
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"Sorrento - Sunshine by the Sea"
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"Sorrento - Pearl of the Amalfi Coast"
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