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Christianity in the Ancient Rome Private Tour
"Your English Speaking driver will pick you up at 08.30 am from your accommodation in RomeStart the visit with an intense introduction to the life of St Peter and Saint Paul from a very exclusive spot when Rome is still sleeping. Then stop at the Mame where the two Saints were kept in chains under the crazy Emperor Nero. You can also visit it from the inside.Move to the Aventine Hill the place where the early Christians started to profess their religion. Visit what once were the first two Domus Iglesias today known as the Church of Saint Sabina and Saint Prisca under which the first Christians met in secret!Move to the Appian Way and explore the Church of Quo Vadis where you will find some amazing evidences of the life of the two Saints.Visit the Catacombs where the early Christians were buried
From EUR80.00
Private Tour: Christian Rome
"In the year 313 as Roman Emperor Constantine was preparing for a huge battle one in which he was up against a much bigger army a sign appeared in the sky. Constantine looked up and saw a flaming cross accompanied by the phrase in Latin “In hoc signo vinces” (“By this sign conquer”). He then led his army into battle and won. And thus begins an important phase in Christian Rome: it then became an official religion of the Roman Empire. This 6-hour private guided tour of Christian Rome is an excellent way to learn the history learn about the early history of the Church in Rome and how the city was a major influence on Christianity today. Visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
From EUR338.00
Private Tour: Basilicas of Rome
"After your guide picks you up from your accommodation around 8:00am you will start your tour of the basilicas of Rome. Your first stop will be at St. Paul’s Outside the Walls Basilica one of the most imposing basilicas of Rome where you will experience its beauty of grandeur. After about 30 minutes of exploring you will head with your guide to the next location. The first and largest basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary is the St. Mary the Major. Here you can explore the history and hear of the legend. Legend has it that it was built by a Roman patrici the most devoted basilica and one of the most intriguing. Small treasures linked to the Passion of Jesus are kept here from the thorns of his crown to the vertical piece of the cross. After you will have a break for lunch.One of the final stops is at the Church of Quo Vadis which is a little Jen on the Appian Way. According to tradition
From EUR80.00

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