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  • Cheeses at A.F. Tamburini
    Cheeses at A.F. Tamburini
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  • Palazzo del Podesta
    Palazzo del Podesta
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  • Garisenda e Asunelli
    Garisenda e Asunelli
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Bologna Things to Do

  • Santo Stefano

    5 out of 5 stars

    In my previous tip about Santo Stefano I described the three churches that face on to the piazza: the Church of the Crucifix, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of Saints Vitale and Agricola. Here I cover the remaining parts of this extensive complex that lie behind those churches. Behind the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the open...

  • San Petronio

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    I think it would be hard to argue that this is the most attractive of churches in Bologna, but it is certainly imposing. You can see its façade in one of the photos in my previous tip on the Piazza Maggiore, on whose south side it stands, so I won’t reproduce that here. It is a rather odd mix of white and pink marble on the lower part and exposed...

  • Piazza Nettuno

    This is one of the must-see sights of Bologna, a draw for both tourists and locals. The former come to photograph the huge (in every sense!) depiction of the god, while for locals this is a regular meeting point. The fountain was commissioned by Cardinal Carlo Borromeo to honour his uncle who had been elected as pope (becoming Pope Pius IV)....


Bologna Hotels

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  • Grand Hotel Baglioni

    Quite expensive but situated right in the centre of the city , very nice hotel ,rooms and bar , and...

  • Art Corona d'Oro

    Part of the Art Hotel chain in Bologna, Corona d'Oro is a luxury boutique hotel and one of their top...

  • Savhotel

    Modern 4**** Hotel in Bologna. Plus: - value (esp. weekend rate) - cleanliness - comfortable rooms...


Bologna Restaurants

  • Trattoria Danio

    5 out of 5 stars

    Typical Bologna restaurant, where the tables of wood still of the 60' are prepared with the whitetablecloth more traditional, the menù is much traditional one: tortellini, passatelli, lasagne, beyond to tortelloni and the others first homemade ones... se there are the tortellini is also the bubbled one, that is the meat with which has been prepared...

  • Da Nello al Montegrappa

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The restaurant is celebrating its 65th year in 2011. Most of the waiters here have been working in this restaurant for over 33 years or more. They all have a profound knowledge of their wonderful food and excellent wines on the menu. The ambiance is cozy-elegant with wooden panels on the wall and white tablecloth. Everything is home made and even...

  • Tamburini

    4 out of 5 stars

    This is apparently something of an institution in Bologna, having been established since the 1930s and still managed by the Tamburini family today. Like many places in and around the Quadrilatero it is shop, bar and restaurant rolled into one. You can buy a wide range of typical Bolognese specialities such as mortadella and tortellini, you can...


Bologna Nightlife

  • Bars/pubs

    We enjoyed drinks here on several occasions – an afternoon beer one day, aperitif one evening, post-dinner grappa on another. The service was friendly every time we visited. There’s a great atmosphere on the busy, buzzy corner of the Piazza Maggiore and it's a great spot for people watching, and considering this location the prices didn't strike...

  • Discos

    Salsa is one of my passions, so while I was studying in Bologna I went to all the different salsa clubs in and around the city. Of all the clubs I went to, the best one by far was Sala Paradiso. It's packed every Friday (and only Friday) with intense Cuban salsa dancers. The majority of the dancers are above average, and occasionally a Rueda can...

  • Family spots

    When your young one will get tired of walking (his dad wouldn't mind to go on, right dad?) darling mum can put him into this children train. There are a lot more 'Salle di giocco' as Italians call amusment parks... Just have fun! Mum, if you please to ride that plastic cammel in your long evening dress, just be my guest! Amusment park will get one...


Bologna Transportation

  • Train

    Italian trains are safe, comfortable and efficient enough with an extensive network. Getting to or from Bologna by train is very easy. Bologna Centrale station has been fairly recently extended to cope with the super-fast Freccia trains. I caught the fast Frecciarossa from Milan Centrale, travelling at 296km/h at times and making the journey in...

  • The car

    I never travel by public transportation, instead I am traveling by car. To get to Bologna there are tree possible road directions: - A4 plus A13 from direction of Trieste - A1 from direction of Milano - A22 from direction of Brennero. As in most of Italian cities, parking in the central part of the town is a huge problem. There are too many cars...

  • Airplane

    I have flown in and out of Bologna since 2008, many times. Once I also picked up friends (Sarah and Chris) here who came to celebrate my half century birthday a couple of years ago. So yes, I know Bologna’s airport quite well for someone who does not (yet) live in Italy. And it is my second favourite airport in Italy (my favourite is the one in...


Bologna Shopping

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  • Chocolate at its best

    One of the highlights of our Enjoy Bologna foodie tour was our visit to the famous chocolate shop Majani on Via de' Carbonesi. It’s hard to believe, but my pre-trip research had failed to alert me to the presence of great chocolate here, so it was a real bonus of taking the tour that we were able to make this discovery!Majani chocolate has been...

  • Terracotta Emiliana

    Located in Rocchetta (the basement of the Asinelli Tower), this beautiful shop offers nice local craftworks in ceramics. You wont find cheap touristy ceramics here because all items are made in art schools or workshops. Depend on how much one want to spend. Personaly, I hate those cheap souvenirs on market places.

  • Gorgeous local pasta, bread and .....

    For any food and cooking enthusiast, Bologna is the utmost shopping paradise. Especially the area east of Piazza Maggiore is dotted with speciality shops for the typical delights of Bologna and this part of Emilia Romagna. Tortelloni, tortellini, stuffed with anything one can imagine, other homemade pasta, ravioli of course, then bread and sweets,...


Bologna Local Customs

  • Bologna’s sbandieratori

    I have always loved the sbandieratori of Gubbio. So imagine my delight when as we sat over an aperitivo in the Piazza Maggiore one evening I heard distant music and looked up to see a flat being tossed in the air near the Fountain of Neptune. I went to check and yes, the throwers were amassing and musicians too - clearly something was about to...

  • Local specialities

    Not for nothing is Bologna known as La Grassa – the Fat One. It has had that nickname since medieval times in fact, showing that it was already famous throughout Europe for its wonderful food and drink as far back as the 1300s. Grassa, by the way, is not a reference to the fattiness of the food but to its copiousness, variety, and superior...

  • Motorini i Vespe

    They are noisy and a nuisance but an Italian city would be incomplete without them. Italians seem to be immune to noise anyway. In the narrow streets and alleys where parking is scarce a small motorcycle is the most practical means of transport. The streets of the centre are full of parked motorini. They dominate street traffic, too. “Vespa”...


Bologna Warnings and Dangers

  • “Pick pockets are in the centre of...

    In June 2016, I visited Bologna in Italy, for the first time. On Tuesday; the 7th of June 2016, about 12 noon, I had a coffee and a pizza at a café, on the main street, called Via dell'Indipendenza. I was sitting, at a table outside the café, under the arches. After I finishes eating, I went into the café to pay the bill. I took out my wallet and...

  • Central railway station cold in winter

    As I have seen in Italy (Bologna and Florence) it is not very popular to build huge buildings for the railway stations. The attendance room at Bologna Centrale was very small and overcrowded, so I had to wait my train outside, with temperatures around minus 1-2 in February. Unfortunately the train came 2.5 hours later and it was not very pleasant...

  • Near Bologna: absurd waste management

    I really discourage everybody from sleeping or staying in one of the following small towns near Bologna: Casalecchio di Reno; Sasso Marconi; Zola Predosa; Bazzano; Crespellano; Monteveglio, Savigno; Monte S. Pietro. The reason is that the local authorities have recently adopted a system of waste management which is absolutely crazy. The organic...


Bologna Tourist Traps

  • Beggars

    It might sound silly to write a “trap” review about beggars, but it seems that I am not so much accustomed to them in the regions I usually travel to (the lesser known and visited parts of Italy and smaller towns). That is why maybe I had the impression to see beggars all over in Bologna. But the good thing is that the ones I saw don’t seem to push...

  • Expensies

    Bologna is one of the most expesive towns in Italy, before entering in the restaurants check the price-list in front. The same goes for the hotels which are about 20-30% more expensive than in other towns.Bologna is known for its ready garments shops which are everywhere in the city cemtre. If you don't care for the prices visit the shops under...

  • Bologna Fat City Scam

    Beware of the Bologna "Fat City Scam" The full scam is outlined in the scams section of the Bent Society blogsite you watch out for vendors using fake plasitc statues to con you that these statues are artists pretending to be statues.Yes the irony is wonderful. But the fake statues get more money from...


Bologna What to Pack

  • Pack wise: good shoes and .... memory...

    Luggage on wheels might be a good idea, but be aware there are often steps between the walkways under the arcades. I had my backpack with me, as usual, and didn’t have any problems. Good shoes are a must because you will walk and walk and walk and even if you take the bus, you will walk a bit. But then, one can walk mostly under the arcades, where...

  • Shopping Paradise - Palazzo Majani

    The town of Bologna is shopping paradise, for those who can spend a lot and those who take care of expensis.The small Palazzo Majani, in Via dell'Indipendenza, was built in 1908 to a project of Augusto Senzanne. It is one of the best examples of Art Nouveau (Liberty) in the city, defined by tradicionalists "una saggiola di Vienna messa li a urtare...

  • Some like it hot

    Although things tend to cool off at night, if you're an American and used to air conditioning, you may find that it is well worth your while to bring a small battery-powered fan with you, or to purchase a slightly larger fan which has the appropriate plug for Italian current. I brought two of the former and we never did get around to buying the...


Bologna Off The Beaten Path

  • Excursions

    perfect for a day trip from Bologna, only 40/60 min by train and you arrive in the town center...or half an hour by car...the best way to visit Ferrara is by bike inthis website you can find address where you can rent a bike %L[ ]Ferrara in bici ...have a look to my Vt Ferrara pages to have some...

  • San Luca church

    Leave the city behind by following the longest uninterrupted arcade in the world up into the hills to the San Luca Monastery. The arcade starts at Porta Saragozza and winds its way across roads and up to reach the monastery which looks over Bologna. Its a pleasant walk, not too strenuous and the arcade provides shade on a hot or rainy day. At the...

  • Cars show

    When I have visited Bologna, 14/09/2002, there was big Oldtimers show at Piazza Maggiore. I have took the picture of the most interesting cars. This is, so-called pedomobile, type Mercedes, the oldest car on the show.


Bologna Sports & Outdoors

  • Football (soccer) and basketball

    The local "Bologna FC" used to be one of the best Italian football clubs of Prime division. However, there are lots of scandals in Italian football because certain club managers think they are God in person, "cutting" championships as they like it. Bologna FC was one of their victims and although having very good tram was transfered into the second...

  • Bicycle tracks inthe country

    If u have a look to this web page u can find some good info about trip in the county and itinerary.

  • Forza Bologna!

    Luckily for me, Serie A football team Bologna had a home game against Cagliari while we were there. Nobody else wanted to go so I was there on my own, sad?Anyway a 1-0 home win on a very cold evening (18:00 kick off). In truth not a great game but the crowd were entertaining.At €15 for a ticket in the Curva Sud, very good value. A top flight match...


Bologna General

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  • Food and shopping

    The Quadrilatero area of the city lies just to the east of the Piazza Maggiore, opening off it through an arch under the Palazzo dei Banchi. It is often referred to as a market but it is not perhaps what you expect when you think of such. There is no open space packed with stalls, no market hall similarly filled. Instead this is a maze of narrow...

  • Churches and Squares

    I stole this term from my Polish colleagues who invented it to describe their favourite research and pastime, as opposed to all those other activities ending in –ing which have adapted from English by other languages. Befitting the location, we then translated it into Italian as “Chiesare” ;-) Bologna is full of churches, big and small. San...

  • Portici

    Perhaps even more so than its towers, Bologna is distinguished, even defined, by its extensive network of covered walkways or porticos. Totalling around 40 kilometres in length, they provide shade in summer and shelter from rain or snow in winter, and make exploring the city streets an especial pleasure. Some are very ornate, some quite simple....


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