Bologna Warnings and Dangers

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  • Warnings and Dangers
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    Day of paper collection
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    Day of plastic collection
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Bologna

  • 1. Pick Pockets

    In June 2016, I visited Bologna in Italy, for the first time. On Tuesday; the 7th of June 2016, about 12 noon, I had a coffee and a pizza at a café, on the main street, called Via dell'Indipendenza. I...

  • 2. Central railway station cold in winter

    As I have seen in Italy (Bologna and Florence) it is not very popular to build huge buildings for the railway stations. The attendance room at Bologna Centrale...

  • 3. Near Bologna: absurd waste management

    I really discourage everybody from sleeping or staying in one of the following small towns near Bologna: Casalecchio di Reno; Sasso Marconi; Zola Predosa;...

  • 4. It's not quite as it looks...Via Zamboni

    The university is around the Via Zamboni - so it's noisy and lively and looks chaotic - and I think there is a church mission for drunks so you see more of...

  • 5. Roma pickpockets

    There is at least one Roma woman with a baby in her arms who approaches tourists, apparently begging for her child. She is a thief and a pickpocket, and hangs...

  • 6. Pay for the potty

    Perhaps because it was my only Italian train experience, I had not previously encountered the problem of having to go without having exact change. The Bologna...

  • 7. Ragu, not bolognese, please.

    Save yourself from embarassment when ordering the city's well-loved import, spaghetti bolognese. Never, ever, under any circumstances order "spaghetti...

  • 8. Non ho capito il segnale

    Although Bologna’s parking regulations may not be immediately evident, don’t be lulled into thinking you can park anywhere. The unfortunate owner of this...

  • 9. Professional pick pockets

    We enjoyed our stroll around Bologna. It seemed like a proper working city going about its business. I did get approached by a street seller offering me a book...

  • 10. Be aware at night

    Bologna is a very beautiful city, but it may be dangerous if you are travelling alone, expecially if you are a woman. My girl friends living and studying in...

  • 11. Beware of Gipsy beggars

    I had very unpleasant encounter with an Gipsy woman, probably Rumanian, who was begging in the vicinity of the Two Towers. While holding baby in one arm she...

  • 12. Fights around the stadium?

    The Bologna-supporters are normally very peaceful, but sometimes some parts of the crowd might be looking for some incidents. In the beginning of 04/05 there...

  • 13. Via Zamboni

    Via Zamboni is the main street of the University area. During the day it's a young corner of Bologna, full of students and tourists but at night it changes into...

  • 14. Learn some Italian

    Bologna is not so much on the beaten tourist track, so English is not spoken as widely here as it is in Rome, Venice or Florence. As I discovered when I arrived...

  • 15. Be careful near the station at night

    Please be carefull in the zone near the station at night. In most cities the areas near train stations are more problematic.Try to avoid the Parco della...

  • 16. Be Careful about the Traffic !

    You must be extra careful about the traffic here. There are even long traffic jams so if u decide to go somewhere so u should always keep margain of being late....

  • 17. The most "porticata " town in the world

    In all the world Bologna is knows like the "Porticoes Town" The portici are covered sidewalks who protect strollers from both inclement weather ...In Bologna...

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