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Ice Cream, Snacks and Beverages Tips (39)

How to avoid “restaurants for tourists”.

Favorite thing 1° avoid restaurants where the waiters are soliciting tourists onto their terrace. Now it is necessary to distinguish between soliciting the tourist and a pleasant welcome to the traveller looking at the menu.
2° avoid the restaurants with large terraces with too well set tables and well dressed quadrilingual waiters.
3° check that they serve wine "vino de la casa" by the carafe what avoids paying table wine at 20 € the bottle.
4° look if the customers are locals or only tourists. Here the question is how to distinguish them from each other; it is simple, Italians don't wear shorts for dining in the town centre.


Comment éviter les "restaurants à touristes".

1° éviter les restos où les garçons font du racolage à leur terrasse. Maintenant il faut savoir distinguer entre racolage du touriste pigeon et un accueil aimable du voyageur qui s'intéresse à la carte.
2° éviter les restos avec grandes terrasses aux tables trop bien mises et garçons en livrée et quadrilingues.
3° vérifier que l'on sert du vin de la casa en carafon ce qui évite de payer du vin de table à 20 € la bouteille.
4° regarder si la clientèle est autochtone ou uniquement composée de touristes. Ici la question est comment distinguer les uns des autres: c'est simple les Italiens ne vont pas dîner en short au centre ville.

breughel's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2009

Great Ice Cream (Gelato) in central Rome

Favorite thing There are many good ice cream places in central Rome but these 3 stand out in my opinion:

San Crispino (the best in the World!!)
Via della Panetteria 42
(near Trevi Fountain – closed Tuesday)

Via della Rotonda 22
(next to the Pantheon)

Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina
(Close to Spanish Steps with tables outside)

Many people including locals do fancy the following too:

Via Uffici del Vicario 40
(not far from Pantheon)

Old Bridge
Piazza Risorgimento
(near the Vatican)

La Palma
Via della Maddalena 20
(near the Pantheon)

A special one is "Il Palazzo del Freddo - Fassi" (open since 1880) but it is not that central being located in the Esquilino area just behind the Termini train station:

Palazzo del Freddo - Fassi
Via Principe Eugenio 65

abarbieri's Profile Photo
Jan 09, 2009

Time to reflect

Favorite thing You'll eventually be totally saturated with art and history, and you'll have to stop once in a while to simply reflect on what you've been looking at. So much to take in all at once. Maybe that's why there are so many cappuccino bars and gellato stands along the streets. You should take a break now and then...relax... get ready for the next amazing and fantastic sight you are about to see.

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Feb 26, 2007


Favorite thing Unless you are allergic to ice-cream, you cannot go to Rome (or Italy) and not have some ice-cream (gelato). Italy has the best gelato I have ever eaten. The strawberry (fragola) gelato actually tastes like strawberry, instead of just looking pink, like it does here (in Australia). Sometimes you have to go to a few different ice cream parlours before you find a parlour that gives you a lot of gelato for a reasonable price (sometimes they expect you to pay 6 Euro for 2 small scoops - not good enough!).

You can get it in cones or in cups and there are always heaps of flavours to choose from. My favourite was to ask "Vorrei una gelato con cioccolata, fragola e ananas, per favore." Which in my very poor Italian is "I would like one ice cream with chocolate, strawberry and pineapple, please". This was especially enjoyable on the warm summer nights I was there, and my friends and I would just sit in a piazza or stroll along the streets happy with our delicious treats.

You can find ice cream parlours along nearly every main street in Rome, and a whole lot of side streets as well, as it is the traditional dessert in Italy. Buon appetite!

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Oct 18, 2005
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Cafes and Coffee Shops

Favorite thing Upon your arrival at a cafe, you are expected to pay at the cashier's desk (cassa) before consuming. Check out what you want, then pay. After that take your reciept and head to the bar, placing a small denomination coin on your receipt (scontrino) will get the bartender’s attention.

If you would prefer to sit down and take your coffe, it will cost you at least double, in my experience. Doing this, you do not need to pay first. Just sit down and the waiter will eventually come over to take your order.

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Mar 06, 2004


Favorite thing Rome's enotecas (bottle shops) have historically been meeting places for old men who like to down a glass or two, before setting out on a wandering path towards home. I think it is one of the greatest things to be able to do on a vacation, to catch locals in their own environment. It does not take a lot of effort, all you have to do is wander around, away from all of the hordes of tourists.

Experience REAL Roma!

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Mar 27, 2004

Eat your ice cream where Italians do

Favorite thing Gelaterias are all over Rome, but to really enjoy a taste of heavenly ice cream you have to eat it at the places Italians eat. There are few old and well know gelaterias in Rome, but the best one is Giolitti. You can eat your ice cream at the table (in a very nice and elegant setting) or you can just get one "to go" (as we did). The taste is amazing and you have to try it to believe it! We stopped by one evening, after 8pm and we tried several flavors (all very good and really hard to pick a favorite one). All the flavors are natural and there are no artificial flavors or chemicals into any of their ice cream, so what else can you really ask for?

You can find Giolitti on Via Uffici del Vicario 40, really close to Piazza Colonna.

monica71's Profile Photo
Jan 29, 2009

Water is Life

Favorite thing Unbelievable to find all this fresh, cool water coming up att ALL places all over Rome.
I learned that it is coming from the mountains around and I can promise........It is clean and better than most expansive bottle-water !!

Fondest memory Lots of wine in the nighttime .....and lots of water in the daytime.
DONT mix it up !!

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Apr 14, 2004
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"R O M E"
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"Roma - Città Eterna"
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"Roma, una citta stupenda"
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"Rome : A Surpise Around Every Corner"
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Sandwiches and soft drinks

Favorite thing During the warm season you will be thirsty all day as you walk Rome. And soft drinks may be incredibly expensive depending on where you get them. So here is the tip: avoid street refreshment carts which charge up to E 3.00 for a small Coke bottle. Find a supermercati o alimenti store. You can buy cold Coke cans there at E 0.50 and E 0.80 respectively. Same with sandwiches for your lunch.

There is a supermercati in the tunnel that connects Piazza di Spagna with Via Veneto. We used to get our groceries and refreshments there.

Another great point is right on Fontana di Trevi. It's called L'Antico Forno on Via delle Murate 8. Soft drinks cost E 0.80 there and just outside are sold for E 2.50!!

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May 16, 2003


Favorite thing During warm days you can go broke by becoming addicted to italian gelattos. They are incredible!!! Try the Frutto di Bosque and Yoghurt ... The best place we found is on the right hand at the entrance of Campo de Fiore coming down from Piazza Navona.

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May 28, 2003

Great Gilato near Trevi fountain

Favorite thing Il Gelato di San Crispino, Via della Panetteria 42, near Trevi Fountain.
When you are walking towards the fountain, you will very likely miss this place amidst all those shops that have huge boards selling everything from espresso to gelato. It is a minute walk from the fountain. This is gelato only place, and the best gelato I had.

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Jun 03, 2007

Let's eat Gelato !

Favorite thing In Rome, people who are eating Gelato are often seen on the street.
Italy is birthplace of ice cream, I seem that it is everybody favorite.

There are also many Geleterias, most stores are equipped with 20 or more kinds of ices, and there are many homemade things using abundant fruits in plenty.
Gelato is a rare object of eat in sweet taste with a sufficient degree.

Fondest memory The small size that I ate is 2.5Euro.
The double size is 2.9 euro and the triple size is 3.2 euros.In Tetmini Station's Gelateria.

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Jul 19, 2007

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