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Skip the Line:Colosseum Official Guided Tour - Entrance fee included
"After meeting at the selected time an official tour guide with a solid background in history history of art and archaeology will lead you in the Colosseum with skip-the-line entrance ticket. The expert tour guide will reveal with detailed stories the secrets of the Colosseum and the Gladiators to enjoy the visit of this architectural and engineering wonder."
From EUR39.00
Rome by Scooter Escorted Half-Day Sightseeing Tour
"Riding a scooter is simply the best way to see Rome. The great weather and a magnificent city full of sites plus the ability to park on any sidewalk means that exploring on a scooter is one of the best things to do in Rome. Riding is very easy. The guides are very patient and you will be fully comfortable before you leave. The scooters are cozy cool cheap and a fun way to see Rome and gives you an in-depth experience of the city that you wouldn’t get otherwise. These Rome by scooter tours are health-and-safety-first sustainable experiences that provide a fantastic way to have fun with your group traveling safely around town with an expert tour guide. The range you can cover (and hence the places you can see) makes scooter tours one of the best ways to see Roma city sights.Included are stops at several of the following locations:
From EUR95.00
Skip-the-Line: Colosseum Official Guided Tour for Ticket or Rome Pass Holders
"With this tour you will enter the glorious Colosseum and learn about the spectacular and incredible entertainments organized in there. Discover the techniques of construction invented by the Romans the incredible ability of the gladiators the violent fighting between exotic animals and the high level of technology achieved by Roman engineers to built the Colosseum. Walk around the first tiers and reach the arena to learn about the trapdoors and all the mechanisms used to animate the games the cages where lions were kept before the games started the rooms in which the Gladiators were waiting before they reached the arena the executions and the excitement of the spectators attending to the most spectacular fantastic and expensive games of all human history.Inside you will have the possibility to reach the second floor for the best inside and outside view over the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine.Your tour guide will be at disposal to answe
From EUR27.00

Hosteria Pizzeria Da Vito E Dina Tips (3)

Hosteria Pizzeria de Vito E Dina: A great little Trattoria

After our visit to St. Peter's we walked the pretty streets of the Borgo and around the Piazza del Risorgimento, looking for restaurants for dinner that evening, checking out menus and sometimes talking to owners and servers. Though there were also plenty of hawkers begging us into their place, we were impressed with quite a few places we saw. We liked Vito's simple ambience from the sidewalk, and although they were closed after lunch.... a good sign, we learned.....they were kind enough to show us a menu. Vito's was a short 4-5 block walk from our B & B, so we strolled on over around 7:30 or so.

We started with orders of the fried suppli; potato balls, fried olives, etc, and started on a litre of pretty good vino bianco. Plates of pasta with porcini and chicken with peppers followed. The chicken was as close to my Nonna's cooking as I have tasted in a long time, bless her soul.

Vito strolled the room, and Dina also came out to talk to tables of regulars. Dinner was served casually but with a real personal touch. A lovely evening with very reasonable prices.

Nov 22, 2009

Hosteria Pizzeria "Da Vito E Dina": A unique local experience

The welcome from Vito himself was legendary..
"Buono Sera.. I am Vito Corleone.. you must come inside now and eat in my restaurant."
And who were we to refuse?
The restaurant was simple and clean, the food was fantastic. Very traditional fare served somewhat slow, but if you're dining in Roma.. why rush? Our group of 8 were warmly received and catered for beautifully. The Prosecco, which was chilled to perfection, was fantastic and around Euro 8 a bottle.
Nothing was too much trouble for the staff, and from the Prima piati to the dolce everything was served piping hot, and beautifully fresh.
The owners wife, Dina was a character, punctuated her sentences with screams to the kitchen in Italian, and then smiled sweetly back at us as if we hadn't heard a thing because it was said in a different language!
This one is most definitely on my return to list when I get back to Roma.

Favorite Dish All of their Antipasti and Prima Piati (starters) were amazing and the kids all raved about the pizzas.

Bandearg's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2007

Hosteria Pizzeria "Da Vito e Dina": Tasty & Cheap - only a short walk from the Vatican

This is a little restaurant that is within walking distance from the St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican. It is a bit of a walk, but the food is great and reasonably priced. It's right on the way to the Ottaviano metro stop, so if you're traveling by foot/metro, it's perfect. Grab your grub here on your way to/from the Vatican. The staff is EXTREMELY friendly, and quite assertive in helping you order your food - in fact, they'll tell YOU what you want if you let them.

Favorite Dish I believe I had the chicken parmesan or something like that (the waiter pretty much told me that's what I needed to get), along with some of the best Chianti I've ever tasted. It was all very good, especially for the price.

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Aug 05, 2006
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