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Jewish Ghetto and Navona Food Wine and Sightseeing Tour of Rome
"This four-hour evening tour of sightseeing and feasting will introduce you to the Campo Marzio & Jewish Ghetto district the oldest Roman neighborhoods. Hip and happening this section of Rome is loaded with famous sites and family owned trattorias. An expert English-speaking guide will narrate the journey as you encounter various historic sites and step into more than seven different local restaurants to sample pa it also provides a comprehensive introduction to Rome's rich cultural history. Starting in the Jewish Ghetto you’ll see the Piazza Navona Campo De’ Fiori Piazza Farnese
From EUR85.00
Rome City Bike Tour
"This guided bike tour of Rome will give you a look at the city’s top attractions and most beautiful sights with a local knowledgeable guide. Most of the bike routes have very limited access to traffic and some have no traffic at all meaning you are able to enjoy your ride around the city in total relaxation and safety. On your 4-hour tour discover Rome's secret passages through ancient walls and ruins stopping every now and then for amazing photo opportunities or to enjoy a cappuccino or gelato (not included in the price). All tours include a self-guided visit to the Pantheon. A full list of sights visited can be seen in the Itinerary. where every open square is a discovery
From EUR49.00
Ancient Rome Segway Small Group Tour
"Take a tour of the ruins and monuments of the Roman Empire on a fun Segway ride around Rome’s ancient streets.Explore the Roman Empire’s art architecture culture and fascinating history as you zip down narrow lanes. The contrast between the ancient sights and your hi-tech mode of transport will be apparent!Your tour leader will help you explore the best sights. Be swept of your feet - but not off like the mighty Colosseum and the superb Roman Forum.Discover where the glorious Roman Emperors were laid to rest. Ride your “chariot” along the Capitoline Hill and get a glimpse of the entertainment and amusement Roman citizens had in the Circus Maximus.These are just a fraction of the highlights you will see on this brilliant tour. To discover more - and to become a Roman yourself - book this tour and """Discover Rome´s timeless beauty in a fun
From EUR79.00

Vecchia Roma Tips (6)

Vecchia Roma: Caveat Emptor

I should have paid attention to a previous review. Rude, white haired owner. It wasn't an isolated experience. We were "guests" recently. When the waiter brought bread, we sent it back. (1) We knew that it would entail a charge and (2), we weren't very hungry and just wanted a couple of entrees. When we received the bill, they still charged 8 euro for bread. We refused to pay. The owner said that it was a cover/service charge and that if we couldn't afford to pay, we shouldn't have come in. Very unpleasant man. Food and service was average and I would have been content with the price if not for Mr. Pissy-Pants. Since when do restaurants have cover charges? You get what you pay for. That may be true but I refuse to pay for something that I didn't order.

I have since learned of the pane e comperto charge in some Italian restaurants. It ruins the experience entirely because it is nickel and diming. If you want to charge more, roll it into the prices. Perhaps they could charge a fee for having to wash the dishes or the tablecloth. A small charge for electricity depending on the time you spend there. It's just silly and it's chintzy.

So beware and ask or check the menu. To legitimately charge, it should be mentioned somewhere on the menu.

Favorite Dish Nothing

Oct 01, 2012

Vecchia Roma: Small portions, $18 a basket of stale bread.

The ambience is lovely, in a great neighborhood near the Capitoline museums. The waiter was very charming. We were handed a basket of bread and sesame sticks, both of which were stale. The portions of pasta were small child-sized and not that special. Then we got the bill. 16 euros for a small basket of stale bread and the drinks were exorbitant. Not wanting to make a public fuss we asked to speak to the manager and told him that the charge for the bread, which we had not asked for was ridiculous. This distinguished looking white headed guy started shouting at us, threatening to call the police. He was so rude and followed us outside stil shouting in front of his other customers. In all the trips I have taken to Rome, never has this happened. I would advise no one to eat here.

Oct 03, 2010

Vecchia Roma: Worthed

In other words Trattoria Vecchia Roma is a wonderful restaurant in Roma
Its a little difficult to find it anyway its worthed.
Local food is excellent and some of the food is prepared on spot near you...something to remember..
The restaurant is situated in a cave and in general local people use to eat in this lovely restaurant.
I want to remind you that the metro is closed at 22:30 and if you are late you have to find other transport facilities.

Favorite Dish I suggest you to try the wine of the house " vino dela casa " red one is preferably

traveloturc's Profile Photo
Sep 23, 2008

Vecchia Roma: Italian

Local place with a nice menu and good service
I uaually get pasta, husband gets a steak

Their specialty is spaghetti prepared in a cheese round so the cheese melts all over the pasta
Friends tried it and said it was decadent and TOO MUCH, but it's fun

The door is at street level then you descend steep stairs to the dining room

kbsunnyside's Profile Photo
Feb 25, 2007
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Vecchia Roma: Roaming Roman locals eat HERE

She's always there - either cooking or supervising. You'll see rooms filled with roaming Romans in Vecchia Roma - it was one of our regular favorites where we lived in this neighborhood and we still make the trek back for her specialities. No nonsense Roma cuisine served every day except Sunday. The house red wine is good and prices so reasonable they will always just amaze you. At least one English speaking waiter. You'll often see large parties of locals celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms. Three great rooms with frescos - long bar with tables for groups.

Favorite Dish Mussels because the broth is incredible and they keep bringing more bread for dipping.

icunme's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2006

La vecchia Roma: Ristorante

typical Italian restaurant, lots of small tables, owner in the great mood, little bit of red wine and some typical italian pasta...
pizza is also available...nice bruschetas, delicious bread...

Favorite Dish pasta

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Jan 20, 2008
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"R O M E"
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"Roma - Città Eterna"
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"Roma, una citta stupenda"
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"Rome : A Surpise Around Every Corner"
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Getting to Vecchia Roma


Via Ferruccio, 12c


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