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Eating Out Tips (30)

Overeager restaurant people

We stopped at a restaurant on via sistina and were definitly scammed. We stopped to read the menu and the owner came to talk and invited us in. He was a big man, very jolly seeming, swore to us his wife made the pasta (doubtful). The food was somewhere below mediocre. Our bill was supposed to be 22 euros based on the menu including the cover charge but the total was 33 because of a 4 euro gratuity automatically added and an increase in the price of the salad. my husband had ordered a salad and the man came back and asked if he wanted the salad plain or with mozzarella (after taking the menu). It turned out the salad with mozzerella was listed in a different part of the menu, on a different page from all the other salads and is an additional 6 euros. The salad was not even worth 4 euros much less 10. The couple across from us accepted the wine they were offered and were charged 50 euros for a crappy bottle they didn't even finish. Their faces said it all. If you are accosted by a large italian who swears his wife makes the pasta and says "if you don't like, you don't pay" move on.

We had a similar experience the night before where the owner greeted us on the street and gave us a spiel about why we should eat there. That time the food wasn't phenominal but it was decent solid food and we were honestly charged. Plus is was near our hotel so our aching feet approved. Still there is better food out there.

Unique Suggestions Prepare to pay high dollar for mediocre at best food. I saw 2.50 euro for a candy bar at some wagons.

Fun Alternatives Never eat at the little wagons outside the tourist areas if you can help it. Find a grocery store and go to the deli counter. Much better and cheaper food will be there. Especially for families in terms of water, snacks, etc. There is a good one right by the Colosseum that a grad student steered us toward when he saw us walking toward the vendor cart.

For real restaurants I would highly reccommend Mario's on villa del vite near the spanish steps and dar poeta pizzeria in the trastevere. We had fabulous food at great prices at both places. Avoid the bad food, you're in Italy and should eat right.

Dec 28, 2006

Do not eat at any restaurant near Vatican

Eating in Rome is not expensive except if the restaurant is near Vatican.

We went to one of those self-service restaurant two blocks from Vatican and I got charged E31 for a diet coke, chicken and dessert. I made a mistake of not asking for the price before ordering. So please avoid the same mistake that I did. Stay away from tourist restaurants near Vatican. I have been warned before by a friend who went to Rome before but I did not listen.

Unique Suggestions Before ordering ask if the service charge is included 'servizio incluso?'. I have eaten near Pantheon and the service charge is not so expensive plus you are not expected to give tip anymore.

Also when going to a self-service restaurant always ask for the price of the entree. Specially if you are near Vatican.

Mobleydcat's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2004

Dining outside.....

One of the biggest tourist traps I've seen are the outside tables at restaurants. A lot of restaurants will offer tables outside so you can sit and enjoy the lovely view of whichever monument you happen to be closest to. It is quite a lovely experience to have a glass of wine and a plate of pasta while looking at the Pantheon, watching all the tourists oooh and aaaah over the sights while you just sip your wine and enjoy your dinner. Then.....the check comes! You're astounded that the bill is so high. The restaurants double and sometimes triple the prices when you take a table outside. It is sooo outreagous to pay these kind of prices. Years ago, on my first trips to Rome with my husband, we had dinner outside by Piazza Barberini. I had spagetti and he had some meat dish (can't remember what). The dinner was great, the view was great, the service was so-so, the bill almost made us choke. It was 135 euros!!!! For a plate of spagetti and a meat dish that only included one side of veggies! We were astounded. We asked the waiter if the check was correct, he said it was. We asked him to explain why it was so much, he said "for the outside service, is more."

Unique Suggestions If you want to eat at an outside restaurant to enjoy the view, by all means, do it. Just be prepared for an outreageous bill. As long as you are paying a premium for the seat, you might as well enjoy it. Order a bottle of wine and stay as long as you like. They won't get angry if you stay for hours, sipping wine and watching life in Rome. This is what you are paying for. Remember that Romans take very long lunches and dinners. They will sit for hours and catch up with friends and family. Meals can often last two or three hours. Just take your time and enjoy the view and the food.

Fun Alternatives If you are on a budget or just simply cannot stomach paying that much per meal, there are things you can do. I always plan one nice, long meal per trip. The rest of the time is just food on the fly. I eat my large meal in the afternoon and a lighter meal at night. I will stop in at a local spot for the special of the day for lunch. Usually it is a three or four course meal with salad, veggie, meat and desert. At local spots (not the touristy restaurants) this will cost less than 10 euros and be quite good. Just follow the locals and order what they order. You will be amazed at the variety and quality of the food you will recieve. Also the portions are great. At night, I swing into a pizza stall and get my dinner to go. Fold your pizza in half and take it with you or stand by the counter and eat it there. Try to avoid the touristy places when it comes to food and you will save a lot of money and be happier with the food you will get.

monorailgold's Profile Photo
Dec 09, 2006

Don't sit down if you just want a quick coffe

This is not really a tourist trap, but it is still good to know about it . If you feel like a quick coffee and want to save money, then stand at the counter. Thats what the romans do (one has to image the coffe bar as a fuel station), stand and knock it back. It will cost you less than half the price.

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Feb 11, 2005
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Restaurants near the Vatican

They stand out on the main drag going to St. Peters, with their ads in hand waiting to walk you the few blocks back to their restaurants. We said maybe later, went to St. Peters, came back out, he was still there, it was lunchtime, we were hungry, said what the heck? He walked us to the restaurant and he was so nice to us.

Unique Suggestions Ok we had the worst waiter ever, totally rude, the other side had a very competent and friendly waiter. I manage a restaurant so I notice these things. Our meal was mediocre at best and the wine was just not good at all. Oh and expensive? si, si.

Fun Alternatives Just say no on the street, if they were that good they would not have to go out and beg for your business.

EllenH's Profile Photo
Jan 01, 2005

Pay for bread? I don't think so!

When eating in restaurants on a big piazza, the waiter will spontaniously bring you some bread to accompany whatever you are eating. Normal thing right? No! Here they will charge you just for having the bread on the table even if you don't touch it! So if you know you are not going to eat any refuse the bread politlly as soon as the waiter brings it!

Saringuis's Profile Photo
Jul 18, 2005

Hungry? Venture from the Vatican!

Walking through the Vatican Museum can work up an appetite, and you will probably come out around lunch time. The easiest thing to do is to walk across the street to grab some grub, but DON'T!!! Those restaurants look appealing and convenient, but they are all EXTREMELY overpriced and poor in quality, as well. I gave in to their convenience and found myself eating a tiny piece of expensive, COLD lasagna! Go the distance! Venture away from this dreaded tourist trap and find better food for a fraction of the cost!

Unique Suggestions If you cannot wait or walk to eat and you must go to these restaurants, then just get something small and cheap to hold you over until you can get to a cheaper restaurant with better food!

endzoearth's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2006

Pasta Museum? Sounds like fun, but.....

...It's not worth the 9 euro charge. The fee includes an audio guide in English, which you'll need if you don't read Italian. You'll see what wheat looks like on the stalk, what it looks like harvested and ground. You'll see some huge pasta-making machines and dozen of photos of Italian celebreties eating spaghetti. Pretty mundane.

I was wondering how they could afford to keep the place open when I finally realized that it was the pasta industry that was obviously fronting the place. The exhibits included "documentation," suggesting that pasta could solve world food problems.

Unique Suggestions If you're still interested anyway, the Museum is located near the Trevi Fountain. As you're facing the fountain, turn right and walk down Via Lavatore, take the first right toward Piazza Scanderbeg, the museum is on the left. One bonus is, kids, accompanied by both parents are only 1 euro. Gee, that makes it (only) 19 euros for 3 people!

Fun Alternatives Why not walk down Via del Governo Vecchio and nearby streets and poke your head into the various shops. Much more fun and doesn't cost anything! Or take the kids to the Villa Borghese and let 'em run around for an hour or two.

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Apr 21, 2008
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"R O M E"
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"Roma - Città Eterna"
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"Roma, una citta stupenda"
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"Rome : A Surpise Around Every Corner"
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Restaurants Close to the Vatican--Not a Good Idea

After seeing the Pope in St. Peter's Square, we were starving. So, naturally, we went to the nearest restaurant. The food was good, the ambience was also--waiters wore tuxes; there was beautiful scenery (St. Peter's). However, the prices were DOUBLE (yes, double) what you usually pay.

In addition, without being told, they automatically added a gratuity charge. Not knowing that, we added on a tip. Afterwards, before we left, we were reviewing the bill and noticed the discrepancy and asked the waiter about it. He said, "No, no that is not a tip; it is a service charge."

Well, duh, I though a service charge was a tip. (This was not the charge for the bread, by the way.)
The waiter lucked out and made a "bundle", and we were "duped".

Talking with other people, we found out that
the "tourist" restaurants take any advantage possible.

Unique Suggestions If you must eat in a restaurant near a tourist place, always ask BEFORE YOU ORDER what the policy is. Then, at least, you won't feel that you have been "ripped off".

Fun Alternatives Instead of eating nearby famous monuments, churches, fountains, go a few streets away and choose a similar type of restaurant. You will find, as we did, that they are just as good, if not better, and so much less expensive.

deecat's Profile Photo
May 11, 2005

Eating Near Main Attractions

When it's time to eat and you've been taking in the main attractions of Rome, do yourself a favor and take a short walk to a small family run trattoria/cafe. When we were visiting the Vatican Museum for hours and we were getting hungry we ate at the first place we came to upon our exit. We broke my decree "Do Not Eat At The Tourist Traps". It wasn't bad food, but you can tell by my picture they were ready for the horde of tourists. It was expensive and we felt like we were in a cattle call.

Fun Alternatives Take a few minutes to look around, you will find a nice small family run cafe close by in Rome.

GuitarStan's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2008

Eating outside: be wary.

Eating outside is always more expensive in Italy: that's not a tourist trap, it's just a fact.

Equally, prices will be higher near tourist attractions, of course. One expects that.

But do watch out for those who deliberately inflate. I was caught like this in Piazza S.M. in Trastevere.

I'd been to the cafe in the photo four years ago and eaten inside: that was fine. This time we sat outside (and yes, I knew it would be more expensive). When I asked for the bill, we didn't get a written one (which I believe is illegal anyway) and it was substantially higher than I expected (by about 3 euros).

When I queried the amount, the waiter just said 'service'. I'm pretty sure it was too much (the lack of a written bill is the give-away) but my Italian isn't up to an argument.

I shan't be going there again though.

Unique Suggestions Limit what you order to drinks (coffee/chocolate/beer). Order anything else and you can expect prices to be inflated.

Fun Alternatives Find somewhere else to eat: the side-streets are full of good cafes/bars/pizzeria etc.

In my case, this experience underlined what I already knew, so more fool me for doing it!

leics's Profile Photo
Mar 30, 2008

"Old Station" old tricks

We had visited the magnificent Santa Maria Maggiore and felt a little peckish and needed a loo visit, so went to the cafe of "The Old Station" pub and cafe. We're too old for the disco and just wanted a sandwich and a cold drink each.

The loo at the cafe was disgusting and didn't have any toilet paper or hand drying facilities.

We went inside and looked at the choices, gave an order for 3 rounds of sandwiches and 2 cold drinks and checked the price - about 2 Euro for each sandwich and about 2 Euro for each drink. We went outside and the waiter followed us with our tray load.

After we finished we asked for the bill. The waiter had to ask us what we had consumed as he had no idea and then gave us the bill - 21.40 Euro. I got angry that I had been so overcharged and then they pointed out the almost illegible sign on the wall listing the prices for stand up inside and/or take away and the separate price for eating at the tables on the footpath. I refused to pay the total bill and would have given 15 Euro and walked away, but didn't have a 5 Euro note, so I left 20 Euro, yelled that they are robbers and succeeded in getting at least one group to avoid their overcharging and left.

The waiter chased after us and demanded the remaining 1.40 Euro - needless to say I refused. We both yelled at each other and he actually tried to assault me (another staff member restrained him).


Unique Suggestions Eat in the side streets where the service and food are much better and the prices at least half what you'll pay in the piazzas.

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Jul 18, 2007

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