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Taxis Tips (18)

How not to get skanked by a taxi

Basically don't take a's the only sure fire way.....they all pretty much are out to rip off tourists which is annoying and tiring. Some even get their meter altered by shady mechanics to get almost triple the normal taxi fares of a regular driver. Also the weird thing is if you ever call a taxi they charge you depending on the time it takes to get to you. Not to mention depending on what day or time of day it is they have different base rates...if you feel like its too much it probably is....just make sure you stand up for yourself or get out of the taxi. We got into a taxi that was trying to charge us almost 8 euros the second we got in....we got out asap...I'd rather walk 3 hours then have someone trying to mess me over....why don't italians understand trying to do good business will always win in the end...

Oct 07, 2013

Watch the Taxi Drivers CLOSELY! Pay Attention

The taxi drivers in Rome are amazing. Look not all of them but some of them really play some tricks on your head. Some are not like that and very friendly.\

Here's some tips to avoid getting taken.

A taxi driver in Rome drove us back from the Vatican at night to our hotel. He told me 10 euro. Now i had walked to the vatican so I knew which way was back and he added about 10 minutes to the drive, but thats not the fun part. He arrived *near* our hotel where he tells me 18 euro. I already had a 20 out in anticipation of paying.

The instant that 20 hit his hand he all of a sudden had a 5 in his hand. Which is the same color as the 5, looka close. I checked my wallet and the only 20 i had was gone and the two 5 i had were both there. Basically he tried a switcharoo, so be sure you know what you are giving your taxi driver. From there on out I paid OUTSIDE the cab and i made the driver tell me what i was handing him before i gave it to him. Slick, very slick and quick. And of course at that point, no more english is spoken

Jan 17, 2010

Avoid taxi "ROME-SHUTTLE"!!!

Taxi "ROME-SHUTTLE" from Ciampino to Civitavecchia - An experience to pass on...
Reserved a taxi for 4 adults + luggage to make a round trip from the Ciampino airport to the port of Civitavecchia (where the cruises depart) with the company ROME-SHUTTLE (negotiated 235 euros); they have a web site: http: //
They never came!!! And when we called them, the woman answered that we never reserved a taxi !!!
Unfortunately, I gave my VISA card number to make the reservation and I’m afraid that this company use my card...
What shall I do?
Other info: we easily caught a taxi from the airport, and the prices are cheaper than those practised by the taxi companies found on internet: 100 to 120 euros one way (I made 5 quotations before leaving: the prices varies from 130 to 180 euros one way).
Taxi "ROME-SHUTTLE" Ciampino a Civitavecchia
Un'esperienza a trasmettere...
Hanno riservato un taxi per 4 adulti + bagagli per fare l'andata e ritorno dell'aeroporto di Ciampino al porto di Civitavecchia, col compagnia Rome-shuttle (a 120 euros l'andata e 115 euros il ritorno); hanno un sito internet: /
Non sono venuti mai !!! e quando si li è chiamati, la donna ci ha risposto non avere avuto mai un taxi riservato al nostro nome !!!
Ho dato purtroppo il mio numero di Visto per bloccare questa prenotazione e ho avuto paura che questa compagnia non abusa della mia carta...
Che cosa fare ?
Altro info: si trova facilmente dei taxi all'aeroporto, ed i prezzi sono buoni meno cari di quelli praticato dalle compagnie di taxi trovato su internet: da 100 a 120 euros il tragitto (ho fatto fare 5 preventivi: i prezzi che variano di 130 a 180 euros il tragitto).
Taxi "ROME-SHUTTLE" Ciampino à Civitavecchia
Une expérience à transmettre...
Avons réservé un taxi pour 4 adultes + bagages pour faire l'aller-retour de l'aéroport de Ciampino au port de Civitavecchia (d'où partent les croisières) avec la compagnie ROME-SHUTTLE (prix négocié à 120 euros l'aller et 115 euros le retour); ils ont un site internet :
Ils ne sont jamais venus !!! et lorsqu'on les a appelé, la femme nous a répondu n'avoir jamais eu un taxi réservé à notre nom !!!
J'ai malheureusement donné mon numéro de VISA pour bloquer cette réservation et ai peur que cette compagnie n'abuse de ma carte...
Que faire ?
Autre info : on trouve facilement des taxis à l'aéroport, et les prix sont bien moins chers que ceux pratiqués par les compagnies de taxi trouvés sur internet : 100 à 120 euros le trajet (j'ai fait faire 5 devis : les prix variant de 130 à 180 euros le trajet).

Jun 22, 2009

Watch out the taxi driver

Cheated by a taxi driver (Mercedes cab) who was quick to turn off the fare (on the mirror) when we reached our destination. The driver insisted us to pay EUR18.00 instead of the actual fare of EUR11.80. Watch out when you are taking a taxi in Rome.

Unique Suggestions Keep follow up on the taxi fare during your journey. Call the police if they are cheating you.

Fun Alternatives Take metrobus or metro (subway). Unless you have no other options.

tayhk's Profile Photo
May 27, 2009
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Roman taxis

I figured I would save money taking the Leonardo Express from the airport to the main train station, then grabbing a taxi for the remaining few blocks. But that didn't work out. I was charged 35 Euros ($55) by a father/son combo of cabbies at the train station. And they did have a meter. I was tired from the flight or I would have put up a fight. My hotel owner laughed when I told him what I had paid. You have to be careful with taxis in a lot of places so that's not a knock on Rome. But I won't forget this particular one.

Fun Alternatives Negotiate the price up front. Will I ever learn that?

Skibbe's Profile Photo
Jun 16, 2008

Taxi service

What a tourist should do in Rome in a late afternoon on December 31st if his hotel isn't located right in the center of the town? I found myself around Piazza Argentina, it was 5pm and I wanted to get my hotel fastest it possible. The taxi post was overcrowded by very nervous people and no cars around. I moved to the opposite side of the square trying to catch the taxi while passing by, but it was like mission impossible. My next atempt was to call the radio taxi waiting more than five minutes to get connected and each time I was promiced a car number which is supposed to pick me up. No need to tell that it never happened.

croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2008

Taxi scam at Roma Termini

When you arrive at Roma Termini ( The trainstation in Rome), never take the taxi queue at Via Giolitti. Via Giolitti is the side road to the left when you exit the trainstation. They wait for the tourist, so they can overcharge you!! Make sure to take the taxi queue right infront of you when you exit, even if it's longer then the other one. It's easy to think that since they are from the same company, they are safe. But it doesn't work this way in Italy..

A usefull tip to remember is that the real taxi drivers don't shout: Taxi, taxi! They are not allowed don't get fooled!

Feb 23, 2008

Taxi from the airport

I would say that this is not a special Rome problem, as it seems all the world's taxi drivers who stands outside an airport does it only for the chance of ripping a lot of money from newly arrived tourists.
Unfortunately the Fiumicino airport is no exception.

There were a lot of taxis outside the terminal, so getting one is not a problem. There are also leaders, who will ask you if you need a taxi, where you want to go, and then they fix the taxi for you.

Unfortunately there's where the problem starts... Cause unlike in the city center these guys don't use a taxameter, they have a fixed price for every trip. And be sure that it's at least 75 per cent higher than you should pay...

For our ride to Sheraton Golf Parco dei Medici, which was our hotel, they wanted 50 euro. For a shared taxi... The trip took 15 minutes maximum, and then the bastards wanted another 50 euro for the other group in the taxi.

You think it sounds okay? Well, eat this then... on the return we paid 35 euro for the same route, not sharing the taxi with someone else.

The problem is that these guys are in charge, and they know it. You have to go to your destination, and since this mafia mob all works together, you have no chance of getting another price.

Unique Suggestions At least try to haggle. We were first offered a ride by a "illegal" driver, who was prepared to take us for 40 euro (got it down from 50), but since I didn't think it would be possible that a legal driver would charge that much we turned down the offer.

Silly me...

Make sure to decide the price before stepping inside the taxi, and don't be afraid to get pissed. These guys have all seen it before, and they now they are worse bastards than bank robbers... At least bank robbers will go to jail, these guys won't...

We should have paid maximum 35 euro for that trip, and since we shared the taxi with another group it should probably have gone down to 20-25 euro even. Considering that we paid about 18-20 euro for a taxi from the city center to the hotel, a fair price Fiumicino-Rome city center should be about 50-55 euro. I doubt you'll ever get it that low, but it's worth a try.

Fun Alternatives There is a train service, Leonardo Express, going from the airport into the Termini train station. TAKE THAT!!! It takes 31 minutes, and is by far much cheaper than the price the taxi bastards will charge you...
Only problem is if you, like us, are living a bit outside the city center.

Also note, that this is about the drivers at the airport. During the week in Rome we travelled with taxi in the city about 7-8 times, and every time was great! Taxameter running, good price, and always very nice and polite drivers.

I wonder from which world the bastards at the airport comes from...? Jupiter?

Link to the time schedule for Leonardo Express, the train that goes airport-Termini:

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Apr 15, 2007
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"R O M E"
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"Roma - Città Eterna"
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"Roma, una citta stupenda"
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"Rome : A Surpise Around Every Corner"
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The Cabbies

This is probably the biggest rip off that I experienced in Rome. arriving there by train and not knowing where our hotel was, we decided to take a cab. The guy took us on an unguided tour and we were charged 30 euros to go about 1/2 a mile. Make sure you get the right cab as there are some "unofficial" ones around, and visit the tourist desk enquire about the distance to your hotel before getting into a cab. I know we are always in a hurry to get to our hotel and start sight seeing, but spending a little extra time to gather info will save you lots of money in the long run.

mvtouring's Profile Photo
Jun 27, 2006

be aware taxi driver trick you

Be careful with taxi drivers in Rome , be suspicious with them they are not decent , they try always to trick you.
My experience : we took a LEGAL taxi in the airport , we arrived to the hotel , the way of driving was crazy , high speed , traffic lights didn't exist for the taxi driver, but when it was time for paying , the amount was 53 euros , I gave him a note of 50 euros , he turned and tell me please you are wrong the price is 53 euros and you gave a note of 10 euros. I was a little in trouble, I apologized for my confusion and I gave him another note of 50 euros. And 10 minutes later I checked my valet to be sure , I hadn't ANY note of 10 euros , I had only notes of 50 euros, so the taxi driver he trick me he changed my 50 euros by another note of 10 euros......BE SUSPICIOUS WITH TAXI DRIVERS .!!!!!

Fun Alternatives Ask always a ticket with the phone number the registration number and the license number , In order to claim.

VeronicaM's Profile Photo
Apr 21, 2006


After carefully researching all connections to the inner city, I was duped by a taxi outside Termini Station, who (for 30 euros) took me 3 blocks. Do you homework, print a map, and beware of taxis.

Unique Suggestions Be prepared with your map. Know your intersection streets.

Fun Alternatives If you are tired after the long flight, at least you will be delivered safely to the door of your hotel, just a little less euros for the experience.

vikendall's Profile Photo
Jan 22, 2006

Booking Taxi's through Hotels

We got totally ripped off by a taxi driver from Ciampino Airport to Rome. Our hotel booked the taxi in advance for us, which we thought would be more convenient, but they charged us €60!! we were apalled. On the way back to the airport, we hailed a taxi in the Piazza Mignanelli, not far from the Spanish Steps, and it cost is €25 to get back to the airport. There are so many taxi's around Rome, and if you agree a rough price in advance, they are on a meter and are very honest. Our taxi from the airport was a private one without a meter.

Fun Alternatives On the way back to the airport, we hailed a taxi in the Piazza Mignanelli, not far from the Spanish Steps, and it cost is €25 to get back to the airport. There are so many taxi's around Rome, and if you agree a rough price in advance, they are on a meter and are very honest. Our taxi from the airport was a private one without a meter.

griffiths1971's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2005

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