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Private Tours: A Journey through the Ancient Rome
"The tour may have variations of the route or attractions based on the type of option you choose or the will of the customer.The driver will meet you in the hotels' reception or at the address indicated by you at 9:00 in the morning to explore the wonders of Rome.You start the tour by visiting one of the most famous places of the cit Basilica of St. Peter where you can admire the beauty of the house of Catholicism. Along Corso Vittorio Emanuele named in honor of the last king of Italy you will reach Piazza Navona (Stadium of Domitian) where you can enjoy the works of art by Bernini and Borromini and you can taste the local specialties in the many bars and restaurants After going to the Pantheon you will continue on to the Colo where as usual throw coins into the water as a good omen to return again to Rome and you can eat the delicious ice cream.Moving then to Piazza di Spagna with the famous staircase you reach the end in Piazza del Popolo for a final stop before returning to your h
From EUR27.00
Squares and Fountains of Rome by New Generation of Segway
"You start off after some training on how to ride a segway. Then hit the amazing Renaissance Piazza Farnese and the lively Campo de’ Fiori. The next stop is the most beautiful baroque square of Rome’s Piazza Navona with its three fountains. After visiting the Pantheon – the Roman temple devoted to all the pagan gods – we head for Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish steps. A stop at the Trevi Fountain is not to be missed but before we stop by at piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina for the most special coffee Rome can offer. We go back to the office through the impressive Piazza Venezia and the quiet peculiar small squares of the Jewish Ghetto.All tours are accessible for the disabled thanks to Nino a Ninebot equipped for those who cannot stand on their feet."""
From EUR70.00
Golf Cart Tour Around Imperial Rome
"Hello You will meet with your drive / guide that will pick you up at your hotel to start the tour. At this point the tour can begin and your Drive / Guide will be thrilled to spend three hours with you in the streets squares and most characteristic monuments of Rome. Through the tour with golfcar it is possible in three hours touring around the heart of Rome. It will go to the Spanish Steps Piazza del Popolo the Colosseum Circus Maximus
From EUR120.00

Train Stations Tips (26)

Before the train leaves Roma Tiburtina station

8.a.m on the June 13-2014: I arrived at Roma Tiburtina station. got onto the Florence-bound Italo train and put my bag on the rack of coach number 6. When the train was still standing at the platform, a man (tall and not very dark) passing by our seats. From nowhere some Euro coins were seen on the coach floor. The same man was asking around whose coins had been dropped. All of us were looking down on the coach floor, without noticing that the longchamp orange bag on the rack (containing a video camera, clothes and indispensable drug dosages for my two- day trip to Firenze) were stolen, obviously by an accomplice of the man.

Lesson learned: Keep a close watch of your bag/suitcase, particularly when the train remains in the platform minutes before leaving the station. These are vulnerable moments as the train steward(s) cannot be in every coach.

PS: On the way back on another train, we saw two men asking an old non-Italian tourist for a change and a police who happenned to be on the site was saying "no money here" to drive off the men.

Thanks for reading.

silentfish193350's Profile Photo
Jul 05, 2014

Termini: baggage rip off

Termini was a nice train station mainly. Me and my mom were there together with more bags than we could handle (a mistake). At first, there was a man following us trying to "help us out" and showing us where our train was and we knew he was bad news so we told him to leave us alone. Then, as we were boarding the train, a man on the train began helping us with our many heavy bags and we assumed that he was working on the train. THE PEOPLE THAT WORK ON THE TRAIN WEAR RED VESTS, and anyone else whoe offers to help you, say no. Once he put our bags up for us, he essentially forced us to pay him. At first he said 10 euro, then 10 each. My mom took out a twenty and gave it to him and then he said "no, 20 each" and I said "no you said 10." and he complained that his English wasn't very good. Because we cant speak much Italian so we couldn't get anyone to help us, my mom gave him another 20 to avoid any danger he could potentially cause for us. Don't trust the people at the station, unless you know they work there!! Especially an issue for tourists because they want to take advantage of you.

Mar 12, 2012

Train Station Rome (Termini) Steps

Many stairs to negotiate. As an elderly single lady traveling alone with relatively heavy baggage I was helped by a young Brit traveling with his girl friend. I suggest to elderly travelers, arrive or depart in mid day. Be alert. If you are planning to leave from the station and have the opportunity consider a walk through before hand to minimize steps.

Feb 02, 2011

De fiumicino a Termine

Despues de llegar desde Viena, me pareció un buena idea tomar un tren desde el aeropuerto hasta Termine ya que sabía que mi hotel no estaba muy lejos de Termine.
Mi primera desilusión fue el alto costo de los tickets de tren luego que la máquina expendedora funcionara mal y me "trago" 20 Euros, además de darme solo un recibo por 8 Euros cuando quise cancelar la operacion, considerando que mi primer billete no habia sido registrado (La máquina decia que hasta 9 Euros daba vuelto) y el muy pobre estado de limpieza de los mismos.
Al llegar a Termine, el tema fue aún peor pues me encontre con una muy oscura estación, sin mayores indicaciones hacia donde debía ir.
Tenía la dirección del hotel, pero ningun mapa ni donde adquirirlo.
Como venía con algo de equipaje decidí tomarme un taxi, aun sabiendo que los taxis podian ser caros.
Si bien me ofrecieron taxis inmediatamente en la salida del tren, no los acepté considerando que podian estafarme y busque uno en su parada a la salida de la estación.
Cargue mi equipaje, el taxisto dijo no hablar ni español ni inglés, aunque alguna palabras intentaba decir en un muy corto ingles.
Lo primero que me hizo dudar es que me hizo sentar en el asiento delantero, lo que para no pensar mal lo tome como una gentileza, Le pregunté si conocia la dirección del hotel y me dijo que si que no habria problemas, como no vi taxímetro, le pregunte cuanto me saldria el viaje, y ahi estuve seguro que me estafaría pues me dijo que dependía del tráfico, que la tarifa tenía un recargo por ser domingo no laborable, y que costaría entre EUR 20 a EU 25. No hubo nada de demora y diría que en siete minutos estuvimos en la "zona" del hotel, me dijo que me convenia bajarme en la esquina para no tener que dar la vuelta. Le pregunté cuanto era y me dijo veintioto. le entrego cincuenta y saca solo un billete de 10, preguntándome no se que pero creo que había cambiado rápidamente mi billete por ese, a lo que yo solo atine a decirle que me tenía que dar otros doce, además de ese, ahi me preguntó si no tenia cambi. Le dije que no y el me dio entonces otro billete de 10 y nada mas pues me dijo que como era domingo no tenia cambio.
Luego puede comprobar que el hotel no estaba a mas de 10 cuadras desde donde había tomado el taxi, y que este tipo de estafa es muy comun en Roma.
Roma es muy bella pero CUIDADO CON LOS TAXISTAS

Feb 01, 2011
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Don't carry heavy suitcase to travel by metro

If you are planning to travel to a metro station from Termini and carry heavy suitcase, you should reconsider taking a taxi. Some place have escalators but not all the way down to the platforms. Instead, you will end up crawling underground going up and down some steps to get to the platform. So, if you are tired and do not want to carry your suitcase by your hands to walk lots of steps, try taxi. Also, it seems impossible for disabled people on the wealchairs to travel by the metro. It could be the same for the seniors.

Dec 17, 2010

Ticket vending machines in Roma Termini

If you pay there with a bank card or credit card you might get a error message and no ticket, but the money gets charged to your account (it was the touch screen variety).
Better use them with cash. Might be also on other trainstations.

lotharscheer's Profile Photo
Sep 10, 2010

Termini after dark

We travelled into Rome from the outlying town of Valmontone, by train. I'll be honest and say that the Statzione Termini, whilst being modern and bright, is the one place that I didn't feel safe during our trip to Rome. Arriving was simple, just head out to the Piazza Cinquecinto, and head for either the bus, taxi or tour buses as we did.

However, when we arrived back at the station to catch our train back to Valmontone, it was about 8pm, and dark. The station was relatively busy, but there were quite a few shady looking characters wandering around. We decided to head for the cafe/restaurant upstairs until our train came in. Overall, it's not the place to be hanging around at the best of times, and more so at night. Keep your wits about you, and use your common sense.

bip_231's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2008

Taxi Scams in Rome

Be careful - many of taxi drivers are thieves and con-men (hopefully only the unlicensed ones but the cab we were in had a meter so we thought it was legit).

We were quoted 40 euros for what should have been a 15 euro trip.

In the cab the driver kept grabbing my map that I was looking at away from me while he was driving. He did this, I realized later, so we wouldn't know where we were in relation to our hotel and the station. This was so he could get away with charging more or (as was the case with some folks we met) so he could drop us off no where near our hotel and leave us stranded.

He stopped us in busy traffic and said we had to get out there - that there was no access for automobiles to get to our hotel (a lie).

He then got my wife out and shuffled her across the street. While she was across the street he asked me for 40 euros. I gave him 50 and turned to grab one of my bags. (bear in mind traffic was coming and he was yelling for me to hurry) when I turned back he had a $10 in his hand - I thought this was my change (I wanted to ask to see the meter but he yelled and said must hurry traffic is coming). My wife was across the street - I was trying to keep track of the luggage (and my wife) - traffic was coming - I didn't know exactly where the hotel was - needless to say I was a little disoriented - just the way he wanted me. I reached for the 10 and he said "NO - you only gave me 10". I told him I gave him $50 - he sternly shook his head and pointed to the 10. I was an idiot and gave him the benefit of the doubt - gave him another 50 expecting 20 back - he then pointed across to the traffic - when I turned to look he took off with our money and the change.

We were lucky - we met a couple who experience the EXACT same scam - but had been dumped 3 miles from their hotel. At least our hotel was only a block away.

Also - our hotel clerk was a liar. The hotel asked if we needed a cab to the airport or main train station at the end of our 7 day stay. I knew that there was a train station in Trestaverde that had a train to the airport. She pretended not to know of such a station (I went for a short stroll later and found the station). I even showed her my guide book where it said Tresteverde station and she shook her head and acted like it didn't exist. My only assumption is that the hotels get kickbacks from the corrupt taxis and so they make no money if you leave from the local station (which is actually cheaper and faster). When I told this story to a more honest hotel clerk the next day he shook his head and confided in me that "all of Rome is very corrupt". Very sad.

Rome is a beautiful city but one in which you need to be amazingly vigilant. I have heard many stories of cons and thieves. A few days later I was in London where I felt so much safer. Ironically - London has a much higher violent crime rate then Rome (in Rome they'll rob ya blind but they wont hurt ya - In London they say G'day Governor to ya while the stab ya - just being a little sarcastic). Enjoy but be VERY careful!!!

Apr 21, 2008
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"R O M E"
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"Roma - Città Eterna"
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"Roma, una citta stupenda"
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"Rome : A Surpise Around Every Corner"
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Taxi Scam At Termini Train Station

I got off at the Termini Station in Rome from the Santa Maria Nouvella Station in Florence. With all backpack and a heavy luggage in hand, I went out the train station to check where we can find the shuttle bus that must be available outside that can take us to our hotel. As soon as I stepped out of the door, there is a couple of drivers who approached me and my family to ride on their taxi. Thinking that the price given to me by one of the guys is reasonable, I said yes to him expecting that we are going to the queau of taxis just in front of the station. I was mistaken. He asked me to follow him as his taxi is there a little farther. I followed him anyways, but I felt that there is danger if I keep on walking to his direction. I stopped and grab my luggage which he is carrying and went back to taxis in a queau. Most of the drivers do not speak English. I spoke to the one who can, but he said I have to take the one which is first on the line. Eventually, we were on the road headed to our hotel. Our driver keep on checking and looking at his map while the car is in motion. After half an hour, we reached the main street where our hotel is situated. Thank God, I can see our hotel which is around ten minutes walk from the street. Our driver took the taxi to a halt and said in broken English, that he cannot take us to the hotel because there is too much traffic and that it is difficult to return to the main street....and because of this, and because of that....! What else do you think I can do? He won't move!

Lesson: Do not talk to any driver unless you know he has a taxi standing by and is first on a queau. Look for the official yellow or white metered taxi and do not take taxi for an arranged price. Better still, call a taxi from within Rome on any of the following telephone numbers (06 3570 - 06 4994 - 06 6645 - 06 5551 - or 06 8822).

Good luck and have a safe trip!

freddie18's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2008

Termini, fake tickets? Trapped!

When we went to Rome we bought tickets to the train to go to Florence. When we were walking through, men stopped us in suits and asked to see our tickets. They told us our tickets were not valid and asked for our passports.
They then told us we had to pay several hundred Euros as a fine and would not give our passports back until we paid it.
I noticed other American people being stopped and bullied. One couple with a small baby were arguing with them, I was crying, because we had done nothing wrong.
My husband left to go get the money but his visa debit card was not working so he came back and they told us we had to mail it in.
We never did.
In retrospect, I believe this was a scam, perhaps we were purpously sold the wrong tickets and the people on the other end stop us.
I wrote the embassy and they assured me there would not be a problem in the future and next time call the police.
I am nervous, since I will be traveling again to Rome next month and they took down our passport infromation. Scary.

Jan 09, 2008

Taxi Rip Offs

I've listened to so many people tell of the "taxi driver who took them for a ride" that I decided I needed to post this tip.

Taxi drivers in Rome are really a very civilized lot, nearly as professional and helpful as London cabbies. That is, as long as they are licensed taxi drivers! Unfortunately there are a bunch of independent guys out there who seem to think it's a game, and indeed, their personal obligation, to take tourists for a ride.

You're in a train station, airport or bus depot. You are trying to get your Rome legs, having just hit town and being curious and confused. Maybe you're even jet lagged. A seemingly friendly guy approaches and asks "Do you need a taxi?" What could seem better? "Sure", you say, as you hand over your bags to the guy. You have just put yourself into the hands of a taxi scam. You can be sure that your ride will cost no less than 50 euro, even if the destination, unbeknownst to you, is only 2 blocks away. The best course of action, when these guys approach you, (and they will) is a firm "no thank you" and keep moving on. Don't get into a discussion about it.

ONLY take taxi rides from taxi drivers lined up in the formal taxi queue spots. They are all over the city and most certainly at spots where people will typically be needing a ride. You will always need to take the taxi at the front of the line. You should make sure that there is a taxi meter and it is turned on.

Follow this advice, enter the taxi with confidence, and be friendly to the driver and you will probably not have any problems at all. If you treat the driver like you expect him to cheat you, you might be rewarded with just that. Think about it. How would you like someone for whom you do your job to ask, right out of the gate, something to indicate that you are out to cheat them?

Callavetta's Profile Photo
May 30, 2006


The Termini Area is a very dangerous area, especially for those like me who are not used to beggars in the streets. If you are looking for accommodation in Rome, make sure its not in this area cause it might get rather rough at night. I was there in broad day light and I was still horrified. The place is very dirty, full of beggars, it stinks like rotten fish and it is full of thiefs. A young boy, maybe 10 years of age tried to steal my cousin's bag, so be careful of young children who would be running around alone especially in busses or station areas.

Termini? -> BEWARE

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Apr 05, 2006

Things to Do Near Rome

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Trevi Fountain - Fontana di Trevi

more pictures of the renovation of the famous fountain when we visited last year. The trevi fountain was fully restored in August of 2015 and I hope to com back again to see it this time in it's full...
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Fontana del Facchino – ‘The Porter’

One of the things we loved in Rome was the fact that in between 2 major sites we were facing here and there some beautiful corners, small details on the walls, sculptures, beautiful facades of unknown...
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Time Elevator

If you're hot and tired and feel like resting your feet for a while, the Time Elevator is an entertaining distraction. You are seated on a moving platform and experience an audio visual show. The...
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Piazza Barberini

After checking in at the hotel we took the metro into the city center and Barberini square was the first thing we saw. Piazza Barberini was created in the 16th century and took its name from the...
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Museo Delle Cere

Think we paid Eu7 entry August 2009 I understand was Eu8 by 2010. Could walk through in 10 minutes! Figures likenesses range from the unremarkable to the fairly bad. There is a 1940s ensemble of...
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Chiesa San Ignazio di Loyola

Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola was built in 1626 by pope Gregory XV on the site of an older church. It is dedicated to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order, and is thus a...
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