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Genoa Things to Do

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  • Via San Lorenzo and the cathedral

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The San Lorenzo Cathedral or St. Laurence Cathedral is Genoa's stunningly beautiful black and white striped cathedral. It was founded in the 4th or 5th century. Since the Crusades it has housed the ashes of Saint John the Baptist -San Giovanni Battista, the patron saint of Genoa. The cathedral had a very lucky escape on February 9th, 1941, when...

  • Palazzo Ducale - Piazza De Ferrari

    Piazza De Ferrari is Genoa's most important public square. It links Genoa's historical heart with its modern, commercial centre. In the middle of the square a large fountain shoots jets of water into the air. Several important buildings are located on this square. The Palazzo Ducale which means Doge's Palace has its main entrance round the...

  • Hills, Cable Cars, Castles

    We weren't actually looking for this funicular, but another which we couldn't find! They are difficult, as the entrance is small and behind a glass door. Above the door is a big sign. Deciding on this one, 1st we had to buy the ticket from the machine. We had difficulty, but a nice lady who could speak English helped us. This funicular, built in...


Genoa Hotels

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Genoa Restaurants

  • Maria

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    We got an enthusiastic tip for Maria's restaurant from our hotel, but we had a very mixed experience there. The atmosphere is REALLY authentic--gym basement decor, OK if you know it is what you are after. That was not our problem. Problems were (1) it was pretty hard to figure out what you were going to get from handwritten, Italian only menu, and...

  • osteria di vico palla

    4 out of 5 stars

    Very popular with locals and visitors, Antica Osteria di Vico Palla was full when we turned up one lunchtime during the Christmas period. Not having a reservation wasn't a problem, though, and we were happy to wait the five minutes in their cosy hallway. This isn't a place to come if you want extremely attentive service or to have a leisurely chat...

  • antica sciamadda

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Genova has a number of Farinata shops that have recently been more or less resurrected and are again valued for their ancient and traditional fair. This one featured tasty farinata and friendly folks slaving away over the hot ovens


Genoa Nightlife

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  • bottega del conte

    ... and now it is an excellent little bar. Stockfish is some kind of salted fish. Never found out what it was like. Paolo and Chiara took me here for a nightcap. I was just following along through all the narrow alleyways. Smelling the walls. Because a barman at the Novotel had told me you will never know Genoa until you smell the walls of the old...

  • piazza delle erbe

    It is a big crime :) to stay a friday night at home in Genoa.. Instead you should be leading to Piazza delle Erbe and start strolling around the narrow streets.. Piazza Erbe is just below the Piazza de Ferrari, which is the main square in Genoa. Just take to road to the sea side and follow the narrow roads.. Soon you will be Piazza delle Erba.....

  • La Goletta

    nothing special, but if you miss your guinness you can have it here (one of the cheapest in genoa) sitting on the dock of the... harbour. Here you can meet the sailors of the 'all around the world' yacht moored in the marina as usual.... I suggest to be dressed at least


Genoa Transportation

  • Genova by Funiculars

    Genoa Public Transport There are several funiculars (and lifts) in Genoa. The only one I have used is the one from Largo Zecca ( near Via Garibaldi with all the beautiful villas) up to Righi. It takes about 20 minutes, is a thrill in itself, and up top there is a fabulous view, at least one cafe, and a castle that is apparently worth the ten...

  • Trains

    Going to Genova by train is probably the wisest solution, even if not the cheaper one too. If you come from the North of Italy or from the Western part of the region (Savona and Imperia provinces), you will be lucky to get off at the Piazza Principe station. I am saying this because this station lies in the old downtown and is, therefore, a good...

  • buses

    After our ride on the funicular, we decided to catch a Bus back down to the Port area. We asked the shop keeper, and were going to buy a ticket, but didn't have to. You see, our ticket from the funicular we still could use on the bus, as we had 90 minutes in which to use it. Great! Just look for AMT Buses, The Bus stops are marked clearly.


Genoa Shopping

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  • food and wine

    This large and newly modernised, large supermarket adjacent to the Port of Genova is also easily accessible from the city centre of Genova. Holiday shop for provisions where the local people shop, and the store is handy for last minute provisions before boarding ferries and cruise ships at the Port of Genova. It has a good deli/gastronomia section...

  • fornitures

    In Via Garibaldi, the most impostant street in Genoa, (Rubens found its elegance mesmerising, and was inspired to record its architectural history in the " Palazzi di Genova") at the first floor of Palazzo Campanella, made in 1562, you'll find a shop totally different. Household items, furniture, crystals, china, all is exibited like in a house....

  • A lot of Chinese shops

    If you like women's clothes you can find many cheap Chinese shops in Genoa close to the harbour. There is street full of those shops for budget travelers also. Mainly they sell example colorful summer dresses, tops, underwear, handbags, sandals, jewellery and more. Prices are cheap but bags quality not the best I notice. Clothes quality is better...


Genoa Local Customs

  • surroundings

    The sea is a basic part of Italian culture. After a day of fishing, local fishermen spend the remainder of daylight enjoying each other's company and re-living their experiences. Students walk and travel by public transportation to school each day. Genoa Aquarium and port area provide educational experiences for field trips.

  • people

    Raffaele Rubattino was a visionary and the first Italian ship owner to commit his company to steam navigation. He formed the steamship line that would connect Genova to several ports of the Mediterranean and later to Middle East. Rubattino had political ambitions aswell, supporting Giuseppe Garibaldi in consolidation of Italy. The statue is work of...

  • museums and exibitions

    Genova is city of arts and culture with number of outstanding art galleries containing many masterpieces from previous centuries. It is place of particular charm which attracted many artists to live here or to spend parts of their lifes in Genova or its surroundings. Museo dell'Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti is located in Palazzo dell'Accdemia,...


Genoa Warnings and Dangers

  • Historic Centre: not always a safe...

    Large group of tourists invariably attracting all sorts of thieves. Those who can afford to travel usually carry cash money, even if small, and its exactly with which thieves count. The crowd is ideal for pickpocketing, especially if the victim is penned in the mass and stationary. Distracting the attention of the victim and making him/her careless...

  • Station zone not very safety for women...

    I think Piazza Principe Genoa is not very safety for women in the evening or late night time. My experiences has been this I've been days in Genoa and saw here a lot of drug users, some kind of drug smell even came to the hotel's lobby, I saw few very angry guys hanging over the streets, I saw a lot of immigrants but had no problems with them. Then...

  • Is he a musician of part of something...

    Large group of tourists invariably attracting all sorts of thieves. Those who can afford to travel usually carry cash money, even if small, and its exactly with which thieves count. The crowd is ideal for pickpocketing, especially if the victim is penned in the mass and stationary. Distracting the attention of the victim and making him/her careless...


Genoa Tourist Traps

  • House of Christopher Columbus

    Or what is left of it. Says the sign. But it is not. It is the remains of a house from that period. No reason at all to believe CC lived here. He may have, of course. It's very close to the Palazzo Ducale and on the edge of the old quarter, so no harm to spare it a glance. It really is no sweat because it doesn't cost you anything to have a look,...

  • Galeon

    Well, it's not a "real" tourist trap from any point of view, but better to tell you something about this (looking) old ship. It's not a 17th century galeon, it was built in the 80s fot Roman Polanski's movie "Pirates" with Walter Matthau! So it could be interesting for movie-fans, but remember that it just a reconstruction of a similar old...

  • Hotel, watch out

    Hotels has sometime thefts and watch out what you will leave to your hotel room! don't leave anything expensive because you never know who goes there. Sometime the hotel (not all but some) has same corridor than other buildings near By or even same elevators. I notice this at 3star hotel close to the station. The safety box is also not the most...


Genoa What to Pack

  • Prepare to Walk!

    Leave your luggage in the hotel, just take with you a backpack, possibly not too heavy! In Genova there's usually a good weather in all seasons except autumn when it rains a lot. The temperature is higher than in the rest of Northern Italy, much more similar to Southern Italy. So you usually don't need big coats... but a good pair of...

  • Packing List

    The disorders. This picture can be the symbol of what happens if public demonstrations, that MUST be possible, become from one side manipulated by few people and from the other managed by umprepared police officers.They made their best but I don't want to say more about it. I young man died on july 20th in Genoa, and this fact is enough to say...

  • Packing List

    Study Abroad C.Paganini, 'Stazione Principe dall'Hotel di Londra', 1900 c.a. (Fonte:Archivio Fotografico del Comune di Genova)


Genoa Off The Beaten Path

  • palazzi

    I like to observe and explore the places when strolling around, there are so many small, hidden but beautiful details that can easilly miss to our attention. Details give us an impression wheter local people love their homes, their city and do they care for it. Once upon a time alot more attention were paid to details on the house that was...

  • sea and harbour

    There is some monument in Porto Antico, made in a form of raw block of stone with calligraphic inscriptions over it. I couldn't find any information regarding it so in case somebody knows what it is please let me know. Thanks.

  • Eastern Riviera

    Bocadasse at sunset is an interesting and romantic area just minutes from the center of Genoa. It's a great place to begin shaking off the jet lag, exploring the boardwalk and neighborhoods, absorbing the culture of the residents, and falling in love with Italy!


Genoa Sports & Outdoors

  • soccer

    Here in Genova we really like football (soccer for Americans!), and here in Genova some English gentlemen founded the first Italian football team, CFC Genoa 1893. Genoa 1893, or simply "Genoa" won 9 Italian leagues before WWII, then a long period with no wins started, and still now Genoa is in 2nd division, trying to get back to the old glory days,...

  • sailing

    if you want to try to sail on an America Cup boat addressto the Sail academy, they've got 3 AC class boat ready to sail. everytime you're at sea a wetsuit id suggested, but they can provide one for you.

  • rugby football

    Rugby and football is widely availible for any teams visiting. Also for the club swingers reading this you will need to contact these sites rather than use the ships agents, they are safeguard gash.!!!football Rugby team here good...


Genoa General

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  • Aquarium

    The aquarium in Genoa is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. My first impression of the aquarium wasn’t exactly what you call good though. When you enter the aquarium the first thing that happens is that a mascot jumps next to you and tells you to smile for a picture… arghhh! I totally dislike things like that, and yep, unusual for me, I...

  • churches

    It's a week later, and I am back in Genoa. The weather was boring though.... rain, rain and more rain. But we tried to see some of Genoa despite of the weather. Unfortunately we only had a few hours to explore Genoa, not very much time to visit this huge city. Normally I would do a citywalk to get a good impression, but because of the weather we...

  • views

    Before 12th century Genova emerged as an independent city-state and its main occupation was trade, shipbuilding and banking. Very soon the city become largest and most powerful navies in the Mediterranean. The modern port of Genova covers a very huge area extending for 20 kilometres along the coastline. With a trade volume of approximately 60...


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