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Cinque Terre Cooking Lesson in La Spezia
"Meet your local guide also an expert cook at La Spezia Centrale railway station in the morning. La Spezia is located east of Cinque Terre only a few minutes away by railroad.Take a leisurely walk through the narrow winding streets and reach a large bustling marketplace. Enjoy the almost overwhelming sight: rows of crates stacked on top of one another laden with fish colorful produce and cheese
From EUR115.00
Cooking Class in a Medieval Castle in Tuscany
"Italians love to eat to cook and they definitely love to talk about food. From telling the stories behind each recipe to proudly revealing little secrets for getting the best results they do love to - with exceptional false modesty - claim the discovery of this very special cheese rather than that exceptional wine or pasta.Discover the flavors of Lunigiana to experience its traditional produces and dishes and cook them together with those who keep the traditions alive. In the ancient kitchen of the medieval castle
From EUR75.00
Portofino Coast Scooter Day-Tour
"Meet your guide at 9.45 and get your scooter (you need to have driving experience to join this tour) and immediately leave for Portofino where we arrive there after a 10 minutes drive. Park the scooter and discover this unique corner of the world that se actresses pop stars and royals spending few days enjoying the quiet and charm of the area. Go back to the scooter and drive along the same road to Santa Margherita Rapallo and Montallegro for a total of 15 km up to 600 meters above sea level where the view is stunning. Park the scooter and walk to one of the Holiest Chuches in the Region; it is here that the Virgin Mary appeared to a girl. The Church is great you will see 'ex voto' (sacred images icons) that miraculous survivors sent here from all over the world icons from Mexico earthquake
From EUR150.00

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Toilets (loos)

.Hmm... there were very few public toilets (= loos) in Portovenere and this underground one on the bottom of the picture was located at the end of the peninsula in front of a church. "Toilette a...
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Feb 01, 2003

Parking spots

The centre of Portovenere is car free, I advice you to come early so you can park your car near the centre. The only parking spots are along the main road.
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Apr 10, 2005
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Top Hotels in Portovenere

Via Garibaldi, 5, Portovenere, Italian Riviera, 19025, Italy
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Via Garibaldi 34 - 40, Portovenere, Italian Riviera, 19025, Italy
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Via Lungomare 111, Le Grazie Di Portovenere, Portovenere, Italian Riviera, 19022, Italy
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Via Garibaldi 26, Portovenere, Italian Riviera, 19025, Italy
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Piazza Bastreri 8, Portovenere, 19025, Italy
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Via dell' Olivo, 345, Portovenere, Italian Riviera, 19025, Italy
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Top Things to Do in Portovenere

Things to Do

Church of S. Pietro

Built during the 6th century this church was renovated during the 1930's and gained UNESCO listing during the 1990's. Located within the fortifications of Doria Castle it can be seen from land and...
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Things to Do

carugi: narrow roads

Walk through the streets, you will see a variety of specialist shops, many restaurants and cafes, and very often apartments above the shops. Many of the buildings are old, beautifully decorated, and...
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Things to Do

the harbour

We were lucky in that we arrived by ferry and obtained a fantastic view of the harbour and the waterfront buildings. We also walked the waterfront, admired the buildings, the small fishing boats in...
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"Portovenere - Our Favourite Place in all of Italy!"
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"Portovenere, Beautiful Village, Cinque Terre Ferry"
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"Portovenere - The Jewel of Liguria"
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"In the Bay of Poets"
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