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Vintage Fiat 500 Tour in Milan
"During the 30-minute tour ""Fast Tour"" you will see the heart of the city the Sforza Castle the Montenapoleone Luxury District the Brera Art District the Scala Opera House Modern Art Gallery Modern Art Pavillion
From EUR60.00
Milan City Hop-on Hop-off Tour
"Step aboard the Milan city hop-on hop-off bus tour at any of the stops along the three available bus routes. With more than 30 stops to choose from you can easily find a stop that’s convenient for you.Find a seat on the open-air double decker bus and look out at the sights of Milan. Stay on Line A (red line) for its total 90-minute route and pass by the 14th-century Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Ca the world-renowned La Scala opera house and Piazza Duomo the square where Milan Cathedral (Duomo) stands.Line B (blue line) boasts highlights including the historic Porta Venezia city gate Il Cenacolo Vinciano and Palazzo Lombardia home to Milan’s modern skyscrapers. Jump aboard line C (green line) to see the Monumental Cemetery or San Siro football stadium. Then disembark at San Babila to browse the luxury stores on Milan’s fashionable Via Montenapoleone.Pick out the places that you want to see most and create your own perfect sightseeing experience. Want a closer look at one of Milan’s landmarks? Go ahead a
From EUR22.00
Villa Necchi Campiglio Small-Group Tour
"Villa Necchi Campiglio is a magnificent treasure of art and architecture in the centre of Milan.The Villa was built by Piero Portaluppi between 1932 and 1935 for the family of Angelo Campiglio his wife Gigina Necchi and his sister-in-law Nedda.The world of the Necchi Campiglio family was that of bourgeoise Lombard industrialists comfortably well-off but also hard-working and up-to-date whose wealth was based on the invention of the well-known Necchi sewing machine. Portaluppi was succeeded by Tomaso Buzzi who after the second world war imbued the rooms with a more classic
From EUR10.00

Hollywood Tips (13)

Hollywood: Hollywood, Worst nightclub in Italy

I arrived in Milan a week ago and was keen to go out and explore the nightlife. Corso Como was the area i'd been hearing about so i headed out there with high hopes. It started to get busy at around 11.30pm, and I decided to pay the 20 euro to go into Hollywood, as i'd heard it was quite popular.

What i discovered inside was far from good. To sum it up, it was an absolute sausage fest. There were three times as many blokes as girls. The drinks were very expensive yet i would have been willing to pay top price for a top venue...... this was far from a top venue. It wasn't attractive, nor were the attitudes of the staff.

The few girls that were in the club stuck together in big groups and were not in the mood to chat to any of the lads.

I honestly believe that this club may have been good in its day but the owners have become lazy over time and people only turn up due to the fame that Hollywood generated in the past. I came away from the night feeling disappointed. This is truly a C grade nightclub.

On the way back to my apartment the taxi driver asked where i'd been. I replied 'hollywood' and he had a little chuckle to himself. He explained that this was not one of the good places to go and suggested Alcatraz an an alternative for my next outing.

Please, don't make my mistake.

Avoid Hollywood.


Jan 16, 2010

Hollywood: Holywood

Hollywood!! Went to milan for 3 nights with my best friend & went to Hollywood the 3 nights!! Really enjoyed it sure its expensive but worth it....ladies its 3 men to every girl!! not bad...its €25 enterence fee but you get a free drink & the itilian men dont mind spending their money! Security in the place very sexy!!

Dress Code Dress well

Apr 03, 2009

Hollywood: HollyHell more like

Stay as far away as possible.I was in Milan for 3 nights with two friends (all girls) when we went to this club on the Saturday night after hearing this is the place to be.
Entrance fee €25 for which you get a free drink..2 vodka’s, 7-up & a Heineken €45 per round; you would want to have very deep pockets.dark, dull, seedy & by far the worst club I have been to be filled with models it neglects that the models have been made go to this club by the PR people which coincidently turn out to be grey haired old men.Only 1 toilet a disabled toilet for male & friend took ill very suddenly within the night club loosing consciousness & her body turning limber.It was extremely frightening I have never experienced such rudeness & lack of intelligence from mgt & security.They refused to get her an ambulance whilst laughing in our face & shouting at us, lifted her to a back alley while both myself & my other friend where frantic.They where appalling & totally unprofessional to the point where I wondering if the gorilla sanctuary in the local zoo had let them out on day release.A customer rang an ambulance from his phone when he saw how serious the situation was.After a full night in A&E it was confirmed by the doctors that an unknown substance was the cause of the sudden illness most likely put in her drink, they also confirmed that this is a frequent occurrence.Brings me back as to why the bouncers would invite us in VIP whilst refusing most people considering we didn’t approach them to enter.Then it falls into place as two of the bouncers spent a lot of time at the table beside us.The total lack of non co-operation & appalling attitude in such a serious situation leads to me believe this was done by them.My friends bag where taken, with cash, cameras & mobile phones.I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to this place. over priced dull basement full of old men.Being Irish night clubbing would form part of our social culture but this place would actually make you want to become tee total.

Dress Code Grey hair and an anorak.

Jan 30, 2008

Club Hollywood: The Coolest Club In Town!

I've heard about this legendary place even before I stepped foot onto Italian soil. Yes, I'm referring to CLUB HOLLYWOOD. After all these years, it is still the place to people-watch. I've been told that 1 or 2 of their shareholders are very famous soccer superstars. This club has been popular amongst the beautiful people of Milan for many, many years now. An amazing feat considering that most clubs in Los Angeles or Singapore go 'out of fashion' within a short period of time.

So far, on the 2 occasions we've been here, I have yet to bump into the likes of Christian Vieri or Pippo Inzhagi. Sigh. With my kind of luck, I'm quite sure they patronize this club on the days when I'm busy at work! Duh.

By the way, do not be put off by the loooong queues at the door or the club's snooty... er, I mean... strict entrance policy. This place is not one of the easiest places on Earth to get into, but it's well worth the effort! Guys, are you still reading this? ;-) Imagine bumping into Gisele or Monica Bellucci in here.

Bring lots of cash and be prepared to pay €11 for a beer!

Entrance fee? €15 - 18

This club is opened from Tuesdays to Sundays.

From 10:30PM to at least 4AM. Remember, the cool fashionista or celebrity won't step foot inside this club until way, way past 12 midnight. In order words - don't be a country bumpkin and go there too early!

Con chi uscite stasera? ;-) So, whom are you going out with tonight? (in English).

Dress Code Your little black dress and nice strappy dancing shoes would be just fine (for the ladies).

As for the guys - you're on your own! ;-D Kidding... Just don anything the world considers 'club dressing'. And you should be safe. If not and you get thrown out by the bouncers, you know you've made a mistake.

Krystynn's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2006
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Hollywood: Expensive and Crap

For some reason they let me straight in without standing outside for ages like most people seem to do (I was fairly well dressed). Once inside, first impressions were good - the dancers were gorgeous! It was, however, very expensive. There were numerous segregated VIP areas where you could enter if you elected to 'buy a bottle of your own' (unfortunately beer didn't count) - music was crap and men outnumbered girls about 3 to 1. I won't be going back .

Dress Code I think you would get away with most things

BigPaolo's Profile Photo
Jan 11, 2006

Hollywood: get ready to giggle

not so hard to get in.... we didn't even que two very nice boys invited us to go in with them only took us 50mins and two trips to the loo to shake them..heehee

loved it this was lots of fun , lots of very
strange persons ,but a fab night two girls out for the night must go here!!!

Dress Code heels always
small tops
and bring your own lovely body
top tip don't take a coat you really like ,those cloak rm. tickets are tricky little f***ers

isobellashaw's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2005

Hollywood: nightclub

This place is a small hole in the wall and if you walk by without noticing you just might miss it. Its a disco most nights but on Sundays its they show American movies and TV shows.

Dress Code I wore pretty much anything i wanted

mikelo77's Profile Photo
Oct 16, 2004

Hollywood: Hollywood Hype

Hollywood is one of the most famous "VIP" nightspots in Milan, but having been there a couple of times I was thoroughly unimpressed. In fact, its most appealing feature was the one-way mirror that allowed the girls to see into the gents' toilet, amusing only because there are a few poor sods unaware of this fact.

The nightclub is underground and quite small, so it gets very stuffy and sometimes claustrophobic. I wasn't fussed about the music, the cloakroom is 3 euros per item and they insist on a separate hanger for EVERY item (including scarves!!) and at 20 euros a head to enter, don't waste your money.

Dress Code Beautiful People welcome! dress up...

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Jun 28, 2004
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"MILAN - As I've always wanted to visit"
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"Home sweet home!"
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"La Dolce Vita In Milano ;-)"
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"Milan - surprising and fascinating"
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Hollywood: The worst place ever

Corso Como is the big partystreet in Milan with at least 4-5 big discotecs and also a lot of bars. There are two problems however: 1) It costs a lot... 2) You have to know where to go.
The most famous disco in Milan is for sure Hollywood. And for sure the best thing to do is staying out of that place too... They say it's full of footballstars and beautiful models, but the truth is the only thing it's full is drugs, ***ty music and people on drugs... The whole place is a big dark room in a basement. And for going there you'll have to stay in the line for a long time (if you're "lucky" to get inside at all...), and then pay up to 20 euro just for getting in, and then another 13 euro for every drink/beer.
I was there with 4 beautiful women, but the whole evening was still the worst ever. A good advice, go somethere else...
Right over the street for example, where you'll find...

Dress Code No real dress code, but if you still want to go there I suggest you don't come in t-shirts and shorts... As fancy as possibile.

Henrik_rrb's Profile Photo
May 05, 2004

Club Hollywood, Club Toqueville & Plastic Club: Choosing The Right Clubs To Party In

When you visit Milan you should definitely go to one of the clubs on Corso Como.

Corso Como is THE nightlife area of Milan. You can find numerous clubs, bars and restaurants here and I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Personally, I like visiting some of the clubs in this area.

The first and the most famous club is definitely Club Hollywood. During the Milan Moda season (and to be honest, on most Sundays), the place is crowded with models. Sorry guys. These girls usually have their very own V.I.P rooms to party in. You'll just have to contend partying downstairs on the main floor! Besides the models, many celebrities and soccer superstars frequent this joint.

The second club is Club Toqueville - located only 30 meters away from Club Hollywood. Although the club charges the same entrance fee as Hollywood (€15 - €18), the atmosphere here is more relaxed and actually more chic! Off course, you'll still find some models here, so no worries. Guys, you'll still be able to gawk at them... oops, I mean 'people-watch'. ;-) I heard from my Italian party animal friends that there is always some hot party (on Wednesday nights) at the old Fashion Cafe.

If you are a student, you ought to come here to party. Why? The club lets foreign students in for FREE and each week they will choose a country to host a party there. What a nice thought!

Another disco worth mentioning is the Plastic Club. This trendsetting disco stays opened till the weehours. I was here with some friends one night but didn't stay too long.
Address: Viale Umbria 120 (Closed Mondays).
Tel. [+39] 02 733996
Address: Viale Umbria 120 tel. [+39] 02 733996
Location: Viale Umbria

Dress Code Cool and chic Club Wear, please...

Krystynn's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2003

Hollywood, Tocqueville, etc.: Fashion, Models & Dolce Vita

So you really wanna see the Capital of Fashion by night? Just follow the fashion circus to the best places in town!

There are great disco clubs in Milan. Hollywood is the well know place, but it's divided in two parts: if you stay on the main floor you'll see nothing interesting, but if you can get access to the privé area... it's the best place in town, especially if you're looking for models (ain't you?).

You should also try Tocqueville, which is just accross the street. The privé area (upstairs) is often full of VIPs, but you'll find beautiful people also on the main floor downstairs. Another exclusive place is La Banque: close scrutiny to get in, but it's always worth a visit, especially after midnight.

As for the disco bars, you have to visit Casablanca, but remember: it starts to get crowded after 11 PM.

As for the locations: Hollywood, Tocqueville and Casablanca are all in the same street, Corso Como. La Banque is downtown, near Piazza Cordusio.

Dress Code You should better look gorgeous if you wanna get inside these clubs... For men: a white shirt is always a good choice, and a black or blue jacket will be alright in any place.

Feb 05, 2003

Hollywood: Hollywood

Hollywood is my favourite nightclub from when I was living in Milan. You always end up there to see who are there and to be seen yourself.
And it's the IT place for the fashion business so you alway end up meeting your friends or associates here.

Dress Code This places are frequented by the VIP and famous people who are in Milan at the time, like models, footballers and other famours people.
So dress trendy and fashionable - and pretends that you are important and they will let you in - specially if you are a girl!!

Aug 25, 2002

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Basilica San Babila

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Piazza San Babila

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Starting on the right side of the Dome and ending in Piazza San Babila, Corso Vittorio Emanuele is a famous shopping area in Milan. Important Italian and international brands, such as H&M, Zara,...
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Chiesa San Pietro in Gessate - Church

There is the statue of Virgin Mary and many vow gifts in the altar. Ambrogio Bergognone (Burgundian) also known as Ambrogio di Stephano da Fossano painted the fresco showing the scene of the Funeral...
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Palazzo Castiglioni

Sommaruga is the most well known Art Nouveau architect of Milano. His first important work is the Palazzo Castiglioni in the corso Venezia, 47 built between 1901 and 1904 as a total work of art .The...
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Chiesa San Bernardino alle Ossa - Church

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