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Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Milan

  • 1. The Lake District: Como, Maggiore, Iseo, Lugano ...

    The city of Como on the shores of Lake Como is an easy day trip from Milan - a 45 minute train journey from Milano Cadorna station, with trains running regularly throughout the day and late into the...

  • 2. Churches

    The church of San Marco was first time mentioned in 1254 when the Augustinians built a Gothic style building on the site of an pre-existing construction. The church was dedicated to San Marco, the...

  • 3. Shopping or Fashion District

    ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!! BURGLARS and THIEVES in a car park!!!!!!!!! LADRI nel parcheggio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we parked our car in a car park and went shopping. Car was put locked and...

  • 4. Navigli

    I love Navigli and its canal or canals in the making. We passed excavation of the old canal before reaching the flower market which happened to take place the week we visited. We discovered a few good...

  • 5. Castle and other monuments

    The Victory Temple, the monument dedicated to the Milanese inhabitants who died in the First World War, was built between 1927 and 1930 according to the plans of the architect Giovanni Muzio. With a...

  • 6. Giardini Pubblici and city parks

    If you are in Milan in May, make sure you try and make it to the annual flower exhibition at the Giardini Pubblici. Dozens of horticultural companies set up stands to display their lovely plants and...

  • 7. Monument to Leonardo

    Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, musician, architect, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, writer, botanist,...

  • 8. Tempio della Vittoria

    In memory of the sacrifice of over ten thousand Milanese who perished in World War I, this Victory Temple was erected in 1927-1930 after a design by Giovanni...

  • 9. Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

    Equestrian monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, work of Ercole Rosa, is situated in Piazza del Duomo, right in front of the Cathedral. It is one of the most...

  • 10. Baslica di Sant'Eufemia

    Basilica di Santa Eufemia was probably founded around 472 by Bishop San Senatore da Settala, of which the remains are preserved in the church. The church was...

  • 11. Further Afield

    Within an hour or so train journey from Milan are a number of interesting towns and cities. Pavia is an historic nearby town that used to be the capital of the...

  • 12. Monza

    I passed through Monza on the way into Milan by train, and went to a party there on New Year's Day. Monza is famous for its formula one race track and its...

  • 13. Street Scenes

    At the top of our to-do list in any city or village we visit is walking about the neighborhood where we are staying - especially those away from the tourist hot...

  • 14. Roman ruins in Via Brisa

    Via Brisa is a small street connected to Corso Magenta, and it is worth a short detour - here you can see some of the Roman ruins that are left from Mediolanum....

  • 15. Piazza Fontana

    Piazza Fontana is a small piazza in the Duomo area where we had a little break. I enjoyed it very much because it was a pleasant place that is not crowded at...

  • 16. Piazza Meda

    Piazza Meda is a piazza north of the Duomo. There is a lot of traffic there, so it is not a nice place to sit down, but what is interesting is the work of...

  • 17. A 90 cent Coffee (and free water).

    I can't remember exactly where this was but I do remember the coffee only being 90 cents and that the waitress was stunningly beautiful (pics are in my private...

  • 18. Wandering The Side Streets

    Once I'd sort of gotten my bearings here in the city centre I felt quite happy just to wander and see where my feet would lead me - this is my favourite way of...

  • 19. Palazzo dei Guireconsulti and Torre del Commune

    The Milano Clock Tower is located in Via Mercanti, alomost overlooking Piazza del Duomo. It is better known as Torre del Commune and is situated on the top of...

  • 20. Piazza Cordusio

    In the central position of Piazza Cordusio, a very bussy Milano's square, stands the monument to Giuseppe Parini (1729-1799), a famous Italian poet and teacher....

  • 21. Monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi

    The monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi stands in the central position of Largo Carioli, the huge open space right in front of Castello Sforzesco. The monument was...

  • 22. The Home for Elderly Musicians

    The Home for Elderly Musicians, erected in the Venetian style in 1899 and enlarged after the Second World War, is a foundation set up by Giuseppe Verdi o...

  • 23. Alfa Romeo Heaven

    ***MUSEUM CLOSED FOR RENOVATION ON FEBRUARY 7, 2011. Rumor has it that the closure may be permanent. :( ***This wonderful museum, located in the old Alfa Romeo...

  • 24. The Crypt of Basilica S. Giovanni in Conca

    Milan was, of course, a Roman city....Mediolanum...and although it has far fewer obvious remains than other Italian cities it has more than you might expect.I...

  • 25. Go to the market.

    Local markets are an integral part of the every day life. I found one on Piazzale Segrino and it was on Saturday morning; I am not sure if they organise it on...

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