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Luini Tips (9)

Luini: Luini

The fast food takeaway of Luini, just off the Piazza Duomo, is very popular with both tourists and locals. It specialised in panzerotti, a kind of deep fried folded pizza which are delicious. The panzerotti is actually a traditional dish of Bari, in the heel of Italy in the deep south, but Luini make an excellent northern version of it, along with many other freshly made cakes and savouries. I bought a mozzarella and tomato panzerotti, along with a chocolate donut, and ate it in the shadow of the Cathedral on a sunny and mild mid-winter day. You can eat standing up inside the shop, but it gets so packed you will likely want to escape outside.

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Nov 20, 2013


The panzerotti (fried dough filled with tomato and mozzarella cheese, typical of Southern Italy) made by this historical bakery are a legend in town. By following your nose, you may find people staying in line in front of the entrance but don't worry: the service is fast and soon you will be able to eat at the counter or simply strolling in the city centre.

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Mar 06, 2011

Luini: Delicious Panzerotti

Luini is located behind the Duomo on a connecting narrow street to Vittorio Emmanuel.. When I was passing in front of this little shop, I was surprised to see the number of people waiting in front..

Luini is a small fast food shop which serves delicious Panzerottis.. If you are around Duomo and looking for a small snack, trace this shop and you will enjoy a nice, quick lunch with a moderate price..

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Sep 30, 2007

Luini: Always a Queue !

The place is so small, yet always so crowdedddd.... It's amazing how a simple panzerotto can be a hit food like this, to tourists and locals !

Favorite Dish Panzerotti of course !!! The classic, mozzarella e pomodoro , hmmmm che buono ! I haven't really tried all the fillings, but I tried spinaci e riccotta, it was just as good. My friend tried the Tuna and she said she liked it more than the classic.
It costs 2.20Euro (Due venti Euro) when I was there in 2004.

Sep 27, 2006
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Luini: Italian traditional Fast Food

Luini is a traditional and very small fast food.
You will not find hamburgers or french fries, but "Panzerotti" a traditional sandwich with meat and/or vegetables inside.

Is it the best to eat when you are going going to the cinema and you're late, or just want to eat something while walking in the city center.

Favorite Dish Panzerotto with tomatoes and mozzarella is the best one.

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Jul 06, 2005

Luini: Fame di Panzerotti

This is a historic Milanese institution, well not that historic, since its been around for approx 60 years (not much in Italian history)! This place made eating panzerotti part of being Milanese. It has even branched out and opened a place in London.

Panzerotti are sort of a pizza, folded like a calzone (but a calzone traditionally holds leftovers, but it has evolved to contain ricotta, ham and mushrooms), then fried. The basic one is just mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, but just like any pizzeria, it offerrs toppings/fillings.

Although famous for its panzerotti, it is a bakery and makes other things, although i've never seen a person go there just to buy bread.

You cannot sit down in the restaurant, your best bet is to grab one and either eat it on the benches near the duomo (if you can find one) or on the steps, or just eat standing up or while walking somewhere.

Favorite Dish why, the panzerotto of course :) Classic mozzorella e pomodoro!

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May 11, 2005

Luini: Luini - it's one the most...

Luini - Since 1940, it is one the most famous bakeries of Milan. It also serves ready-to-eat meal, like the famous panzerotto (plural: panzerotti).

It is frequent to see students out of the bakery eating panzerotti after school, workers eating a good and genuine fast-food before returning to their offices, or people tasting one of their specialities before or after going to the cinema (they have a multiplex as a neighbour).

Price are very reasonable compared to the restaurants and fast-food. Only 2/3 euros circa for a panzerotto and 1.5 euro for a coke. The atmosphere is the same as the '40s.

Favorite Dish In this bakery you can eat bread, panzerotti and any other delicious hand-made and daily specialities.
You shouldn't never miss a visit there!

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Jan 03, 2005

Luini's: Luini's.

A busy place for a quick lunch. There are lots of bread based foods. There is nowhere to sit so you get your food and then eat outside.

Favorite Dish The tomato and mozzarella panzzeroti. Dough stuffed with mozzarella and tomatoes and then fried. Although its not the best thing for you, it fills you up nicely when you are busy seeing the sights around the Duomo.

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Jul 10, 2003
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"MILAN - As I've always wanted to visit"
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"Home sweet home!"
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"La Dolce Vita In Milano ;-)"
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"Milan - surprising and fascinating"
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Luini: Delicious panzerotti!

Cheap, good, hot, and popular food!

Favorite Dish Their specialty, panzerotti! :) I really liked their spinach panzerotti, it's good stuff!

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Aug 29, 2002

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Getting to Luini


via S. Radegonda 16, Milano


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