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Vintage Fiat 500 Tour in Milan
"During the 30-minute tour ""Fast Tour"" you will see the heart of the city the Sforza Castle the Montenapoleone Luxury District the Brera Art District the Scala Opera House Modern Art Gallery Modern Art Pavillion
From EUR60.00
Milan City Hop-on Hop-off Tour
"Step aboard the Milan city hop-on hop-off bus tour at any of the stops along the three available bus routes. With more than 30 stops to choose from you can easily find a stop that’s convenient for you.Find a seat on the open-air double decker bus and look out at the sights of Milan. Stay on Line A (red line) for its total 90-minute route and pass by the 14th-century Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Ca the world-renowned La Scala opera house and Piazza Duomo the square where Milan Cathedral (Duomo) stands.Line B (blue line) boasts highlights including the historic Porta Venezia city gate Il Cenacolo Vinciano and Palazzo Lombardia home to Milan’s modern skyscrapers. Jump aboard line C (green line) to see the Monumental Cemetery or San Siro football stadium. Then disembark at San Babila to browse the luxury stores on Milan’s fashionable Via Montenapoleone.Pick out the places that you want to see most and create your own perfect sightseeing experience. Want a closer look at one of Milan’s landmarks? Go ahead a
From EUR22.00
Villa Necchi Campiglio Small-Group Tour
"Villa Necchi Campiglio is a magnificent treasure of art and architecture in the centre of Milan.The Villa was built by Piero Portaluppi between 1932 and 1935 for the family of Angelo Campiglio his wife Gigina Necchi and his sister-in-law Nedda.The world of the Necchi Campiglio family was that of bourgeoise Lombard industrialists comfortably well-off but also hard-working and up-to-date whose wealth was based on the invention of the well-known Necchi sewing machine. Portaluppi was succeeded by Tomaso Buzzi who after the second world war imbued the rooms with a more classic
From EUR10.00

Fashion and leather Tips (37)

Fashion and leather: Milan Fashion District

Milan is famous for fashion. We really only had time to do the edges of the shopping district before heading to the airport this trip.

The Fashion District includes Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga and Via Manzoni.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Jan 23, 2015

Fashion and leather: Labels....

Milan is a magnet for fashion-buyers and designer labels. The Via Montenapoleone and immediate surrounds is the home of most of the great labels of the world, where you can virtually walk out of Dolce & Gabbana and into Versace and then onto Armani, and on ... and on ... and on.

It's a beautiful little area (bounded by Via Gesu, Via Andrea, Via Gesù, Via Borgospesso, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia) of discrete shops and narrow streets, although needless to say it can pretty busy.

What to buy Labels :) Shoes, clothing, accessories...

What to pay A lot :)

leffe3's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2011

10 Corso Como Outlet: Designer outlet

It's the outlet of 10 Corso Como, a high-end department store. We actually have the address but the store front (lack thereof) and the area it's located in gave us some pause. We ended up going to the main store at (surprise) 10 Corso Como to confirm we got the right place. The information desk gave us a map and a list of designer items available at the outlet for that week. We walked about 15 minutes and reached the outlet, which is located in a nondescript building with no real signage. We were really just going there out of curiosity, since 50% off a 1,000 euro bag is still 500 euros and way out of our price range.

It's not really a big location. The first thing we noticed when we entered the courtyard was a sign on a table that says 70 euros. Intrigued, we walked over there and saw a few pairs of Prada and Miu Miu shoes / boots / sandals. My friend and I each grabbed a shoe (the label at the bottom indicate the available sizes) and went inside the store to get the other shoe. They fit, and we're already 50-70 euros poorer. Charged with renewed energy, we proceed to examine the items offered at the outlet.

There are both men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories - all designer, though I am not familiar with some brands. We only had about 1 hour there, so we focused on shoes - the discounted prices (at 50% unless otherwise marked) are still pretty steep, but we did manage to get something at a price we can justify. One frustrating thing is not being able to find the "perfect shoe" in your size - this is an outlet after all.

(We didn't make it to Il Salvagente, so I can't comment on whether the stuff are better/more economical here.)

The store does participate in the Global Tax Refund program, so remember to bring your passports for the paperwork. (Yeah, you'll have no issues getting over the 155 euro limit.)

What to buy I bought a pair of Miu Miu sandals for 50 euros. They could be very "end-of-the-line" though :>

What to pay Varies - There are some "deep discount" items in the front, but 50% off really expensive goods are still pretty expensive.

milliturtle's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2010

Fashion and leather: Shopping Shopping and Shopping

What can I say about shopping in fashion´s world capital? Well if you want to buy in the most exclusive boutiques, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is the perfect place or Rinascenta department store are the ones.

Que se puede decir sobre hacer compras en la capital mundial de la moda? Que si buscas las tiendas mas exclusivas, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele y los almacenes Rinascenta son los sitios perfectos.

lina112's Profile Photo
Aug 03, 2008
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Fashion: Fashion Everyday in Milano

When talk about Milan, normally ppls will say, FASHION! yess...but where is it? Its not inside a main city centre or Piazza Duomo ... so, you have to go further outside (not very far) and you find your heaven for shops there.
Famous place is, Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via St Andrea and Via Spiga. What are you looking for? Here..only expesive and branded shops... what a name? ARMANI (for sure), YSL, Ralh Lauren, Hogan, Rolex, and other famous brand are located here (sorry..i am not uptodate about fashion..I have same shirts from past two yrs!). Its interesting to walk here, esepcially after office hour...looiking for model? Most italian girls here are model...fuh!
You can reached here by Metro. Take a MM3 red, stop at Montenapoleone. You already there...for a guys, ready for you gf's trick ... :)
Come here now ... sales season for this year started this week!!!

What to buy Clothes, shoe, watch, jewel, etc ...

What to pay The cheapest watch I found here is 400 euro (thats only from Swatch shops), and some suits (Armani) can cost 1162 euro ... huhuhu

jubistuta79's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

TAD: Style all over

Tad is described as a "concept store", because it sells goods of various kinds, but all inspired by the same concept of style. The shop is on 4 floors. Two are devoted to fashion, and in the other two you will find furniture and accessories for the home, an art gallery, a beauty salon and a cafe. The owner, Marina Coffa, designs herself many of the home accessories.

What to buy The art and furniture are beautiful to look at, but for shopping it is mainly the clothes that I recommend. You can find at least 30 brands here.

Manara's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2007

Gio Moretti: Where Italians love to shop

In the most fashionable area of the fashion capital, where do the locals do their shopping? At Gio' Moretti is the likely answer. This shop is organized as a small department store, and sells items for men as well as for women. You will find here up to 100 brands (Versace, Blumarine, Chloe etc.), even the ones that have their flagship stores in the same street or just around the corner.
The "total look" (being dressed head to toe in one brand) is completely outdated, so this shop is often the one-stop solution for the eclectic Milanese.
Open from 10 am to 7 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, from 3 to 7 pm on Mondays.

What to buy If money is not a problem, you will certainly find something you like. Otherwise just visit to have a look.

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Jan 23, 2007

Zara: Third shop

Now, when it comes to Zara, and if you're a guy; don't do the same mistake as I did in Milan. There is a huge Zara store to the left shortly behind the Duomo, but it's not for you. I ran up and down for four floors, looking for some nice men clothes. And the place was packed as a summer sale...

But there are no men's clothes there...

Instead you should continue a bit further on the outside, where you'll find a small Zara shop, also to your left, with only men clothes. Just one floor, much smaller sortiment, but at least something.

Zara is, if I'm not mistaken, a spanish brand, and I actually found the Zara store in Barcelona much better. There I bought a whole lot of things, and for a good price. A jacket, a shirt and some more clothes.
In Milan instead, since the shop for men is so small, there wasn't much to buy, and I got quite disappointed.

What to buy I did buy something though. A shirt and a cardigan. Somehow some sort of panic buy, but now when I'm home again I'm quite pleased with them.

Should have tried them on first though, sits a bit too tight maybe... ;)

What to pay More expensive than I remember from Barcelona, but still "only" 80 euro for both the pieces.

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Nov 20, 2006
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"MILAN - As I've always wanted to visit"
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"Home sweet home!"
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"La Dolce Vita In Milano ;-)"
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"Milan - surprising and fascinating"
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Shopping in Milan

You have to go look in all of the shops when you're in Milan. Never mind if you can't afford it. I went to Pucci and Versace and Prada and tried not to drool.

If you are on a budget, drop in at H&M and Zara. I did. Now when someone asks me where I bought that new shirt, or jeans, or whatever, I just act all snooty and say "Milan, darling". Never mind that it came from H&M.

What to buy Beautiful clothes, leather goods, sunglasses. You name it.

What to pay A lot. If you have to ask you can't afford it.

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Nov 18, 2006

Fashion and leather: Via Montenapoleone

It's useless to mention again that this is the most famous fashion shopping street in Milan.

For the ones who have money to spend on name such as Versace, Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Fendi, Gucci or Prada - here is your place.

For the others – window shopping is for free.

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Jun 02, 2006

Fashion and leather: Rinascente

La Rinascente is the most famous and, according to their statement, the most elegant department store in Milan.

I think there aren't so many tourists visiting Milan that missed La Rinascente. And this had two reasons: first for the stylish products and second for the wonderful view of the dome from the last floor.

Beside shopping, La Rinascente has also a bar, a restaurant, an Estee Lauder beauty centre and even a branch of Banca Commerciale Italiana.

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Jun 02, 2006

Via Montenapoleone: Expensive Shopping

Milan's fashionable shopping district is famed for its wealth of luxury boutiques and they are inside the Montenapoleone. In this street you will find the most expensive stores in MIlan like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Valentino, etc.; Milan's most elegant thoroughfares, is lined with luxurius boutiques, antique shops, tearooms and cafés. All along the street are the ateliers of the top Milanese designers. You will just love this place with all the glitz and glamour and the elegant fashions. This is where shoppers will be in heaven. Take a lot of time in this place you will be glad you did.

What to buy Mainly women's clothes, menswear, shoes, jewelry and leather

What to pay More than average

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Oct 30, 2005

Things to Do Near Milan

Things to Do

Basilica San Babila

One of the oldest churches in Milan, originally dating from the 4th century, San Babila was once regarded as one of the most important churches in the city after the Duomo and Sant'Ambrogio. But...
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Things to Do

Piazza San Babila

The Piazza San Babila is a pleasant little square at the heart of Milan's fashion and shopping district. Its most striking building is its namesake church the Basilica of San Babila. This was...
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Things to Do

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Starting on the right side of the Dome and ending in Piazza San Babila, Corso Vittorio Emanuele is a famous shopping area in Milan. Important Italian and international brands, such as H&M, Zara,...
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Things to Do

Chiesa San Pietro in Gessate - Church

There is the statue of Virgin Mary and many vow gifts in the altar. Ambrogio Bergognone (Burgundian) also known as Ambrogio di Stephano da Fossano painted the fresco showing the scene of the Funeral...
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Things to Do

Palazzo Castiglioni

Sommaruga is the most well known Art Nouveau architect of Milano. His first important work is the Palazzo Castiglioni in the corso Venezia, 47 built between 1901 and 1904 as a total work of art .The...
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Things to Do

Chiesa San Bernardino alle Ossa - Church

The little chapel near the big church on Piazza Sato Stefano is a real find. Thousands of skulls and bones from different Milanese graveyards are collected and displayed here. Some crazy man even made...
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