Milan Warnings and Dangers

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  • Warnings and Dangers
    by celtic67ie
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    Need help with your bags?
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Milan

  • 1. Pick Pockets

    I was a Victim at Milan Centrale Metro Station. I was just coming to the end of the escalator down to the platform for the train to the Duomo but 2 men ran down behind me, one dropped his phone and...

  • 2. Central Station

    My family and I were ending a European holiday and took a train from Florence to Milan, intending to leave from Malpensa airport the next morning. While my wife and daughter went to get a taxi, to...

  • 3. Traffic

    as others have said, traffic is crazy. they do NOT stop at crossings, they ignore red lights. they drive around other cars that are waiting and don't get me started on the motor bikes I've only been...

  • 4. Safety

    My visit to Milano was short and nice Absolutely nothing bad happened to any of my friends or me BUT I've seen people being beaten up and/or robbed literally in...

  • 5. Learn the Italian for "Tap Water Please"!!

    After a morning's wandering around the central touristy bit I fancied putting my feet up for a bit and just watching the world go by. This little cafe, whose...

  • 6. A Rip-off Restaurant!!

    This tip also appears under "Restaurants" but 'll repeat it here just in case someone is checking out just the "Warning or Danger" tips - After a long day's...

  • 7. Bracelet Street Vendors

    Though Milan has a lovely atmosphere, the pushy street "vendors" can ruin a bit. They are around the main hotspots, especially il Duomo and the street just...

  • 8. Problem Areas

    I was a little wary of Milan, but after a day or two about the city I quickly became very relaxed, as if I'd lived there all my life. There are a few areas you...

  • 9. Touts, hawkers and others... Not really dangerous!

    First of all, I need to say that this is a warning, but not really a danger. I never really felt threatened in Milan, and I think that the touts and other...

  • 10. Beware of the hot climate during summer

    We visited Milan in August 2012 during a heatwave, and the heat was absolutely terrible. I don't know the temperatures and I think they were not even that high...

  • 11. Cover your shoulders when visiting a church!

    As far as I know this is a custom throughout the whole country of Italy, and I am sure most VTers know about this, but I still wanted to write a tip here...

  • 12. Central Station, Milan

    I've been through Milan Central Station four times over the past two summers and have spent a night in a hotel only a few hundred metres away. I have felt safe...

  • 13. Rip off prices

    This bar/restaurant across from the central station was a major rip off. 30 euros for a small pizza for two and two small beers!! They done us and were rubbing...

  • 14. Validate that Ticket!

    Before you board a train in Italy, you must validate your ticket by feeding it into a machine on the wall, which stamps a date/time code on it. This prevents...

  • 15. Lack of bathrooms at the Galleria

    If you are shopping at the Galleria and needed a bathroom, you are doomed! There are no public restrooms anywhere except to go to the ground floor. When I was...

  • 16. Punch your ticket.

    I am not sure whether this tip applies merely to certain regions in Italy or is nationwide, but I think it is worth passing on. Having arrived in Milan,...

  • 17. Watch out for your bags in Salernitano on Vitruvio

    I am 95% sure that the personnel of Ristorante Salernitano took my bag with all my documents while me and my friends were dining there. The employees were...

  • 18. Beware of the bird seed sellers

    In the piazzas of Italy there are a lot of pigeons, and along with those come also the bird seed sellers. These guys are standing in the piazzas and waiting...

  • 19. Gangs of Thieves in NICE SUITS

    Beware riding the metro that thieves may look very presentable. Yesterday a man on a crowded metro car was surrounded by about 6 other men in nice suits and...


    There are few canals (Navigli) in Milan that you can fall into. So be careful. I've seen it's not that easy to get out. And once you fall in, you can not only...

  • 21. Mandatory validation of the train tickets

    The train tickets in Italy have a usual validity of 6 months (or 3 months depending on the type of the train) from the issuing date and need to be validated...

  • 22. Railway workers strike

    This is definitely something that became very common in Italy lately and obviously the nightmare of almost all my business trips there.I think soon I will be...

  • 23. Closed subway stations

    When you woke up at 6am to catch a 7am train a closed train station can change your whole day. My hotel was located between two stops of two different subway...

  • 24. The worst moment to visit the Duomo

    If you are considering to visit Milan, because you are willing to admire the Cathedral... please, ask for information in advance. The photograph show how the...

  • 25. Men

    More of a warning than a danger. One thing I have to remember when I travel is that I am going to places where cultures are different and therefore people may...

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