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  • The Mole Antonelliana Tower
    The Mole Antonelliana Tower
    by 807Wheaton
  • Cycling - Corona di Delizie
    Cycling - Corona di Delizie
    by ant1606
  • Torino
    by bonio
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See all 759 Torino Tips
  • Museums (Egyptian, Cinema...)

    Torino Things to Do

    The first archeological expeditions under the Kingdom of Savoy prompted the dedication of an area inside the university building, the "Accademia delle Scienze", where artifacts were collected and stored. Most of these were acquired from the French consul in Cairo. Later transformed into the Egyptian Museum, the extraordinary importance of the...

  • Grand Hotel Sitea

    Torino Hotels

    I seem to end up here most of the time I am in Torino. I walk the streets near the hotel if I can...

  • Brek (Restaurant chain)

    4 out of 5 stars

    Torino Restaurants

    This is a self service restaurant with good food and well priced. We were really getting hungry for vegetables and a salad so this place was perfect. We had lunch there which was very good - and we also had an evening meal of lasagna and a fruit dessert. There is a microwave to heat up the food - rather different. There are glasses for water. The...



See all 158 Stresa Tips
  • Isola Bella

    Stresa Things to Do

    The Borromeo family are one of the richest families in Italy and have controlled land and Lake Maggiore for hundreds of years. This Palace was built by one of the Borromeo men for his wife and has 260 rooms , most filled with treasures acquired over centuries. Our tour was to see 16 of the rooms which are open to the public from the end of March to...

  • Grand Hotel Bristol Stresa

    Stresa Hotels

    We stayed at the Bristol in Stresa for 8 nights and hated to leave. The hotel is very clean, great...

  • Take a Sunrise Stroll

    Stresa Things to Do

    On our first morning in Stresa I suggested we get up early and take a sunrise stroll to the lakefront to catch the sun rising over the surrounding mountains. Several years ago we did a similar sunrise opportunity outside of Charleston, South Carolina and that turned out so well that we decided to try it again.Unfortunately the sunrise over the...



See all 57 Alba Tips
  • Alba International White Truffle Fair

    4 out of 5 stars

    Alba Things to Do

    My husband and his partner were away in Turin and we, not to get bored at the hotel, booked a full day tour in Langhe wine country. Will never forget such fashinating villages and castles of Grinzane where we tasted Barolo and Barbaresco wines. But the highlight of our trip was truffle search in the afternoon with a experienced old guy, local...

  • Hotel Langhe

    Alba Hotels

    Just renewed, comfortable, breakfast included. A three stars with a very good price/quality ratio....

  • Amazing truffle quest experience

    Alba Things to Do

    My husband and his partner were away in Turin and we, not to get bored at the hotel, booked a full day tour in Langhe wine country. Will never forget such fashinating villages and castles of Grinzane where we tasted Barolo and Barbaresco wines. But the highlight of our trip was truffle search in the afternoon with a experienced old guy, local...



See all 53 Asti Tips
  • Visit to a nougat factory - torrone

    Asti Things to Do

    We stopped in Asti for lunch and a visit to the D. Barbero Choccolateria. We had a tour of nougat making or as it is on the web page: Torrone. We saw the hazel nuts and pistachios cut up and prepared for the nougat. We saw the white foamy nougat being mixed and then hand kneaded, later cut in various sizes, packaged and prepared for sale. We...

  • La Villa Hotel

    Asti Hotels

    Via Torino 7, Mombaruzzo, 14046, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • An intimate experience

    Asti Restaurants

    It's a a small restaurant, which offers typical dishes. Relaxing and intimate ambience.Good wines from the cellar.



See all 27 Arona Tips
  • Taking a "swing" about Arona

    Arona Things to Do

    We took time out to rest from our drive around Lake Maggiore in the town of Arona and while there did a short walk around and found as usual things of interest.The hanging bottles were an unusual way to store them so we recorded for posterity.Icecream (Gelateria) is something we always keep an eye out for and Italy has some of the best we have...

  • Hotel Ristorante San Carlo

    Arona Hotels

    Via Verbano, 4, Arona, 28041, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Art Gallery

    Arona Shopping

    Actually, I was attracted with this interesting chair when passing by the art gallery shop which is located in Piazza del Popolo, right next to Broletto. It has somehow shape of an thron and is coloured with very attractive mix of colours..


Lago d' Orta

See all 67 Lago d' Orta Tips
  • banana boat powerboat trip with capitan...

    Lago d' Orta Things to Do

    you can not miss the banana boat rides and powerboat of captain jack on Orta's Lake! I found an advertisement on the shores of Lake Orta in the summer 2010. we were 10 friends and we tried all afternoon the fantastic adventures of Captain Jack on the lake!we made a lot of turns departing from famous Miami beach. We had fun all afternoon . it was...

  • Sip wine and look at the lake

    Lago d' Orta Things to Do

    This is the smallest (and Westernmost) of the lovely Italian lakes. It a little less touristed and it's just beautiful. The food, the people, and the buildings--well, of course, it's Italy! the little village of Orta San Guilio is the perfect place to have lunch and watch the people, the boats, and the island.


    Lago d' Orta Restaurants

    This is my favourite restaurant at Orta lake! it's not the most beautiful, but the most special, with very warm, domestic atmosphere, wonderful cuisine, lovely view on the lake, with balcony in flowers and truly delicious dishes! Take a home made dish that looks like lasagne but it's not, it's called CRESPELLE, it's soaked in cheese and pasta made...



See all 15 Cannobio Tips
  • Water, when it is too much

    Cannobio Warnings and Dangers

    The level of water in the lake is very changeable, according to the quantity of rain and especially on the quantity of snow that accumulates on the surrounding mountains in winter and melts in springtime. Due to this fact, the villages by the lake have high stone embankments. However, the administrators of the Comune in Cannobio forgot this, and...

  • Hotel Villa Belvedere

    Cannobio Hotels

    Via Casali Cuserina, 2, Cannobio, 28822, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • The mystery of the "Locusta"

    Cannobio Local Customs

    In 1896, during the night between January 8 and 9, just past midnight a sudden and very strong storm sank the patrol-boat “Locusta” near Cannobio, off the Cavalla point. Twelve men, eight seamen and four policemen who were doing their usual patrol service at the border between Italy and Switzerland, lost their lives.The memorial you see in my...



See all 20 Bra Tips
  • Tourist Trap ? In one way, a kind of !

    Bra Tourist Traps

    On a site with 80% of native English speakers and the remaining 20% practicing English with more or less skills, I could not avoid to comment the name of the city (others would have done it, anyway !), even if, for Italians, that does not mean anything more than the name of a city. As everybody here knows, in English, bra stands for brassiere, a...

  • Best Western Hotel Cavalieri

    Bra Hotels

    Piazza Giovanni Arpino, 37, Bra, Piedmont, 12042, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • What is that ?

    Bra Things to Do

    This structure stands on the outskirts of Santa Vittoria d’Alba, 6 km from Bra, 8 km from Alba, 3 km from Pollenzo. It is in the middle of a grass plot enclosed by a neat fence. As the grid was open, I walked into it to have a closer look. The structure seems to date back from the ancient Romans. On a circular basement 1.50 meters high, stand four...



See all 8 Baveno Tips
  • Stunning food and value

    Baveno Restaurants

    The food here is excellent - certainly the best I have had in some time. If you are in Baveno do go. The fixed price menu (20 Euros) runs in the evening as well and is fantastic value. For two of us we get half a litre of excellent house red a large bottle of water and three excellent courses. The only drawback was my guilt in paying so...

  • Hotel Rigoli

    Baveno Hotels

    Via Piave 48, Baveno, 28831, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Lake Orta

    Baveno Things to Do

    A much smaller lake over the mountain to the west of Maggiore is a wonderful place to visit, From Baveno there is a mini bus that runs over the mountain, doesn't run often and you may find you are standing- scary on the mountain bends. There is no traffic allowed into the town of Orta, other than residents, so there is a short steep walk down to...



See all 10 Intra Tips
  • Alberti: a worth-visiting bookshop!

    Intra Shopping

    This is a bit more than just a bookshop: Alberti represents a centre for local studies on cultural, geographical and historical features of the Lake Maggiore area. You will find lots of books about those issues and all kind of maps you will need to travel and hike around.

  • ,,,,,, Celebrated in a open-air...

    Intra Local Customs

    Every year, the people from Ramello climbs the slope and they are well received in Vignone, during the day, traditional presents are exchanged: while Ramello offers a new hat for the Municipal guard and a brenta (around 30 litres, carried on the back) of local red wine, Vignoneses organise a common lunch made of rye bread, green salad and boiled...

  • A friendly agreement dating back to...

    Intra Local Customs

    A friendly agreement dating back to 1424!On April 25th, the villages of Vignone and Ramello celebrate the friendly solution of a very old dispute. It was settled down in 1424, after years during which the two communities have been fighting for the use of the grazing lands and the right of use of the woodlands shared by the two.



See all 4 Domodossola Tips
  • Transport

    Domodossola Transportation

    The old roads to the Simplon Pass went through the village, now there are modern roads. Today the railway station is on the line from Brig in Switzerland to Milan Italy. At the front of the rail station there is a bus station. I visited Domodossola by trains from Zermatt on a day trip. Two hours there and two hours back. This may sound a long time...

  • Motel Europa

    Domodossola Hotels

    Via Siberia 1/A, Domodossola, 28845, Italy

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

  • Domodossola history

    Domodossola Things to Do

    During world war 2 Domodossola was occupied by the Germans. In an uprising against the Nazis the Ossola Valley declared itself a free republic in Sept 1944 ,breaking away from facist Italy. It was ended by the Germans after about 2 months.



See all 22 Barbaresco Tips
  • Sun (?) trying to rise !

    Barbaresco Nightlife

    This photo was taken on a very hazy morning from Ca’ do Rabaja. This is not really nightlife, but is it day life ? The haze was so thick that for several minutes, the sun looked almost as if it were the moon ! On the first photo, it is just rising while on the second, it looks as a ball standing on the edge of the horizon !

  • Antine

    Barbaresco Restaurants

    Antine is not the kind of place where they run after the customer. The door is closed and you have to ring to be introduced to the dining room, on top of the entrance. Actually, had not it be in the "Guide du Routard" for Piemont, which I have always found to be reliable, we would not have been to such an unwelcoming place ! That would have been a...

  • La Gibigianna

    Barbaresco Restaurants

    La Gibigianna is a wine bar. Each day, they have three wines to taste by the glass for a very reasonnable price (sorry, I don't remember the exact price). They give you local "procciuto" (dried ham) and rounds of sausages to taste with it. Their wines are always among the best of the area. You can buy bottles of this wine, or just taste.



See all 61 Susa Tips
  • Traditional house covered with "lauzes"

    Susa Things to Do

    Susa is a small city and even in the city center, there remains old traditional houses with balconies covered by the roof in order to remain snow free in winter. The roof covered with thick slabs of slate called "lauzes" on both sides of the Alps, in France as well as in Italy. The same name is used in Valsusa and Salbertrand, in higher Susa Valley...

  • Hotel Napoleon

    Susa Hotels

    We have been several years ago in Hotel Napoleon for one night and we were very pleased with this...

  • Arco di Augusto, close up on the frise...

    Susa Things to Do

    OIn both sides, the Arco di Augusto is topped by a frise that represents the "suovetaurilia", the sacrifice made by Cozio to celebrate the alliance. The suovetaurilia was the sacrifice a pig (suus), a sheep (ovis) and a bull (taurus), hence the name suovetaurilia.The first photo is a picture of the top of the Arco.The second photo (enlarge) is a...



See all 13 Neive Tips
  • Offensive and Insensitive Experience

    Neive Restaurants

    We dined here during trufffle season in October. The food was adequate, though not exceptional. Our real objection was that although we alerted the kitchen about a potentially fatal nut allergy, the kitchen served food which contained nuts. When we gently complained about this, the owner threw us out of the restaurant, calling us rude four letter...

  • Hotel Villa Lauri

    Neive Hotels

    Via Fausoni 7, Neive, 12057, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Bottega del vino di Neive

    Neive Shopping

    I took this photo because I found that the design of the Bottega del vino di Neive (Wine shop of Neive) was very elegant with the double loop that linked the vine grape to the glass of wine and with a reminder of the crenellated city wall ! Enlarge to better appreciate !We have not been to the shop but owing to the quality of the wines of the...


Cannero Riviera

  • A day at the beach

    Cannero Riviera Things to Do

    I mentioned in my introduction that Cannero has a beach. It is in a cove, on the southern side of the village, i.e. on the opposite side with respect to the boat landing. The natural beaches here consist mostly of pebbles, but soft sand is brought in for the summer, and put on the long narrow terrace that lies between the grass of the public...

  • Hotel Cannero

    Cannero Riviera Hotels

    Hotel Cannero must surely be the best hotel on the lake! It is situated looking straight out over...

  • Exploring

    Cannero Riviera Things to Do

    The promenade is beautiful, but it is not the only place where it's nice to go for a walk. If you turn into the narrow alleys in the oldest part of the village, you will find how picturesque they are. Among their charms is the fact that every now and then you will catch a glimpse of some garden, enclosed among the houses.


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