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    The Sardinian flag
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  • Old town in foreground; new town heights behind..
    Old town in foreground; new town heights...
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Alghero Things to Do

  • Grotta di Nettuno

    4 out of 5 stars

    By boat the excusion takes 2,5 hour frequent departures, € 15 or € 16 depending on the company, nice boatride, but a lot of people in the Grotta (€ 13 entry fee), you can also go by bus or rented bicycle (from € 8 per day), but you have then a long stairway to climb.

  • Walking the Old Town

    This is one of the little remains of the inland city walls. It is a round tower at the entrance of the old town. Nowadays it houses some exhibitions and a souvenir shop. In front of it you can find the tourist info.

  • Beach

    Rent a car and go south from Alghero towards Bosa. Less than 5 km´s north from Bosa is a beach where there are not as much people as on other beaches this time of the year. Also there is a nice restaurant by the beach. Can´t remember the name of the beach but it´s very close to Bosa. The drive down there is fantastic with lots of magical views and...

  • Trip to Bosa

    Its a very nice coastline to Bosa, mostly rocky some tiny beaches, and Bosa is a small old town with a Castle (mostly destroyed) on a hill. Go there by bus from Alghero, Via Catalogna corner Via Cagliari (get return ticket at the ticket office there)

  • Mare Nostrum Aquarium

    The Aquarium in Alghero is the only one in Sardinia and is open until very late in August, about midnight, although they do close for the siesta. Admission is about Eu7 adults and concessions for children. Worth a look although not a huge collection, puts in about 30 minutes I would suggest, rather than the 'hour or two' optimistically predicted...

  • Nuraghi

    The 4-1/2-hour tour began with a bus ride to the Nuraghe Palmavera, one of several thousand prehistoric ruins on the island of Sardinia. The Nuraghe Palmavera consists of two towers that date back to 1100 B.C. Our guide gave us a rundown on the site, explaining that the ancient Sardinians were contemporaries of the Etruscans who exported bronze...


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Alghero Restaurants

  • Great pizzas

    We went to this restaurant mainly for convenience after failing to find a much-loved pizza place from an earlier trip. With it being so central - and therefore being able to rely on footfall - we didn't expect much.In actual fact, we were susprised at the quality of the pizzas, which were very tasty. Not quite as good as those in the real bella...

  • Trattoria Caragol

    I am sure this trattoria that I don't recall from our earlier visits to Alghero (most recently 2009) has better to offer than the choice we made so I'm scoring it 3 from 5 but that does not reflect our experience where our choice of main was the let down.On our fourth visit to Sardina we still had not tried the signature porceddu, roast suckling...

  • Grotta di Nettuno restaurant

    This was a nice saefood restaurant located on the harbour walls, overlooking th yatchs harbour. The entrance is at a narrow alley near the harbour.


Alghero Nightlife

  • Aperitifs and tapas

    A really nice place for an aperitivo or two, this. So nice in fact that we came both nights that we were in Alghero. Firstly, it's tucked away in a small square just off the winding streets that are close to the sea walls so it wasn't absolutely heaving like the main piazzas were when we visited in high tourist season. Secondly, it's modern and...

  • Kings Bar

    This was more a "sunset activity". After visiting the old town we went to see the sunset at the Bastioni Marco Polo, by the seaside walls. There we found this Kings Bar, with these wonderful "chaisses longes" where we sat for a drink and enjoyed the sunset. They served meals and dinners too, and night drinks too. It is a nice place even at night as...

  • Caffe in the Centro Storico

    Diva is a cafe with seats indoors and outdoors, waitress service indoors and outdoors, very central on Via Roma at #40 in the Centro Storico, looking onto a cobbled square Pizza MunicipioJust always very relxaing any time I was in it alone or together None


Alghero Transportation

  • From the Airport

    Orange colored bus (FdS) via Fertilia to city center (Porta Terra, Via Cagliari /Via Vittorio Emanuele), you need to buy the ticket before (at the airport: small vending machine next to tobacco shop, city center: ticket office in Via Catalogna / Via Cagliari, in Fertilia: bakery in Via Pola near bus stop), € 1 (€ 1,50 at the driver), every hour on...

  • From the Airport

    Orange colored bus (FdS) via Fertilia to city center (Porta Terra, Via Cagliari /Via Vittorio Emanuele), you need to buy the ticket before (at the airport: small vending machine next to tobacco shop, city center: ticket office in Via Catalogna / Via Cagliari, in Fertilia: bakery in Via Pola near bus stop), € 1 (€ 1,50 at the driver), every hour on...

  • Alghero airport - at Fertilia

    This is the English language link for Alghero airport - updated August 2015, so if you tried the old link that I have removed, and it didn't work this should be OK now and hopefully for a good while to come ! ! usual information on parking . to and from the airport, shopping dining options before and...


Alghero Shopping

  • cheap snacks and alcohol

    cheap aldi style shop just next to mcds (sinposted all over old town)Use this for sandwiches and snacks and alcohol.

  • Supermarket shop for provisions

    This is the largest supermarket in Alghero for provisions such as drinks and snacks as well as batteries toielteries sunscreen..... I'd say larger than the Iperstandia and some way larger than 15 Sisa stores. What you need for the hotel room or the beach supermarket prices

  • Gents Ladies Childrens Shoes

    Shoe shopping not my thing at all so i have to take it on advice that this is a place to pick up some Italian shoes at a bargain Shoes! EU20 up


Alghero Local Customs

  • The catalonian influence

    You can easily see the catalonian influence in Alghero (not in the rest of Sardegna). Street names, restaurant menus, churches... and there were even radio programmes in catalonian

  • Vini e Birre

    From Alghero, Torbato is a white wine, easy to drink and aromatic, it goes particularly well with fish (and salads) - just as well as seafood and fish are staples for the Algherese visitor! The 2005 was very nice, Oristano is the next large local producer of wine in Sardegna after Alghero.Local Sardinian beer is ichnusa, pleasant bottled or on...

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Alghero Warnings and Dangers

  • parking

    if you park on blue spaces you will get a ticket on your windscreen from a scruffy student in a high viz jacket, pay the small charge to them or park elsewhere!

  • Refueling

    Be aware that most, if not all of the garages close for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and have only a automatic pump available which takes notes only. This can be very awkward if like us you've got to fill up your hire car before returning it.

  • When in a hurry...

    Service is not the fastest so if you are in a hurry to leave, make sure you ask for the bill well in advance. At some restaurants you may not see the waiter again after he has taken your plate away after the main course, so make sure you order everything you want every time he/she comes over!


Alghero Tourist Traps

  • The intrigue of Alghero toilets

    I'm not sure if it's the Alghero sense of humour, but if you or your friends feel the need to use the toilet in bars or restaurants allow plenty of time....The flush button can be hidden in the most unlikely of places. It became quite a topic of conversation in our party. "It was on a peddle a bit like a Singer sewing machine"..."I didn't find it...

  • None

    We found everyone so friendly. One day we were walking along a road and a car pulled up offering a lift, the 2 guys didnt speak much enlish but we jumped in anyway. Instead of stopping at the beach we wanted to stop at , they took us to their house where all the neighbours turned up and gave us loads of food and wine, as only the Italians know how,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Alghero Off The Beaten Path

  • A special address for good fish and meat...

    Quintilio is a 'must' for local people in Alghero, the secret address that everybody would know. This quite hidden kiosk on Calabona coast offers an unusual dinner front of breathtaking Coral Gulf: with about 20 euros you can eat all fresh daily seafood or grilled meat you want, served with a huge portion of fresh salad and perfused with local...

  • Bar Dragunara

    This may be nearer Fertilia than Alghero but was certainly located at neither !The boat trip to Neptune's Grotto stopped here - I don't know if that is de rigeur or just because the grotto was shut due to choppy seas.Other people had driven to this spot, presumably from Fertilia

  • The Roman Bridge, Fertilia

    The Roman Bridge can be found between Alghero & Fertillia. It actually dates back to medieval times.Sadly, it is now only half it's original length & is a crumbling ruin. It had to be partly demolished to make way for it’s replacement, a larger modern structure that is much more practical in these modern times.


Alghero Sports & Outdoors

  • Porto Conte Beach

    If you are looking for a nice beach outside the city, not so crowded, Porto Conte is a good option. You can reach it by public bus. Ask at the tourist info. The buses leave from the park in front of tourist info.It is not a marvellous beach, and the waters are too calm , as it is inside a bay, but it's not too crowded. There are a few hotels there...

  • Diving in Alghero

    We find by chance a very nice diving club on beach of Alghero, "via Lido 4" (15 minutes from the centertown). For a very good price we had a very personal service : only the 3 of us in the boat, you choose your diving sites (it was a great pleasure to dive in the Porto Conte Natural Parc : the wonderfull Nereo cave, other smaller caves and a lot of...

  • Diving on the caves...

    Excursions on the Porto Conte Natural Parc. Immersions on falesias and caves to see several mediterranean fishes species or marine vegetation. Nocturnal immersions are also possible. The organization provides equipments and excursions on request.All levels diving courses with Divemasters and aid instructors; licences of Didactics NASE, CMAS and...


Alghero General

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  • Alghero: other curiosities

    Have a look at those pictures to see some other curiosities... (Castle hotel, Church, Cave of the old centre).Hotel 'Villa Las Tronas' was built at the end of the 19th century. It was the residence of the Italian Royalty during their holidays in Sardinia until the 1940s. It's now a luxurious hotel with controlled access.

  • Alghero's Port

    You may discover the harbour either from the coastal road, for instance when you arrive from the airport, or through one of the gates, entrances to the old city centre or from the walls surrounding this city centre.

  • Alghero: Typical streets

    Streets in the old town centre of Alghero are typical. There are nearly all stone paved and so narrow, it's difficult and unpleasant to drive a car although they are allowed and used!Houses are colourful with Venetian shutters, sometimes with hanging linen.Notice in the pictures other particularities in Alghero: wandering cats, street names in two...


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