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Markets and Monuments: Walking Tour in the Center of Palermo
"During 3 hours of walk you will see the Massimo Vittorio Emanuele Theatre the third largest theatre in Europe built in 1875 with more than 1300 seats the Cathedral the great Arab Norman cathedral along with the Palazzo Reale (King or Norman Palace) which became part of UNESCO heritage. See also the Church of Casa Professa (or Church of Gesù) the most important Baroque church of Palermo
From EUR20.00
Old City and Downtown Palermo Bike Tour
"We invite you to discover Palermo in an alternative and different way – by experiencing it on two wheels.The tour will conduct curious travellers through the small alleys and main streets of Palermo downtown and old city by telling in an interact old buildings markets and people that animate the city.The itinerary will unveil the various souls of Palermo: the stories the charme the scents and tastes the miths and legends. The tour by bike will follow this route: Via Libertà Via Ruggero Settimo
From EUR44.00
Discover the Kalsa District in Palermo
"Part punic part phoenician part Roman part Arab: there is no doubt the city of Palermo has an exciting background. Kalsa from the Arabic al- Halisah that means 'Elected' was the fortified citadel during the Islamic domination of Palermo seat of the emir and his ministers.There were Mediterranean gardens
From EUR139.00

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