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Arezzo Things to Do

  • Piazza Grande

    Piazza Grande is Arezzo's main square. Because of how the city is situated, the square is not level. Piazza Grande holds many old buildings (like the Pieve di Santa Maria), which date from the 14th century. It also contains the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici and its clock tower. Some of these buildings proudly display many coat of arms. It's a...

  • Basilica of San Francesco

    The Basilica of San Francesco is Arezzo’s main sight and dates from the 1200s. Although the exterior and interior appear very simple and plain, it holds a great work of art inside, the Legend of the True Cross. This series of frescoes documents the acceptance of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Piero della Francesca started painting the frescoes...

  • Visit the Electronics Museum

    We were surprised to find a Museum of Electronics here in the old town of Arezzo, so decided to spend a few minutes and take a look. The Museum charges 3 Euro, although you CAN contribute more to its upkeep if you like. It has a mass of old electronic devices, some of which I could not even identify (signs in Italian only), but the ones I could...

  • Piazza Grande

    The Piazza Grande is a large medieval square in the town of Arezzo. It was once the main marketplace of the city but still is a high pedestrian traffic area. This is where the Giostra del Saracino is held every year where medieval knights joust and compete. The Piazza is surrounded by many important Arezzo landmarks: Fraternita dei Laici, Vasari...

  • Ferdinando I Statue

    Fernando I was one of the Grand DSuke's of Tuscany. Ferdinand I was renown for being generous and wise and was quite popular and loved here in town. His statue is outside of the Cathedral of Arezzo.

  • Vittorio Fossombroni

    The statue of Vittorio Fossombroni is in the Piazza San Francesco in front of the church. Vittorio's heirs had the statue made and given as a giftto Arezzo in 1864. Vittorio was a citizen of Arezzo as well as a scientist and politician. He was an engineer for th Grand Duke of Tuscany. His is remembered for his draining of the marshes around Arezzo...

  • Relax at the park

    Traveling can be exhausting, so why not take some time to relax in the park? We always go the park in Arezzo, near the edge of the walls of the city. There are swings, a teeter-totter, etc. for the kids and lots of beautiful walks under the trees. You can walk to the edge of the park and look out over the city walls to the valley below. It is...

  • Fresco in an official building.

    My friend Ileana took me to this governement building (i can´t remember the name of the building, or where it is) with a big reunion hall, containing a very interesting fresco wich depicts some famous persons of the city as Petrarca, Vasari, Piero Della Francesca and Guido D´arezzo. The building is not on the beaten track, so there are no touristic...

  • Palazzo Dei Priori.

    This Palazzo was built in 1933 and houses the city hall. It´s possible to climb the bell tower, wich contains another small tower with a clock.


Arezzo Hotels

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Arezzo Restaurants

  • Wonderful Tuscan Food

    Located on a small side street in Arezzo, Antica Osteria L'Agania serves traditional, delicious Tuscan food. The restaurant's exterior is very romantic and Mediterranean since it's covered in ivy, green shutters, and some old lanterns. The restaurant itself is not very big, but contains enough seats for a small crowd. The interior is dark red and...

  • Traditional Tuscan food

    Some addresses where to eat traditional Tuscan food and to taste good wines:In the city centre, in the square of "Life Is Beautiful" there is La torre di gnicche ( again:Csa Volpi ( was there lots of years ago and both of them where good at that time.

  • Calzonni, you may want to miss

    We found the Miva Restaurant just outside the old city gates and took a look inside. The interior looked inviting and we decided to have a late lunch (actually early dinner). WE had a variety of Italian dishes, Ziv and I went for the Calzonni. Now I must admit that we cannot for sure connect the Calzonni to what happened to us, but we did enjoy the...

  • Rhonda's, don't upset her....

    We arrived at the park located at the highest point in Arezzo. The park is adjacent to the castle there and also has a number of statues scattered around, a nice shady hill in the middle of stone and masonary of a medieval town. Also there we found Rhonda's, a sort of coffee house cum ice-cream parlor, a type of large kiosk. You could get...

  • Miseria e Nobilta' the must cool...

    Was one of the great location on Arezzo.Situated on the historical centre near "Piazza Grande" , offer a 500 kind of different wine and a great meal with a cheapest price .The Wine bar was very good for aperitive and after dinner where you can listen live music every sunday night and moore Tagliata di Chianina

  • Fine Dining in Italy

    Beautiful setting, amazing service, absolutely delicious experience. The duck was awesome, and the appetizer tray of meat selections was mouth watering. I could have eaten gallons of some kind of olive pate'.


Arezzo Nightlife

  • miedje's Profile Photo

    An evening in the parc

    by miedje Written Jan 8, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In summer Arezzo can be very hot. Therefore you'll be happy when the sun goes down and you can go out for a walk through the city. You'll find out that you're not the only one. A lot of people are gathering in the parc near the cathedral. You can sit there, walk around, get a drink at the little shop behind the cathedral. It's full of young people, but also whole families with childeren.
    A nice extra is the huge statue in the middle of the parc, which, according to my opinion was a remains of the fascist era here. I think it's a good thing that not all those statues are removed, but that some are left to help you remember.

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Arezzo Transportation

  • By train

    Arezzo is located on the Firenze-Roma slow railway line (it is called this way in opposition to the direttissima line, where trains travel at 250 km/h, but this doesn't mean this line is slower than others). It is connected to many Tuscan towns with regional trains and to major Italian cities like Milano, Venezia, Roma, Napoli with Intercity...

  • Buses to Tuscany

    Arezzo is a hub for Tuscan hilltowns. Most of the buses depart for other parts of Tuscany from the main traffic circle in town around the Piazza Guido Monaco. You can buy tickets for most destinations at the Tabacchi on the northwest "slice" of the circle. More information is available from the tourist office in terms of schedules, etc. If you have...

  • See the whole citycentre

    I sounds cliché, but the best way to get around and see the citycentre is on foot. The distances aren't very great and you'll see all this way. 'Though the bikeride of 'La vita è bella' is famous. I wouldn't recommend riding your bike in this town. Not only the piazza grande, but all streets are sloping and steep. In the movie they inly had to go...


Arezzo Shopping

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  • eating cheap

    When money starts to get tight in Italy, we find the best thing to do is find a nice grocery store. For 10 euro you can buy bread and nice cheese and prociutto and fruit and wine. Take a nice walk and have a great picnic. Wine and cheese are especially nice. Grocery store prices are inexpensive.

  • It is one BIG flea market

    On the first Sunday of the month, blocks and blocks of Arezzo become one huge antique shopping mall. We really couldn't buy stuff to drag home to the U.S. so I just took pictures of the things we liked. If you bought yourself an old house in Italy and needed fixtures and furniture to fill it, this would be the perfect place to start. I don't know...

  • Terracotta products

    This is a fun shop on the Piazza Grande with lots of small terracotta treasures and other random souvenirs. Admittedly its a bit touristy, but if you're traveling for a long time and don't want to be loaded down with heavy pots, this is a wonderful place to come for a bit of Tuscan style. This particular shop is on the left-hand side (when facing...


Arezzo Local Customs

  • Dried, salted or smoked pork for...

    The type of dried, salted or smoked pork shown here, seems to be the most popular along the countries that border the Mediteranian, or at least we have found them very popular in Portugal, France, Spain, Italy and Greece...What I did want to suggest is that if you have the chance, take a sampling of several types and get some bread and a bottle of...

  • Giostra del Saracino

    The Saracen Joust is the town's equivelent to a medieval festival. Town's people dress up in medieval costumes while knights joust and race around the piazza's and town. The knights wear colors and symbols representing different areas of Arezzo. The custom of the joust began in the 17th century and continues to this day.

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Arezzo Warnings and Dangers

  • alloquisha's Profile Photo

    No left luggage!

    by alloquisha Written Jul 18, 2004

    While I found this absolutely BIZARRE, it's the way things are; apparently, there is NO left luggage center in Arezzo because of terrorist attacks (!) The lockers at the train station have been long out of order, and there were no others we could find anywhere!

    Luckily since I was traveling with a partner, one of us could stay with the stuff while the other explored...but it wasn't nearly as much fun. I found a nice stretch of greenspace just outside the walls: from the train station, go left on Viale Peiro Della Francesco (be warned it's hilly) and followed the walls until a grassy park emerged below. In my photo you can see my sarong-tent to keep out the worst of the afternoon sun!

    We ended up coming back the next day sans bags so we could really see the city.
    But this park was nice and waaaaay off the beaten track! In fact, we got a lot of stares (perhaps the makeshift tent had something to do with it...I don't know!)

    Sarongs come in handy to ward off heat!

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Arezzo Off The Beaten Path

  • Towns around Arezzo.

    If you have a car, a good option is to visit some of the nice small towns that surrounds the city, in this vilages one can see how the life in the rural area is, i visited some towns of the area on my way to San Leo.

  • An old castle city park

    We just started walking uphill behind the church and we landed in an amazing city park with an old castle overlooking the city. Outstanding views of Arezzo, very quiet, and worth the walk up there.

  • Ok it is a graveyard

    We hiked up the hill to a city park that was built around an old castle with amazing views of the city. On the way up we passed this graveyard. The size of it is overwhelming.It might not sound like something you would want to see but it actually was pretty amazing.


Arezzo General

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  • Santa Maria Square

    Entering the Santa Maria Square after we had walked down from the highest point in the old town of Arezzo, was a pleasant shady surprise. We found shops, butchers and more along the sides of the square. We stopped in at one shop for a drink here and sat down outside to enjoy this quiet place for a few moments before getting back to our feet and...

  • Interesting things on the streets of...

    Well things that catch my eye anyway.The first photo shows to young girls who we thought were just enjoying a sandwich and glass of wine, then we noticed that there were a group of photographers snaping away, apparently a model shoot.The second photo is a beautiful set of old mailboxes, just waiting for those VT postcards.The third photo shows a...

  • Cathedral of San Donato

    Located on the main street leading up to the fort and gardens at the top of the hill located within the walled city, the Cathedral of San Donato is a very striking structure. The interior is not as overly ostentatious as many we have seen in Europe, but its less overpowering interior design actually made it more pleasant for...


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