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Day Trip to Leonardo da Vinci Birthplace from Florence with Light Lunch
"Explore the countryside in this air-conditioned van and visit the place where one of most brilliant Renaissance personalities Leonardo da Vinci was born and lived. In the morning you will first stop at the recently opened museum in Leonardo’s original house: a country mansion in the town of Anchiano where thanks to state-of-the-art technology Leonardo himself will welcome you and share anecdotes of his life and work.Next we will have an audio-guided visit to the Leonardiano museum in Vinci which highlights Leonardo’s technical side as inventor and engineer. The tour will end with a de""
From EUR105.00
Private Tour: 2-Hour Guided Visit of Florence Archaeological Museum
"The Archaeological and Egyptian Museum of Florence was officially established in 1855. During this 2-hours visit you will enjoy the over 14000 pieces displayed in nine rooms and two warehouses. The building has been totally refurnished: the old layout has now been replaced by the new one arranged when possible according to a chronological and topographic order. The collection includes material that ranges from the prehistoric age down to the age of Copta with several groups of steles vases amulets and bronze pieces of different ages. You will be amazed by the majesty of famous Chimera of Arezzo restored by Francesco Corradori around 1785 or you will even admire the refined François Vase enriched with drawings of daily activities.
From EUR25.00
Private Tour: Medieval Val d'Orcia by Minivan from Florence
"One full day spent in Val d’Orcia is a great excursion from Florence by van in order to discover a beautiful valley in the south of Tuscany. In the morning we will reach Montepulciano located in the province of Siena and on a limestone hill 605 metres above sea level. It is famous worldwide for its Noble Wine and its cellars. Besides the wine you can eat other excellence coming from this town such as pici pasta ” cinta senese ” pork  and lentils. The  visit of Montepulciano will bring you to the main square Piazza Grande dominated by the great tower and the Gothic façade of the Palazzo Comunale. From the top of the tower you can see as the tour will continue in the very close town of Pienza only 15/20 minutes drive from Montepulciano. Along the way you can visit a cheese factory and have the chance to taste the famous ” Pecorino ” from Pienza.  Pienza is a small town but a rare example of Renaissance Town building. It was built in 1458 Palazzo Piccolomini
From EUR145.00

Il Porcellino Tips (14)

Mercato Nuovo & Il Porcellino

The Mercato Nuovo is located in the Piazza Della Republica area. The market has been here since the 11th century. It is a comparatively small market that sells cheap souvenirs, leather goods, and t-shirts.

Just outside the stalls to the south is a statue of a boar that is known as il Porcellino. Legend is that if you rub his snout and put a coin in his mouth, you’ll return to Florence. Yes, of course we did it! (The coins are distributed to city charities.)

You can see Il Porcellino anytime.

Market Hours:

2nd Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in November - daily 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Monday following 1st Sunday in November to Saturday before 2nd Sunday in March - Tuesday through Sunday 9 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Please note that all visitor information is correct as of this writing.

Donna_in_India's Profile Photo
Jul 05, 2009

Il Porcellino at the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo

The Loggia del Mercato Nuovo was designed by Battista del Tasso and built in 1551. Its original purpose was to provide local merchants with a refined place where they could sell luxury items, although today one mostly finds souvenirs and other tourist-related items. The loggia is often called "Loggia del Porcellino" (porcellino meaning piglet) in reference to Pietro Tacca's fountain featuring a bronze wild boar. According to popular tradition, if you rub the nose of the statue, you're guaranteed to make it back to Florence at some point in your life. Needless to say, the porcellino's snout is very, very shiny!!

Jefie's Profile Photo
Jul 01, 2010

When a tourist, act like a tourist

And why not? I was a tourist in Florence, I liked it there and there really wasn't enough time for everything I wanted to see, so I knew I had to come back. So why not do a touristic thing as a sort of extra "make-sure-to-come-back" insurance?
The wild boar is sitting in the center of Florence, at the Mercato Nuovo. Tourists are supposed to stroke its nose if they wish to come back to Florence.I did the same and it was one of the few times I had to wait in line!
Small wonder that the nose is so much brighter than the rest of the boar.

christine.j's Profile Photo
May 11, 2007

A thing to do for coming back

The Porcellino's area is a place to visit 'couse it's in the center of the city and you can also find a little merchant area that is ever interesting(pay attentin to gipsy).You have to touch the nose of the "porcellino".The legend says that it'll give you good luck.Another thing to do is to put a coin directly in the mouth of the porcellino,and think to a desire;when the coin falls down,if it enters in the gate,your desire will happen.It's not so easy but here in Florence nothing is easy at all;-)

Alex_71's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2006
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Larry and the Bull

I have seen this bronze bull statue in any number of movies and wanted to find it when I went to Florence. My most recent memory of this bull was from the movie Hannibal. Hannibal Lector washes the blood off of this hands in this found after murdering one of his victims. Here I am rubbing the snout for good look. You can see how shiney the snout if from everyone rubbing it. All of Hannibals blood stains were gone!

littlesam1's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2003

If the kids get bored...

Take them to the Boar.

Il Porcellino in Piazza del Mercato

Very close to the Piazza della Signoria you will find a marketplace selling all sorts of leather goods. Here you will also find the statue of the wild boar, a symbol of Florence. There are slightly different versions of the legend (put a coin in the boar’s mouth and let it drop, or rub the nose...) Obviously a lot of people accept the “rub the nose” version. Both versions offer the same promise; if you do it, you will return to Florence someday. So do it!

Coincidentally, there was a replica of this bronze in the Strawbridge & Clothier department store in King of Prussia, PA. People used to rub its nose as well (Not sure why... to wish to come back to the mall someday?). That store has closed. Don’t know where that boar is now!

ExGuyParis's Profile Photo
Nov 23, 2002

Hi Mr Pig :)

This is the famous Porcellino. I searched all Florence for it! It's was so strange that when we asked directions to florence residence didn't know what was this Porcellino! It is supposed to be famous there! At last we asked to a market vendor and he told us that we where in the spot! Of course we were! It was on one side of the square market (when this gentleman worked)! hehe So it's better for you to ask where is "Il Mercato Nuovo" first!

Here I am at last putting the 'moneta' inside his mouth and letting it fall from his tongue for good luck! :)) Rubbing his nose is for good luck as well or to come back in Florence.

susancallus's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2006

Rub The Nose

This statue is in Mercato Nuovo. It is very close to Piazza Della Signoria. We are rubbing the nose of Il Porcellino in the picture. The legend says that if we do so we can come back to Florence again. I think it’s worth to try. Many people thought the same so the nose of Il Porcellino is shining now.
I will inform you if I’ll return to Florence.

Aug 23, 2006

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Rub Il Porcellino’s snout for good luck

On the south side of the Mercato Nuovo on Via Calimala near the Piazza della Repubblica stands a bronze boar fountain with a very shiny snout. Il Porcellino (Italian for “piglet”) is his name and he is supposed to bring good luck to those that rub his snout and put a coin in his mouth (which drops into the grate below).

Actually, this is the second boar to stand beside this open market, a copy of the first one which was showing signs of damage from so much love and good luck giving and now on display in the Museo Bardini.

brendareed's Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2014

It´s a must do activity! this...

It´s a must do activity! this sculpure called porcellino (its a wild boar)stands in front of a small fountain.
It is said that you have to throw a coin in the fountain , and that will bring you good luck, and I´ve touched his snout

lolita2002's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Bronze Pig Statue of Mercato Nuovo Florence

this will be the pictures of the famous Pig Fountain in front of the Mercato Nuovo in Florence which is famous for tourists who put coins in the snout and also rub the snout to have their wishes granted and to guarantee a return to Florence.

the original name of the Mercato Nuovo is Loggia del Mercato Nuovo of which one of the famous Old Markets of Florence. It is also called Loggia del Porcellino due to the pork statue in front of the Market. The Market is a stone's throw away from the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and was originally built in 1547 by Tuscan Grand Duke Cosmo I Medici as a market for precious fabrics and jewelry (but is now mostly a leather goods and souvenir market) and was designed by Giovan Battista del Tasso. The famous Pig Statue and fountain called Porcellino was built in 1640 and became famous for people to put coins in the mouth said to grant wishes. It is actually a copy of a bronze wild boar by Pietro Tacca from the sixteenth century marble.

Opens: 9 am to 6,30 pm everyday

address: Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, 50123 Firenze, Italy


machomikemd's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2016

The pig statue in Florence

If you like to shop, the Mercato Nuovo is one of the most popular markets in Florence which sells leather goods and other items. I brought a nice belt from this market. Within this market, very close to the Piazza della Signoria is Il Porcellino (the wild boar statue) which was designed by Pietro Tacca in 1612. One legend says if you the boars nose, you will return to Florence or have good luck. Another legend states that if someone places a coin in the mouth of the boar and if it falls in the slot below you will return to Florence. It apparently works since this was my second trip to Florence.

lashr1999's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2005

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Getting to Il Porcellino


Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, 50122 Firenze, Italy


  • Sunday 12:00 to 15:30
    18:30 to 00:00
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