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  • Padulella
    by Odiseya
  • From Fort Falcon over the port
    From Fort Falcon over the port
    by Odiseya
  • Things to Do
    by Odiseya

Isola d' Elba Things to Do

  • The village of Poggio #3

    Interior of the church in the village of Poggio. I forgot to make notes, but this is presumably the church of San Niccolo, which is said to be an example of a fortified church. But as you can see I've only retained this photograph of the interior here.

  • The village of Poggio #2

    View on Mount Capanne from the village of Poggio. The mountain is the highest point on the entire island and reaches just above 1,000 meters. They say that from the top you can enjoy an excellent view of the Etruscan coast and maybe even catch a glimpse of Corsica, located at a distance of 50 kilometers.

  • Public park

    There is probably more the one public park but I saw only one real public park (instead of some green public areas and many gardens along the way). With nice avenue this park is separates the from popular beach.If you like to know where I take my main photo for this page (mosaic of Portoferraio coat of arms) this is here or at least between park...

  • Poroferraio: La Ghiaie beach

    First I visit La Ghiaie beach. It is very easy to come here from town harbor. I heard that this is very popular and many considered as most beautiful beach in town and probably on whole island too. It was overcrowded probably because of it. It stretch along Viale De Gasperi. It was made from white shingles and 400 m long. It had nice little park...

  • Portoferraio harbour

    Portoferraio harour (port) is main tourist landing place on island. It is small inlet apparently sheltered from almost every wind that pass on island and sea around. It is considerate as safest ports in all of the Mediterranean. It is located on Northern Tyrrhenian sea. It looks small port and can hold up to sixty boats. Arriving and departure are...

  • Portoferraio: swim and relax on beach

    We visit island only few hours and after sightseeing of main Portoferrio attractions we spend some time on its beaches.I remember exactly location within town of two beaches that I visited but at that time I didnt know its names. Thanks to online search I was enable to identify it.First was popular Le Ghiaie beach and second was Padulella beach.But...

  • Portoferraio: The Medicean Fortress and...

    The Medicean Fortress and its ramparts dominates the town. As you can imagine it was one of the major defense points of the entire town long time ago. You can enjoy in walking within its ramparts and inner garden and enjoy in view for free. This is fantastic complex and its surrounds the historic center of the town of Portoferraio and its strategic...

  • Museum in Fort Falcon

    Enter to Fort Falcon is free and also and rest of complex but if you wont to come to small museum there you need to paid the fee. It had some interesting artifacts and sculptures and books many informational boards and related pictures. You will get your brochure. There no guide, not sure even is available - we got our guide. Visiting hours depend...

  • Portoferraio: Fort Falcone

    Fort Falcon (Forte Falcone) is part of old defense complex. It is located at the top of highest hill (79 meters) above the old town of Portoferraio. Very beautiful the panoramic views on and from fortress. It is easily accessible from all parts of the center, through streets and steep stairways. Since it was our next destination from Napoleon house...

  • Portoferraio: Villa dei Mulini

    Villa dei Mulini (La Palazzina dei Mulini) is one of two Napoleon residence on island. I visit only this one. The Emperor come to Portoferraio on 4th May, 1814, and stay here until 26 February, 1815. So, that adventure last 100 days. Visitors now can see its legacy and one of it is his beautiful residence in capital of island. Villa dei Mulini was...

  • Explore Portoferraio

    Portoferrio is capital of island and major port on it. This is where you enter to island. It is the best explore on foot. Arriving from the sea, Portoferraio seems like a bay, protected by it bastions. Its historical core was fortification and its ancient bastions are still partly well preserved together with the historic walls.My Elba page will be...

  • Poroferraio: Padulella beach

    Padulella beach (original name: Spiaggia della Padulella) was my second choice even I found it by accident. It is close to Le Ghiaie beach from sea side but not easily accessible by foot. I remembered that I walk to the end of beach and then follow the road upstream and turn right on first path and then follow it. It was very rustic and challenging...


Isola d' Elba Hotels

  • Hotel Danila

    We stayed at this fantastically located 3 star hotel in May this year. Only a short drive away from...

  • Hotel Marelba

    Via Pietri, Cavo, 57030, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel Ilio

    My boyfriend and I stayed at the Ilio in July 2007 on our trip to Italy. We stayed in the...


Isola d' Elba Restaurants

  • Texas in the air!

    This restaurant is a jum into the West, with cowboys that ask you to order a tipycal beans soup and Indians. Country music untill 11 p.m. then the restaurant becomes a disco bar. And if you like tequila boom boom, this is the right place. The food is really good and I liked every dishes I ate. You can choose between Spaghetti Western or Tortillas...

  • Little Fetovaia's restaurant

    This restaurant is on Fetovaia beach and it's a good idea to eat something there if you don't want to leave the beach while you are eating. it has many light dishes made with fish or pasta and vegetables (mixed salads for example). If you go there don't miss to go upstairs on the terrace, you will have a beautiful view of Fetovaia.

  • Isola d' Elba Hotels

    6 Hotels in Isola d' Elba

Isola d' Elba Transportation

  • Ferry to island

    Since this is island but small the best way to come here is by ferry. There is four main ferry companies: Corsica-Sardinia Ferries, Moby Lines, Toremar and Blu Navy. I never travel by real sea ferry before. I travel there with organized tour from Croatia and our tour guide book for all of us (about 40 persons) tickets with Blu Navy company....

  • "Holy Moby" - Moby Lines

    Moby Lines, from Piombino on the Italian mainland to Portoferraio, the capital of Elba. Be sure to take your car or motorbike with you.

  • Sleeping in a cafe :-)

    Poor guys! Obviously they spent another tough day at Elba. When the evening came they all felt asleep on the ferry. In a cafe!!!


Isola d' Elba Shopping

  • Wine

    White wine, red wine, champagne, original wine from Elba (a bit expensive, tho)... As long as it goes down the throat!Photo taken by our guide.

  • Spirits

    Everything. From Jack Daniels, original Schotch Whisky up to Jaegermeister...Photo taken by our guide.

  • Conad.

    It's a big shop near Portepiombino and we were all happy when we found out it's open (it was Sunday 4 p.m.). Alcohol


Isola d' Elba Local Customs

  • Capo Bianco Beach-Ice cream

    Around noon don't worry if it's too hot! You could buy an ice-cream by a boat that comes to Capo Bianco beach. I think is a smart solution to arrive by the sea, because is very hard to walk along the rocky beach, believe me!!

  • What does a local house look like in...

    Well most locals live in buildings such a this one. Old, low,and small houses with painted windows, nice roofs and a lot of chimneys. The yards in fron of them are very small. They are meant for parents to work and kids to play outside.

  • Sea-gulls again...

    During our trip we saw three sea-gulls and we tried to feat them. It was very funny to see them flying and jump into the sea for eating our food.


Isola d' Elba Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't go to Villa San Martino on Mondays

    Opening times: Every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Villa San Martino is closed on Mondays. Free admission to EU citizens under 18 or over 65 years of age, on showing identity document.

  • San Martino e les Mulini

    Fermeture des musées napoléoniens à l'île d'Elbe (Portoferraio)San Martino fermé le lundi mais aussi le dimanche après-midi.Les Mulini, le dimanche après-midi mais aussi le mardi. Les résidences impériales sont dans un triste état: volets cassés (voir photos des Mulini) jardns mal ou pas du tout entretenus... Povero Napoleone!

  • Rocky beach, be careful!

    Don't try to walk along the beach without a pair of shoes, you should need an hour just to cover 10 meters!! No, I'm joking but I tried to walk without shoes and it was impossible!


Isola d' Elba Off The Beaten Path

  • Una gita in barca

    Sono numerose le piccole imbarcazioni che con 10 euro a testa vi portano a visitare luoghi altrimenti inaccessibili. E' possibile fare il bagno in luoghi bellissimi.

  • The mount Calamita mines

    Nel 1974 le miniere del monte Calamita sono state abbandonate nonstante fossero ancora produttive. Oggi è possibile visitarle grazie ad un tour organizzato che comprende anche una piccola lezione sui minerali dell'isola che sono veramente tanti. Il punto di partenza è il museo che si trova a Capoliveri

  • Monuments

    Well... I'm not really an expert in knowing who this person is, but I like taking photographs of monuments and as well I like taking photos of sky, so I made a little mixture here... The pic was taken near the port in Portoferraio.


Isola d' Elba Sports & Outdoors

  • Azhut's Profile Photo

    Sailing or fishing...

    by Azhut Written Sep 26, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Elba island is a nice place to go for fishing activities or for sailing. Off course if you decide to spend your holiday on the beach there are a lot of beach activities. Don't forgrt to rent a little boat to go sailing around this island.

    Tourists on the beach

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Isola d' Elba General

  • Arriving to Elba

    Portoferraio is the main Port in the Elba Island and it gives you the chance to join many touristic beaches as "Le ghiaie" or Capobianco. Portoferraio is also one of the two seats where Napoleone Bonaparte lives some years on isolation.

  • Golfo Stella, panorama

    This picture shows the crystal green and blue water that you can see to Elba. When there is no wind the water is so quiet that invites you to jump in it!

  • Golfo Stella

    Golfo Stella is a great corner of Elba Island on the way from Marina di Campo to Porto Azzurro. I took this picture while we were driving. It's possible to reach the rocky beach by foot but it' a hard thing to do!!


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