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  • Canal from Piazza della repubblica
    Canal from Piazza della repubblica
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  • Livorno
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Livorno Things to Do

  • Terrazza Mascagni

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Further along the coast from the Scoglio della Regina and a modern day "beach" complex, the Terrazza Mascagni sprouts out from a patch of wasteground, and at first seems underwhelming. But, as it turns the corner, the checkboard terrace suddenly becomes impressive. Behind it, there is a park with various monuments like a bandstand, and the Grand...

  • Fortezza Nuova

    Once a grand fort with its impressive red brick walls surrounded by canals, is now little more than an overgrown park. Free to enter, the place is now overrun with cats...and like most cat colonies around the world, this one has its own eccentric cat lady who shuffles in to feed them. Aside from cats, there is a dilapidated children's playground,...

  • Piazza della Repubblica

    The most impressive square in Livorno is actually a sort of bridge over the main canal. It seems far too large for a place like Livorno, far too grand...and very empty. Two larger than life statues face off each other across the length of this huge piazza, but I forget who they are... One one side, a busy road separates the piazza from the canal...

  • Fortezza Vecchia

    Livorno's harbourfront is a picturesque place, with all the posh yachts at one end, and the smaller dowdier fishing boats shoved up by the old fort. Along the waterfront is a large monument called the Quattro Mori, with a statue of a Grand Duke surrounded by four prisoners in chains.

  • Antignano Beach

    This is a rocky beach where i sometimes go to eat a sandwich in the evening during the summer or spring it's pretty relaxing, there are paths all along these little bays where u can walk or run, it's just 5 minutes from downtown and 5 from where i live, so pretty good location.

  • Scoglio della Regina

    Walking towards the seafront, the first place you come to is the Scoglio della Regina, the Queen's bathhouse, a dilapidated old building hanging over the sea at the end of a pier. I suppose these bathhouses must have been popular at some point, allowing bathers to dip in privacy, but unfortunately things change and Scoglio della Regina looks as if...


Livorno Hotels

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  • Max Hotel Livorno

    Spent 7 nights here in October, 2004. Staff is very helpful and attentive. Multilingual - most speak...

  • Residenza Santa Cecilia

    Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 129, San Vincenzo, 57027, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel Universal

    actually ,i live here so i tell you that this hotel is just in front of the sea...near you have the...


Livorno Restaurants

  • try to eat in italian family..

    This is my option..i have a big house with summer time is wonderful..wer can cook for private..everithing will be so particular...we can serve linguini with clams,exellentt risottos,grilled seafood orate..this more particular than go to restaurants...if you like idea send me email..need reservation..if you like we bring you to...

  • don't miss their spaghetti all'Orso!

    it's a very laid back placei like their primi piatti like spaghetti and gnocchi variations my friends say their pizzas and clazones are also good

  • Don't miss their sea food dishes

    although i am vegetarian, i know for a fact this is one of the best places to eat fresh fish dishes with a limited budgetthis is me and my step mom (well.. )


Livorno Nightlife

  • pepila club

    it's in tirrenia, pretty close to Livorno and Pisa, a beach side resort. you can wear whatever u like

  • bowling

    sometimes i go bowling, i used to be quite good when i was young, then it bored me, now i go about twice a month with my younger friends, but it's not as fun as it used to be anymore ;-)

  • mediterraneo

    i love this placeit's by the canals of Livorno. Inside it's very cozy and you can both have dinner here and drink. the atmosphere is very nice, loads of candels and mellow music. it's a bit expensive, but at least it has something more than averagepicture: on the other side of the entrance at 4am


Livorno Transportation

  • To Corse and Sardenia

    Livorno is the best place to reach Corse island and Sardenia ..It takes 4 hours to reach Bastia in Corse...You can reach also Golfo Aranji in Sardenia daily ..

  • Arriving by Cruise Ship? Rent a Car at...

    Sifracar, a local franchise of Hertz, will be the easiest if not the most economical way to get from the port of Livorno to Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, Volterra, Florence or any one of a number or combination of towns in Tuscany. they will be waiting on the dock, immediately in front of the ship , with your car, ready to go. You return the car...

  • Renatl car from Croatia to Italy

    Last summer we gone to Croatia and Italy. After Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Split the pest place on this travel was Livorno. At Dubrovnik Airport we rented a car at Kompas Rent a Car ( and we returned it in Venice airport. We had Renault Clio. Very nice car for economy price.


Livorno Shopping

  • surf in livorno

    Very good surfboards with special price.nice and simple surf clothes surfboards,kitesurf and windsurf .surfboards clothes

  • Nativo surf shop

    very very good quality products only.I love the brands this shop carries and the guys who work there surf and snow, so they will really know what to suggest u, talking about surfboards, snowboards and gear. quite expensive

  • hoasy surf shop

    heythis store is huge and i guess has a LOT to offer to people.Tourists don't know this shop, it's next to the Cage Club (i mentioned about it in my night life page) well, of course buy a surf board, or a snowboard, or a skateboardthere are also nice clothes and shoes average


Livorno Local Customs

  • View from Montenero hill

    I often come for walks here on sunday mornings, it is just 30 minute walk from my placeso much nature and such a great paradise...

  • local boats

    a lot of people from Livorno own boatssmall to big sizeswe are just crazy for the sea, it's part of our everyday life

  • don't miss Ponce alla livornese

    this is our typical drink during winter at night, best place to have it is at Bar Civili, pretty close to the train stationamazingit's made with espresso, rum and a little piece of lemon skin inside (sugar of course)i could drink 10 of these hahaha


Livorno Warnings and Dangers

  • Livorno thiefs target foreign turists

    Hi,We have to report that ;1/ thiefs are monitoring the central parkings for cars with foreign license platesWe were followed in the morning by a someone faking to be a student.So ... please be very carefull when driving a car with non-italian license plate and parking the car in a central parking location.2/ thiefs are monitoring the central place...

  • don't get the wrong idea...

    what foreign people usually call "a tuscan villa" isn't anything else but what we call "podere toscano", which means countryside housethis is in front of my place

  • Don't say u like Berlusconi..

    or you'll run the risk of Livorneses' rage ,,,as you can see from the pic, people from Livorno hate Berlusconi and all his right wing friends...


Livorno Tourist Traps

  • Don't go to eat at "Il Cibaino"

    Livorno has plenty of restaurants where the food is good and inexpensive, but one place to avoid 100% is "Il Cibaino". First of all, they don't have a menu with prices - you just have to listen and guess which food might be ok. No idea of how much you are gonna spend. I went there yesterday and ate a basic selection of antipasti toscani: they...

  • my friend Ghiando

    for you little girls... don't fall for this guy.. he is a public danger, as we say in Livorno... un periolo pubblico.. ir ghiando...just kidding.. but his fave hobby is breaking girls' hearts... well, he calls me "zietta" (auntie)... he is nice, but beware of his seductive powers!!!!!!!!!! hahahah if you come to Livorno, don't let this rock-kids...

  • don't take cab from the harbour to the...

    you can easily take bus n1 to the train station from the harbour. and if you are looking for a cab ride to Pisa airport, remember it's cheaper to go by train from Livorno to pisa and then to pisa airport.I've seen many tourists who were asked to pay 70 euros.. well, bus is 85 cents1.5 euros to pisa.. so u can see there is a BIG difference!


Livorno Off The Beaten Path

  • Vada beach at winter 24.03.07

    Vada beach is beautiful also during the winter, my Spanish friend calls it El Caribe Toscano... well, it looks pretty much like can go surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing even during winter

  • Montenero sanctuary

    not many people come to tuscany and go to see this sanctuary. it is beautiful in the inside, with loads of donations for miracles and so on.very interesting to see

  • 4 mori monument

    Quattro Mori is the most popular statue in Livorno, in front of the Porto Mediceo. The monument is composed of a marble statue of Grand Duke Ferdinando II and four bronze statues depicting chained prisoners. The bodies of the four black guys look like they are moving compared to the cold and firm Grand Duke. The statue celebrates the Order of the...


Livorno Sports & Outdoors

  • King Protti

    this is Livorno soccer team's captainhe is old but he is adored by the whole town, he's the one who took Livorno from Serie C1 to Serie A, that is why we call him Re Protti =King Protti

  • don't miss our soccer team

    we are in the SERIE A CHAMPIONSHIPWE KICK ASS lucarelli in the idol of Livorno, he refused a couple of million euros from a team to remain in our town..

  • Livorno's sport tips

    DURIN' SUMMER AND SPRING:surfin (when there are waves),beach activities (in Vada 30 km southern than Livorno)scuba divingswimmingsnorkelingsailingskatin' (even if not too much)DURIN' WINTER:if you wanna spend a day on the snow you can reach mountain in 2.5 hours (from dec. till to march)ALL YEAR ACTIVITIES:indoor soccerbike ridingfisching (all...


Livorno General

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  • Pisa and or Florence from Livorno

    Well, it's possible, but I wouldn't recommend it. You don't have a full 12 hours, you've got to disembark, and u need to allow some buffer time getting back. No fun being left behind! The best train station in Pisa for the Leaning Tower complex is not the main central one, but the suburb one, Santa something, (plenty of net info). Short walk then...

  • where to find info about Livorno

    Try with for general info this is a nice virtual tour with comments in englishthis is a good one, too:

  • dogs

    i guess there are almost as many dogs as people in Livornothis is my friends' dog, his name is Francohe is sooooo cooll


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