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Semi-Private Tour: Day Trip to Florence and Pisa from Rome with Lunch
"Depart from Rome and drive through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Once you arrive in Florence the city tour will start at Piazzale Michelangelo where you can enjoy the amazing view of the entire center of Florence. Then you will reach Ponte Vecchio for some of the best views of Florence. You will walk through the lovely streets of the city and yo with its beautiful Brunelleschi's Dome. Before reaching Piazza della Signoria you can also admire the Baptistry and Giotto's Bell Tower. After lunch (included) you can relax and have a walk in the nice San Lorenzo outdoor market where you can find a very high quality leather jackets and other clothes at very convenience price (Florence is very famous for its leather products)You will leave Florence arou where the guide will show you the famous Leaning Tower Piazza dei Miracoli
From EUR180.00
Artglass Tour of the Leaning Tower Square
"By wearing this glasses and following your map you will automatically get explanations historical reconstructions of the monuments and many other curiosities narrated by Pisa's historical figures such as Galileo Galilei.You can find out what the ""nails of the devil"" and ""the golden section of the Baptistery"" mean why the Bell Tower is leaning and much more.The ARtGlass devices give you an unique individual experience while explaining to you the city's history and one of the most beautiful squares in the world!The multimedia glasses are suitable for all ag""You can visit Piazza dei Miracoli in a unique way thanks to the ArtGlass: through wearable video glasses you’ll be offered a mix of videos and storytelling to discover a new dimension of art and history.title=Highlights&1=ArtGlass+self-guided+tour+of+Piazza+dei+Miracoli+in+Pisa&2=Learn+about+the+World+Heritage-listed+Piazza+dei+Miracoli+with+the+ArtGlass+tour&3=Hear+stories+told+in+the+voice+of+famous+Italian+masters+such+as+Galileo+Galilei&4=Take+a+self
From EUR8.00
Audio Guided Tour of the Leaning Tower Square or Pisa City Centre
"The list of the points of interest included in the Leaning tower square video guide tour: Introduction: square of Miracles - the role of the square - Leaning tower history - Leaning tower description - Cathedral history - Cathedral description - the Le luminarie La Regata"" - ""Caffè dell'Ussero"" - Palazzo Reale - Domus Galileiana - Bothanical Garden - ""La Cittadella Nuova"" - A typical wine produced in Pisa: the white wine S. Torpè - A delicious tuscan street food : ""schiacciata"" - A typical dish of Pisa: """"The Leaning tower square video guide tour includes a full description of the monuments exteriors and interiors: Cathedral Baptistery Monumental Cemetery and leaning tower.Pisa city centre tour video guide tour includes both the full description of the monuments in Piazza dei Miracoli and of the maincultural and historical points of interest in Pisa city centre enhanced with an
From EUR5.00

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina - Church Tips (19)

Santa Maria della Spina

Built in 1230 this is one of italy's finest examples of gothic architecture. It sit right along the Arno river in Pisa. Although rather small and simple on the inside, the outside makes this worth a...
Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
Jan 26, 2016

Santa Maria della Spina

This tiny, pale Gothic church on the bank of the river Arno is quite a contrast in scale compared with the huge cathedral in the nearby Campo dei Miracoli . The pinnacles and spires are richly...
datapanik's Profile Photo
Jan 21, 2015

The historic churches of Pisa

Most visitors will be happy to visit the Cathedral of Pisa and then move on. Others, however, might find it interesting to know that there are over 20 historic churches located in the downtown area of...
Jefie's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2010

A little gem

When I was at the VT meeting in Cascais earlier this year I had breakfast one day with member white_smallstar who told me that when I visited Pisa I must be sure to see the church of Santa Maria della...
toonsarah's Profile Photo
Sep 16, 2009

You're already here, so visit!

I'd been to Pisa several times before I finally remembered to take a look at this tiny, but ornate church. Glad I did. Situated along the Arno River to the west of the Corsa, this is a beautiful, if...
travelrabbit's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2008

Fantastic on the ouside only!

Santa Maria della Spina is a small Gothic church that got its name from the word "Spina" which means Thorn in Italian. It is believed that a thorn from Jesus Christ's crown was kept here. In 1871 this...
darkjedi's Profile Photo
Feb 25, 2008

Santa Maria

When I was walking along the streets, this little church caught my attention. It was really strange for a church to be bulit along the streets, in the middle of nowhere. In 1871, it was taken down a...
Applelyn's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2006

So white, so nice

Santa Maria della Spina is a small Gothic church in the Italian city of Pisa. The church, erected in 1230, was originally known as Santa Maria di Pontenovo: the new name of Spina ("thorn") derives...
alemir82's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2006

Santa Maria della Spina

Santa Maria della Spina, charming Pisan-Gothic building, is rising right on the bank of the river Arno, very unusual place for an church. Actually, in 1871 the church was disassembled and again...
croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2005

Santa Maria della Spina

The Santa Maria Della Spina was built between 1230 - 1323 by Nino and Giovanni Pisano to house a thorn said to be from Christ's crown. It is beautiful on the outside but I didn't go inside because as...
buzzz's Profile Photo
Aug 23, 2005

Church of Thorns

The roofline of this tiny church bristles with spiky Gothic pinnacles. miniature spires and niches sheltering statues of apostles and saints. The decorations reflects the history of the church, which...
Willettsworld's Profile Photo
Jul 05, 2005

Santa Maria della Spina

Santa Maria della Spina is a remarkable tiny church along the Arno river.Originally this church was below the present street level. As a result of constant floods, it was taken apart piece by piece...
Helga67's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2004
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Hotels Near Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina - Church

Via Mazzini 57, Pisa, Tuscany, 56125, Italy
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Via di Cisanello, 55-57, Cisanello, 56124
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Via Filippo Corridoni, 29, 56125
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Via San Biagio, 31, Cisanello, 56124
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Via Piave, 4, 56123
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Via Pungilupo 25/A, Zona Cisanello, 56124
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"More then just the leaning tower"
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"PISA is a lot more than just the leaning tower"
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"Citta con torre ubbriacato"
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"Pisa, gateway to Tuscany"
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"Beautiful Pisa"
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Things to Do Near Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina - Church

Things to Do

Palazzo Reale

The Palazzo Reale was designed by Bernardo Buontalenti and built between 1583 and 1587 as the summer residence of the Medici family who would often spend time in Pisa when it got too hot to stay in...
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Things to Do

Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno - Church

The church of San Paolo was built in 805 and completely rebuilt during the 11th and 12th centuries and re-dedicated by Eugene III in 1148. The marble front facade, in characteristic Pisan style, has...
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Things to Do


If you're visiting the Field of Miracles coming from the train station then you'll pretty much trip through the Corsa d'Italia. This is Pisa's main thoroughfare and offers a variety of shops,...
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Things to Do

Museo San Matteo

It was a fantastic tour of the inside. The National Museum of San Matteo, which is housed in the Benedictine Monastery, features a group of paintings from the 12th- to 18th- centuries, and a rich...
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Things to Do

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

Also on show are some paintings from the 15th and 17th centuries, a series of wooden intarsia from the old choir apse, a collection of religious hangings as well as Etruscan, Roman and Egyptian...
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Things to Do

Museo delle Sinopie

located at the southern part of the Piazza Dei Duomo Complex sits the Museo Delle Sinopie, which is a museum dedicated to the Sinopia, which are preparatory drawings used for painting in fresco...
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Getting to Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina - Church


Lungarno Gambacorti


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