Pisa Tourist Traps

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  • Paulien and I in front of the famous tower.
    Paulien and I in front of the famous...
    by Jerelis
  • The Duomo and the leaning Tower of Pisa.
    The Duomo and the leaning Tower of Pisa.
    by Jerelis
  • Surroundings of the tower.
    Surroundings of the tower.
    by Jerelis

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Pisa

  • 1. Shopping in touristic areas

    There are small markets everywhere that charge anywhere from two to four times what you would pay for staples in a supermarket. Prices can vary widely for anything from bottles of water and especially...

  • 2. Silly photos

    The most popular tourist activity at the tower is to pose for photographs pretending to “hold up” the leaning tower and prevent it from falling (captured in my own pictures as well). The illusion is...

  • 3. Not Free Toilet Facilities

    if you are familiar with travels around the highways of western Europe and have a pit stop at the many gasoline stations cum convenience stores and restaurants. they all have clean toilet facilities...

  • 4. Pisa's Parking tickets

    I also received a parking ticket from Pisa, in the mail this past weekend. It was from October 2007...our hotel manager specifically pointed out a spot for us...

  • 5. Area around the Tower

    As you approach the area around the leaning tower, there are vendors selling everything but the kitchen sink. Want a tour book or a Leaning Tower to take home?...

  • 6. African & Asian Vendors

    Unfortunately, there are hordes of vendors from Africa and China who will hound you incessantly while you're in Pisa anywhere near the Leaning Tower. They will...

  • 7. African surprise

    We all heard of roses handed out in Rome to the ladies as a 'gift' but turn to the man for money. So i never let these guys hand or even force the rose on me....

  • 8. Leaning Tower of Expensiveness

    OK, so maybe my friend and I are cheap students, but we went into the ticket office to purchase tickets to walk up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can buy a...

  • 9. 15 Euros!!!, they must be drunk

    After I spend more then half an our in the long line,the guy asked me 15 Euros to get on the top of the Leaning Tower. I said OK, 5 Euros is resonable price....

  • 10. Climbing the Tower - Ripoff !!!

    They charge 15 Euros to climb the Leaning Tower !!! I think its a rip-off !!! Maybe they want to discourage too many people climbing the tower. But, seriously,...

  • 11. The leaning tower...

    When you go to Pisa, the main reason you are most likely there is to climb the leaning tower.. I did it, and it was a great experience.. However, be prepared to...

  • 12. Travellers Cheques Exchange Rate

    There is a money exchange just outside of the train station as you arrive at Pisa, be aware that they charge the most extortionate amount of commission so...

  • 13. Expensive

    My daughter and I really liked to climb the leaning tower, until we we saw the price, 15 euro each!!For all the buildings you have to pay entrance, you can buy...

  • 14. Climbing the leaning tower

    Only 1 big tourist attraction in Pisa and of course the local government tries to abuse it to raise their income: 15 euro to climb the leaning tower, 15...

  • 15. Lungarno Pacinotti by night

    Lungarno Pacinotti takes the tourist from the University area to Ponte di Mezzo. I took this picture from the second important bridge in Pisa called Ponte...

  • 16. SEE PISA IN THE PMIn all this...

    SEE PISA IN THE PMIn all this story it is possible to find a meaningful constant, the 'genetic code' of the Tower: its continual interaction with the soil on...

  • 17. Not for everyone:))

    This is not a real tourist trap, anyway remember that there are only a certain number of persons is allowed to visit the tower every day.We tried to visit it at...

  • 18. Do not bother to walk to the...

    Do not bother to walk to the tower. It is quite a distance. Take a bus and alight at the door step!Do not bother to go to any other places. I find that the main...

  • 19. Don't expect too much of Pisa....

    Don't expect too much of Pisa. They're right, the tower is not standing straight. But that's it! That's Pisa. As soon as you get out of the train station you...

  • 20. Near Ponte di mezzo-Parking areas

    Along the Arno is very difficult to find a place for your car so don't try to take it there! Especially on summer you can only use the parking areas close to...

  • 21. 30 euros !!!!!!!!!

    This is far too much !!! for a city trip with horse trained vans ... really too much !!! Easily walk, interesting spots are not so spread around.

  • 22. The whole area where the tower...

    The whole area where the tower is located is a tourist trap. You'll find it so tacky, but like I said, it's worth the visit.

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