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Semi-Private Tour: Day Trip to Florence and Pisa from Rome with Lunch
"Depart from Rome and drive through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Once you arrive in Florence the city tour will start at Piazzale Michelangelo where you can enjoy the amazing view of the entire center of Florence. Then you will reach Ponte Vecchio for some of the best views of Florence. You will walk through the lovely streets of the city and yo with its beautiful Brunelleschi's Dome. Before reaching Piazza della Signoria you can also admire the Baptistry and Giotto's Bell Tower. After lunch (included) you can relax and have a walk in the nice San Lorenzo outdoor market where you can find a very high quality leather jackets and other clothes at very convenience price (Florence is very famous for its leather products)You will leave Florence arou where the guide will show you the famous Leaning Tower Piazza dei Miracoli
From EUR180.00
Artglass Tour of the Leaning Tower Square
"By wearing this glasses and following your map you will automatically get explanations historical reconstructions of the monuments and many other curiosities narrated by Pisa's historical figures such as Galileo Galilei.You can find out what the ""nails of the devil"" and ""the golden section of the Baptistery"" mean why the Bell Tower is leaning and much more.The ARtGlass devices give you an unique individual experience while explaining to you the city's history and one of the most beautiful squares in the world!The multimedia glasses are suitable for all ag""You can visit Piazza dei Miracoli in a unique way thanks to the ArtGlass: through wearable video glasses you’ll be offered a mix of videos and storytelling to discover a new dimension of art and history.title=Highlights&1=ArtGlass+self-guided+tour+of+Piazza+dei+Miracoli+in+Pisa&2=Learn+about+the+World+Heritage-listed+Piazza+dei+Miracoli+with+the+ArtGlass+tour&3=Hear+stories+told+in+the+voice+of+famous+Italian+masters+such+as+Galileo+Galilei&4=Take+a+self
From EUR8.00
Pisa Guided Walking Tour
"Pisa’s Ancient Maritime Republic has a great deal to offer besides the renowned Tower and is well worth a few days’ stay just enough time to take in all of its gems. The city grew and developed in and around the inlets of the Arno which lend the view of the Lungarni and the majestic grand ducal buildings Romanesque and Gothic style churches and the overlooking Medieval and Renaissance fortifications. The allure of the Lungarni has featured in works by such authors as Byron Shelley Montesquieu Leopardi
From EUR15.00

Airplane Tips (22)

Pisa airport

Pisa is a favoured airport of several budget airlines, including Ryanair.

The airport is unusual in that it is situated so close to the city itself. The 'red line' LAM bus delivers you to town in about 5 minutes, you could even walk it !

There is also a train station that connects to the main Pisa Station. As far as I could work out it only operates hourly, the bus does the job just as easily and much more frequently.

A regular bus service operates to Florence, which is where most tourists are probably headed.

I suggest taking the bus to the main train station and tranferring to the train is a much more civilised way of accomplishing that particular well-worn tourist route.

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Sep 07, 2013

To Pisa from Pisa Aeroporto

Easyjet and Ryanair are amongst the European budget carriers who fly into Pisa. It's a useful starting point for an exploration of Tuscany. will give you carriers and, often, fares for your dates and route.

The vast majority of people who land at Pisa go elsewhere...mainly Florence. But I have found Pisa makes a good place to base oneself. Thew good public transport in Italy means most places are easily accessible for daytrips (including the Cinque Terre villages) although you may sometimes have to go into Florence first (as for Siena).

So, to get into Pisa from the airport you have several choices..

You can, obviously, take a taxi. The airport is very, very near to the town.

You can take a train direct from the airport to Pisa Centrale station. It takes about 5 minutes because the train goes very, very slowly...I don;t think the distance is much more than a nile. One way fare is 1.10 euro. Train times, details and fares in English on

Search for 'Pisa aeroporto'.

Or you can take the LAM Rossa bus, which takes a circular route airport>Pisa Centrale>Campo dei Miracoli and back again. The bus stop is directly outside Arrivals, and pretty much unmissable. You can get a ticket from the ticket machine (which was out of order when I visited) or from the driver (costs a bit more, at 1.50 euro). Travel time to Pisa Centrale is about 10 minutes and buses are frequent. Timetables and route maps on

If you want to go to Florence then there are some trains direct from the airport, but you most often have to change trains and platforms at Pisa Centrale. Direct trains take around an hour, other trains take from 1h 15 mins or so depending on departure. Times and details on the Trenitalia link above (search for Pisa aeroporto, as before).

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Apr 26, 2011

Aeroporto Galileo Galilei

Pisa has a tiny but most of the time overcrowded airport, Aeroporto Galileo Galilei, with flights to other Italian airports, almost every country in Europe and has even added a direct flight to New York JFK.
The airlines serving the airport include Air France, Air One, British Airways, Belle Air, easyJet, Finnair, Air Nostrum, Lufthansa, Ryan Air and Thomsonfly.

The airport has its own train station (50 meters away), which connected with the main station but has direct access to highways, motorways too.
For that you are better off with the city bus Nr.3 (leaves every 10 minutes, and takes about 10 minutes).
Airport car rentals include Avis, and Europcar. only in case, if you need to drive outside the city because the parking is extremely limited and expensive.

Address: Michele Viaggi Via Turati 24

Update: Wizz Air starts its new service from Budapest to Pisa from 1st of July 2010. Pisa is the sixth Italian destination, which is reachable via Budapest by Wizz Air. The service flies weekly three times.
Tickets may be reserved online -

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Feb 11, 2010

Flying to Pisa

We flew to Pisa with Ryan Air from Stanstead Airport. As with all budget airlines, there are often good bargains to be had, especially if you can be a bit flexible bout your travel dates, but they aren’t called “no frills” for nothing! No reserved seats, no (free) food or drink, no fancy service. But you get what you pay for, and if you prefer to spend your money when you get to your destination rather than en route to it, this is a good option. Our flights worked out at around £50 each, including all taxes, and if we’d been prepared to be even more flexible we could have got them cheaper than that.

And as you can see, whether cheap or fancy, you can always enjoy the great views of the Italian Lakes as you fly over – weather permitting of course!

Other airlines flying here include British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Easy Jet, Iberia and Lufthansa.

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Sep 16, 2009
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Hotels Near Pisa

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Via Bonanno 43, Pisa, 56100, Italy
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Via Carlo Francesco Gabba, 17, Pisa, Tuscany, 56122, Italy
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Via Caduti del Lavoro, 46, Pisa, 56122, Italy
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Via Risorgimento 42, Pisa, 56126, Italy
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Viale Cascine 86, Pisa, 56122, Italy
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Pisa (Galilleo Galilee Airport)

Pisa airport is a medium sized airport and therefore fairly easy to navigate around. It is a five minute train ride and a 30 minute walk to the 'Piazza dei Miracoli' and its leaning tower from the train station. There are two sets of check in desks in two separate buildings (if you can't find your number) both located at the end of the train plaforms. I have found checking in and baggage searches are fine but be warned of long delays (30 mins min.) just to get through passport control as they appear to be understaffed (Oct 2007). I arrived with 200 people waiting and one man examining passports!

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Oct 19, 2007

Travelling by plane

Pisa is home to the Galileo Galilei Airport. The centre can be reached in 10 minutes by city bus - the bus line L.A.M Rossa connects the airport, the central train station and Campo dei Miracoli. Otherwise the centre can be reached in 5 minutes by train.

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Feb 02, 2007


Ryanair have chaged there policy on luggage allowences 15th march 06, if 2 poeple are travaling together you now cannot pool your luggage allowence together ,the rule now is 1 case per passanger ,as happened to me and ryan air wanted to chage £16.50 for being 3 klios over weight or buy a seprate bag to unload the case into for £3.00 ,luckly our friends had room in their case to take our extra weight

May 08, 2006


Pisa's Aeroporto Galileo Galilei (information tel 050.500.707, ) is 2km south of Centrale station.

It has direct access to the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno dual carriageway (Pisa Centro - Aeroporto exit), to the Genova-Rosignano A12 motorway (Pisa Centro exit), to the Firenze-Pisa Nord A11 motorway (through the Pisa Nord linking stretch with the A12), and to road SS 1 “Aurelia”. Traffic nearly always flows smoothly on the entire road network

Aug 26, 2005
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"More then just the leaning tower"
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"PISA is a lot more than just the leaning tower"
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"Citta con torre ubbriacato"
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"Pisa, gateway to Tuscany"
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"Beautiful Pisa"
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By plane

Pisa is the gateway to Tuscany. The airport "Galileo Galilei" is a good starting point for your journey to this wonderful area of Italy. The airport is rather small, easy to find your way around and close to the highway. There are some shops, eateries, rental car agencies, a bank, and ATM.
It's also very close to the center of Pisa (only 1.5 km). You can take a bus, train or taxi to the center and it will take about 5 to 10 minutes.

Tickets can be bought at the information office in the arrival hall (right hand side). The train station is on the left side of the airport building and you will pay 1,10 EUR to go to "Pisa Centrale".

You can leave your luggage at the check-in luggage (next to the information office). The counter is open from 8 am to 8 pm and you have to pay 6 EUR per luggage (quite expensive!).

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Oct 10, 2004

Back home with Ryan Air

And then at 20.55 I had my flight back home.

The flight time from Pisa to Brussels South - Charleroi is 1.50 h. So normally we would arrive in Charleroi around 22.45.

But we had an half an hour delay, as there was a problem with the number of passengers. No, no overbooking or so.

On the passenger list there were 179 passengers, and on board there were 180 passengers. First we were recounted several times, and then they checked if everyone was on the right plane.
Finally they started with checking each name on the passenger list. And what was the problem, on board there were a father and son with the same name (like senior and junior), so twice the same name and the computer had counted this only as one person. So it was the computer which had made a mistake. A half an hour later we could leave for Charleroi, where we arrived safely after a quiet flight.

Price for the ticket : 64 euro (taxes included)

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Oct 02, 2004

Sorry, it is too late to take the Concorde to Pisa

Pisa has a rather small airport, very close to the centre of town.
And Pisa Airport has also its own trainstation

Pisa Airport is the ONLY place, where you may store your lugguage in lockers since sep.11th ( the reason for this is the fact, that your lugguage may be scanned first there !)

At all the trainstations of Pisa you might only be able to store your lugguage at a counter , not beeing open all day, but for restricted times only. And at these places I always have the feeling, someone might search my lugguage while I am exploring the city


The Concorde over Piazza dei Miracoli is a trick made by Photoshop - And when you like to visit the Concorde, have a look on my Sinsheim-page with one of the best technical museums in Europe !

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Jun 09, 2004


Flew from London Stansted,parking is about £25 to £30 for 48 hours,a bit expensive I feel,but at least its secure.
The flights these days are pretty basic ,but thats no excuse for rude staff,and this particuler crew were just that,abrupt and very short with passengers.

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May 18, 2004

Things to Do Near Pisa

Things to Do

Chiesa di San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno - Church

The church of San Paolo was built in 805 and completely rebuilt during the 11th and 12th centuries and re-dedicated by Eugene III in 1148. The marble front facade, in characteristic Pisan style, has...
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Things to Do


If you're visiting the Field of Miracles coming from the train station then you'll pretty much trip through the Corsa d'Italia. This is Pisa's main thoroughfare and offers a variety of shops,...
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Things to Do

Leaning Tower - Torre Pendente

The Piazza Dei Duomo maybe a Unesco World Heritage site and is really beautifual work of art, but the singular structure that put Pisa on the World Map is the lowly Campanile (Belfry) of the...
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Things to Do

Palazzo Reale

The Palazzo Reale was designed by Bernardo Buontalenti and built between 1583 and 1587 as the summer residence of the Medici family who would often spend time in Pisa when it got too hot to stay in...
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Things to Do

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina - Church

Built in 1230 this is one of italy's finest examples of gothic architecture. It sit right along the Arno river in Pisa. Although rather small and simple on the inside, the outside makes this worth a...
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Things to Do

Museo delle Sinopie

located at the southern part of the Piazza Dei Duomo Complex sits the Museo Delle Sinopie, which is a museum dedicated to the Sinopia, which are preparatory drawings used for painting in fresco...
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Getting to Pisa


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