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  • The Dolomite Mountains near to Calalzo, Italy
    The Dolomite Mountains near to Calalzo,...
    by victorwkf
  • The town of Calalzo Di Cadore, Italy
    The town of Calalzo Di Cadore, Italy
    by victorwkf
  • The beautiful Dolomite Mountains, Italy
    The beautiful Dolomite Mountains, Italy
    by victorwkf

Calalzo Things to Do

  • Ending point of the railway line

    Calalzo Di Cadore is the main railway point of this region of the Dolomite Mountains, in fact it is the end point of the railway line to this region. The trains mainly come from major towns and cities of the Veneto region such as Venice, Padova, Verona etc. During the peak seasons, there are trains all the way from Milan bringing people here and...

  • Lake next to Calalzo Di Cadore

    There is a beautiful lake next to Calalzo Di Cadore which you should walk there to experience the nice scenery. Take a map from the tourist information counter at the railway station and ask for directions how to walk there. The path leading down to the lake is near to the railway station where the Eurospar and Lidl supermarkets are located. Please...

  • Dolomite Mountains surrounding the town

    One of the main reasons why you should visit Calalzo Di Cadore is the stunning Dolomite Mountains surrounding the town, especially the Marmarole mountain range. Even during the train journey to the town, you will pass by some very beautiful mountain scenery, with mountains, rivers, deep valleys, alpine towns etc. Sunset at this town is beautiful,...

  • Walk around the town area

    The town of Calalzo Di Cadore is small, and there is a lake next to the town where you can visit. When you reach the train station, there is a tourist information counter. Ask them for a map of the town and the route to the lake. It is very nice to walk around and experience something totally different from Venice for a change, the only thing you...

  • Keep wandering...

    Enjoy the mountain air, stop for a coffee, a shot of Grappa, and simply enjoy life in its most basic form.

  • Simply wander

    We love to wander the sreets of the mountain villages. I often forget that the photo I'm taking is a persons home, whereas I'm looking at it as a curious photo op.


Calalzo Transportation

  • Train from Venice (and elsewhere) to...

    The best way to reach Calalzo Di Cadore from Venice and other parts of the Veneto region (e.g. Padova, Verona, Belluno) as well as further cities such as Milan is by trains operated by the national train company Trenitalia. The daily train from Venice to Calalzo Di Cadore starts at about 7.55am at the Venezia St Lucia station and takes about 3...

  • Buses to other towns in the Dolomites

    If you want to go to other nearby towns from Calalzo Di Cadore, it is very easy because Dolomitibus operates many regular buses to other towns, especially the famous towns such as Cortina d'Ampezzo. The bus terminal is just next to the train station, and you can get your bus tickets from the tourist information counter at the train station. Tickets...

  • Getting oriented...where is Calalzo di...

    Look on the left side of the map, find Pieve di Cadore. Calalzo di Cadore is located within a few miles of it.


Calalzo Shopping

  • Sportler Sports Shop

    The Sportler Sports Shop is located next to the Eurospar supermarket near to the train station of Calalzo Di Cadore. There are lots of sports goods on offer here, including winter sports gear. The address and contact details are:Sportler CalalzoVia Stazione 1232042 CalalzoTel: +39 0435 501083Fax: +39 0435 501084

  • Lidl Supermarket

    Besides the Eurospar supermarket, there is a Lidl supermarket at Calalzo Di Cadore just next to Eurospar supermarket which will give you more choice if you are buying food stuff at this town. This is also a good place for you to mingle with the locals.

  • Eurospar Supermarket

    There are 2 supermarkets near to the train station, namely Eurospar and Lidl. The food here is cheaper than nearby touristy towns such as Cortina d'Ampezzo, so it may be wise for you to stock up food and other essential items before heading to Cortina d'Ampezzo. The supermarket also sells sandwiches and other food such as pastas, friend chicken...


Calalzo Local Customs

  • Life in Calalzo Di Cadore

    Life is Calalzo Di Cadore is very relaxed, and it is really a good getway especially if you are at the crowded cities like Venice with lots of tourists. There are hardly any tourists here, and the scenery and mountain air is very good. The train journey here also offers some stunning scenery along the way, especially the slow transition from the...

  • Beautiful Bianca and the little Lake of...

    Calalzo di CadoreThey tell a story about...:The little Lake of Lagole has been well-known since ancient times because of its beneficial properties. In fact, women used to gather there to stay young and beautiful. Thanks to this tradition, it was also called Lago delle tose (Maidens' Lake). This area was near the Anguane kingdom, located in Sabassa....

  • The Legend of the Anguane...(Part B)

    continued from Part A...The Anguane, or rather, the three otters swam to the bank, got out of the water, turned into women again and ran to the shepherd's side. The girl with the golden hair caressed the unconscious boy and kissed his brow, cheeks and lips.- Why did you follow me here? - whispered the Anguana weeping. - Now our secret has been...


Calalzo Warnings and Dangers

  • victorwkf's Profile Photo

    Unpredictable weather

    by victorwkf Updated Jul 28, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The weather at Calalzo Di Cadore and the surrounding Dolomite Mountains are very unpredictable. Although the Dolomites are known as "The Sunny Side of the Alps", it can be sunny at one instance and start raining within a short time. As with all mountain areas, the mountains are best clearly seen during the mornings and evenings when there is usually less cloud cover. Autumn and winter are the best seasons for clear skies because of less clouds and precipitation, summer being a bad month because the humidity and hot weather tends to build lots of clouds onto the mountains, thus covering them from sight.

    Calalzo Di Cadore, Italy
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Calalzo What to Pack

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    Weather is changeable

    by mapakettle Written Apr 23, 2006

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    Luggage and bags: It really depends upon what activities you intent to enjoy. Either backpack or luggage is fine. There are no cobble stones in Calalzo which create havock for rolling stock, simply smooth pavement. Your choice.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Temperatures change quickly in the mountains. When the sun hides behind the mountain tops, the warmth of the sun's rays disappears. Be prepared to change into long sleeves if the occasion calls for it. On the other hand, when it is hot, a lightweight t-shirt is appreciated.

    There are few level surfaces in Calalzo, so wear appropriate footwear. If you intend to follow the trail, good solid hiking boots are a must .

    Photo Equipment: We noticed one photo supply shop with a limited display of photographic equipment in the window. I'm sure batteries would be available, as would film. I wouldn't count on purchasing an additional memory card however.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Climbing gear is yours for the asking, as well as a substantial selection of hiking footwear.

    Miscellaneous: Numerous maps of the area are available, including very detailed hiking maps.

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Calalzo General

See all 4 General in Calalzo
  • Photography

    Calalzo Di Cadore offers a very good location for photography, especially with its lake, lovely houses of alpine design as well as the surrounding Dolomite Mountains. The weather here is cool, so it is very important for you to keep your digital camera warm (e.g. place it near your body). The extra batteries must also be kept relatively warm or...

  • Colourful flowers

    Another fond memories of our trip to Calalzo Di Cadore must surely be the colourful wildflowers of all shapes and sizes which we saw during our walk around the town as well as to the lake. More photos of the flowers are at the travelogue section of this VT page.

  • Greenery during summer

    One of our fondest memories of Calalzo Di Cadore is the lush greenery during summer time, especially the area next to the lake. This is especially enjoyable to nature lovers such as both me and my wife :)


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