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Private Padua Walking Tour
"The tour allows you to discover the historical city center with its ancient Cafés the beautiful squares the Jewish ""Ghetto"" area one of the best preserved areas of the city. Later you will go on to Prato della Valle one of the largest square in Europe to admire the beautiful palaces statues and fountains that surround it.Next to the square you will also see Saint Anthony's Basilica and the famous ""Botanical Garden"" which founded in the XVI century as the private University garden of curative herbs
From EUR390.00
Padova Asolo and the Venetian Villas Day-Trip from Venice"A beautiful opportunity to enter a region that for many centuries belonged to the Republic of Venice. Starting from Venice Piazzale Roma visit some of the beautiful villas that noble Venetian families built along the Brenta canal where they enjoyed the  summertime  and also they got control over their possessions in the mainland. Then the lively Padova with the ancient University the colorful Piazza delle Erbe and the precious Scrovegni Chapel
From EUR195.00
4-hour Motorboat Cruise to Venice Lagoon Islands Murano Burano and Torcello
"Take a half-day cruise to the most famous Venetian islands known throughout the world for their picturesque scenery craft traditions and unique history. Reach the embarkation point at a few steps from St Mark’s Square get on board a comfortable motorboat and enjoy the introduction on Venice lagoon and its islands provided by your guide.Your first stop (approx. 40 minutes) will be in Murano sometimes referred to as the “Island of Glass” due to its ancient tradition of glass making. You will have the opportunity to visit one of its famous glass factories and see the glass being manufactured and blown. Alternatively you can visit Murano island on your own while respecting the scheduled meeting time for embarking again.Then your minicruise will continue towards Burano
From EUR20.00

Botanical Gardens - Orto Botanico Tips (6)

GArden with all varities

Begun in 1545, this is the oldest university garden in Europe. It was started to grow herbs for medical cures and testing, and the concept and administration was from medicine sutides at Bo University. It was called Hortis Simplicium for its simple theme. Venice's reach to foreign lands brought back exotic plants for medincinal study. There is also a library and herberium. The gardens were designed as a circle, planned by Daniele Barbaro. It is now enclosed by walls built after many thefts of plants in early days, and four elaborate gates were built in 1704. A square in middle is divided in 4 quarters for pathways. There is about 5 acres of ground. The oldest plant is from 1585, a palm.
The garden was restored by the Wiegand family of Nevada in recent years. Entry is 4 Euro, but a Padova card for 14 Euro allows entry to this and many other sites.

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Jun 03, 2008


This garden was first planted in 1545 and is said to be the oldest in Europe, and the oldest University garden in the world
created for the University it originally held many rare medicinal plants known as `simples` and plants from countries that had links with the Venitian Republic

the Orto Botanico is included in UNESCO`s World Heritage list

the garden is laid out as a circle, divided into four quadrants, these quadrants in turn are divided into sections holding different families of plants, outside the main garden wall are conservatories and laboratories, one of the conservatories has a very interesting collection of carniverous plants, there is also an orchid house which was closed when we visited

one of the pictures accompanying this tip shows the oldest plant in the garden which is a palm planted in 1585. This is known as the Goethe Palm as the German writer studied the palm and published his ideas of evolution in 1786 [well before Charles Darwin] based on those studies. The palm is enclosed by a specially built glasshouse, which looks like it will soon need enlarging

this is a lovely place to stroll, with lots of shady areas for hot days. Many of the plants were past their best when we visited, but the aquatic plants were wonderful, especially the Victoria Cruziana, there are also sensory areas designed for the visually impaired with aromatic planting, and outside the walled garden an arboraetum

the garden is open daily between April and October 9.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00, and between November and March 9.00-13.00 [excluding public holidays

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Sep 23, 2005

Botanical Gardens

Padua's botanical garden is said to be one of the oldest in Europe dating from 1545 and today still retains much of its original appearance. The gardens and hothouses were used to cultivate the first lilac trees (1568), sunflowers (1568) and potatoes (1590) to be grown in Italy. In its beginning, the gardens were devoted to the growth of medicinal plants since they made up the majority of the remedies directly obtained from nature without any further intervention. The gardens provide nice peaceful and scenic walks and restful relaxation.

Open: 9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm Apr-Oct. 9pm-1pm Nov-Mar.

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Sep 18, 2005

The Botanical Gardens

Padova's Orto Botanico are really very special...they are the very first academic botanical gardens anywhere. For this reason they are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The gardens were first planted in 1545 by the university's medical department as a collection of herbs and plants with medicinal uses. The gardens are still laid out pretty much as they were originally and each plant is carefully labelled with its Latin name. There are over 6000 plants in total.

The famous 'Goethe' palm is protected by a specially-built greenhouse. I didn't realise palms lived so long (Goethe visited in the 1500s) but signs confirm that this is indeed the same tree (planted in 1585), although it has many separate side-shoots.

There's a pretty impressive collection of cacti and succulents in the other greenhouses, as well as orchids and other tropical plants. And there's an arboretum too, with some very ancient trees as well as some very unusual ones.

I thought this was a lovely place to wander and somewhere which would be super for a shady picnic in the summer heat. Unfortunately, it closes at lunchtimes, so perhaps that isn't a feasible idea!

The gardens are open daily April>October from 9am - 1pm and from 3-7pm. Entrance is 4 euro. There is a (very clean) set of toilets, but you have to ask at the ticket desk for the key.

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Apr 09, 2012
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Orto Botanico

Between the 'Prato della Valle' and the Basilica there’s one of the most interesting Botanical gardens in Europe: the "Orto Botanico" (1545), with exotic flowers and plants.
It’s another recommended visit in this city. The Garden was in its origins dedicated to cultivate natural medicines.

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Aug 30, 2004

Botanical Gardens

Padua's Botanical Gardens were the first ever in Europe, founded in 1545 by Francesco Bonafede for the study of medicinal plants. It's surrounded by a wall, and divided into four sections.

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Jan 18, 2010
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"Padova...our new home...for now"
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"Focal Point of the Past"
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Prato della Valle

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Caffe Pedrocchi

Since the beginning of the '900 and until 1916 it was opened 24 hours 24. For this reason it was called “cafe without doors”. On the ground floor there is a luxury cafe. Some rooms originally used for...
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Getting to Botanical Gardens - Orto Botanico


Via Orto Botanico, 15, 35123 Padova


  • Sunday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
  • Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
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