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Art Museums Tips (17)

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Favorite thing With the Venice card, access to Doges Palace, Correr Museo, with archelogical, and art museos, and a number of others are included. Price on line was 22 Euro, and Doges alone was 11 Euro, and Correr was about 8 Euro. Besides these great sites, there were four palalces that are converted to museums that are super tours. Ca Pescro, Ca, Mocenigo, and Ca' Rezzinico are to be seen.

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Jun 10, 2008


Favorite thing Like most big Italian cities, Venice has some fantastic art to be seen. One of the best places to do this is at the Accedemia which holds the definitive treasure house of Venetian painting.

It is considered one of Europe's great museums. Painting range through the years from the 13th to the 18th centuries and is the largest collection in the world of Venetian painters.

Famous names such as Lorenzo Veneziano, Tintoretto and Titian have works displayed here.

It costs €6.50 (in 2003) to get in and is open Tuesday to Sunday 8:15am-7:15pm and Monday 8:15am-2pm. You can walk from St Marks Square taking the street in the far left hand corner of the square with your back facing St Marks and eventually over the Accedemia bridge.

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Jan 28, 2007

Don't forget the outdoor art!

Favorite thing Venice itself is a living breathing museum. You don't have to go inside anything to be surrounded by art. Venice is art.

Here are a few photos of outdoors art I took during my last visit. I could easily put up a photo of every church, bridge, or building I saw too. I didn't take any murano beads photos, too bad.

Fondest memory I miss feeling like I stepped back in time.

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Oct 07, 2006

Proust In Venice

Favorite thing My gondola followed the course of the small canals; like the mysterious hand of a genie leading me through the maze of this oriental city, they seemed, as I advanced, to be cutting a path for me through the heart of a crowded quarter which they bisected, barely parting, with a slender furrow arbitrarily traced, the tall houses with their tiny Moorish windows; and as though the magic guide had been holding a candle in his hand and were lighting the way for me, they kept casting ahead of them a ray of sunlight for which they cleared a route....
The next day I set out in quest of my beautiful nocturnal piazza, following calle after calle which were exactly like one another and refused to give me the smallest piece of information, except such as would lead me further astray...

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Oct 18, 2005
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Libreria Sansoviniana

Favorite thing This is actually an old library, right in Piazza San Marco. At the time of my visit I caught a nice exhibit about the gold looted by Napoleon, which was eventually returned. I have a fond memory of a kind gentleman who explained the ceiling paintings to me and showed us around.

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Oct 15, 2003

Salvador Dali Exhibit

Favorite thing I will never forget the awesome Dali exhibit I saw in Venice. It was near the Rialto Bridge, I can't remember exactly where, but easy to find. Dali's work was shown as three-dimensional sculptures. The most memorable was his "Persistence of Memory", you know the one with the clocks melting in a surreal landscape. There were bronze sculptures of clocks melting, in verdigris and gold leaf---it was so cool.
I know what you're thinking, "gee, what a geek".

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Oct 13, 2003

Feeling Venice

Fondest memory "Oh it's so old... Oh sometimes it doesn't smell fine... Oh, there are too much tourists..."

My God, what are they talking about? It's so sspecial, so original, so surrealist, so unforgetable, so fool, so exciting...
Don't listen to them, Venice will be always Venice, even underwater

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Apr 16, 2003

The entire city is an art gallery

Favorite thing Fabulous facades and sculpture adorn almost every church and many of the other buildings. It is not necessary to buy a ticket to a museum to see great works of art. Just roam the city and gaze upon the wonderful buildings.

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Feb 13, 2003
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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In this...

In this wonderful little Museum, in Campo de Carita, just crossing the Accademia Bridge, you will find wonderful masterpieces of Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese. Don't miss Tintoretto's Transport of the Body of St. Mark, which shows St. Mark's body being stolen from Alexandria (the camel in the painting is just incredible).

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Sep 12, 2002

the peggy guggenheim museum!...

Favorite thing the peggy guggenheim museum! an awesome collection of modern art. the collection is the perfect size, not too small to get bored and not too large to get overwhelmed.

the collection features prominent pieces from rene magritte, joan miro, picasso, dali, as well as many other influential contemporaries.

Fondest memory traversing the city by foot and getting lost everywhere. the romance that fills the air thanks to many of those riding in those expensive gondola rides.

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Aug 26, 2002

Fondest memory I loved the unexpected art work. The doge mannequins, the artist self-portrait in the picture here, the posters of other artist's impending shows. The rest of Venice was expected and beautiful, but these were little tidbits of what Venetians were doing today.

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Aug 24, 2002

City of arts

Favorite thing Keep your eyes open when in Venice. You are surrounded by art, some old and some modern, like this Mona Lisa display.

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Sep 20, 2005

Things To Do in Venice

Things to do

San Polo District - Sestiere San Polo

The church of San Giulian, commonly called San Zulian in Venetian dialect, is situated on the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. Originally it is structure from the 9th century but...
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Things to do

Canal Grande

this will be my pictures foe the night view of the grand canal The Grand Canal is the main artery of Venice that splits the city rougly into two halves and of which 4 bridges cross the grand canal at...
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Things to do

Ca' Pesaro

This is one of the many museums in Venice. Ca'Pesaro is the International Gallery of Modern Art and Oriental Art Museum in Venice (although I was not so much intrigued by their oriental collection...
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Things to do

Campo Santa Margherita

Piazzas are the happening centers here and there throughout the city. Some have less activity than others. This one was quite busy. I think because it was near the schools for the kids. We noticed...
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Things to do

Palazzo Grassi

The "Punta della Dogana" building has now been restored by the French billionaire François Pinault. A new museum opened on June 6, 2009 as new centre of contemporary art displaying artists from the...
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Things to do

Ca' Rezzonico

The baroque palazzo Ca' Rezzonico at the Canale Grande - with its striking facade of white marble - is one of the finest examples of Venice city palaces now open to the public. It was built in the...
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