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Venice Tour Including Gondola Ride
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Gondole Tips (50)


Favorite thing A part of each people’s imaginary, gondolas are present all over Venice. It seems that their only use now is travelling tourists for the mandatory pictures.

I never used them, but from the bridges it is easy to notice something missing in the cliché: the boatmen don’t sing anymore.

Well, with so many tourists around maybe that must be considered a progress towards peace of mind…

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Mar 31, 2016

Gondola Serenade

Favorite thing Some of the gondola tours come with both a gondolier and singer and a musician who serenades you with various Italian songs like the much demand "O Sole Mio" and a variety if English Love songs as well. you can tell the gondola ticket office at the gondola stations that you want a gondola serenade singer with you (and your group as if your are a total of 6 in a boat, the 30 minute gondola ride with serenade will cost only 41 euros per person and if you are just two in a boat, then you pay 120 euros per person) so if you are a couple with your fellow friends who are also couples, then it is best that 6 of you share the boat so it will only cost 41 euros per person and the experience is Priceless!

you must then tip the three for a minimum of 5 euros each at the tip box at the drop off point.

If you are like me who view the Gondola Ride as a Priceless Experience and would not mind the cost of riding one, then you would enjoy the Gondola Ride.

gondola rides start at 9:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday

Fondest memory again is you a a tight wad or a cheapskate then don't bother.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2016

General tip

Favorite thing Much has been written about Venice. You can find a lot of information on the Internet.
You should've seen Venice. But I been glad I did not go specifically only for the city .Many cities are also worth a visit. Such as Barcelona, Budapest, Brusssel and Antwerp.
The venece of Las vegas is a nice copy. (lol)

Fondest memory To many people ?

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Oct 26, 2012

Gondola Serenade

Favorite thing No trip to Venice is complete without experiencing a ride in a Gondola. It is very touristy but an essential thing to do. Apart from the romantic aspect it is a great way to see another side of Venice - from the small canals.

As you are polled around you can see many buildings that are slowly being swallowed by a watery grave. Ancient doorways can be seen way below the waterline proving the rising water line.

Angie & I had a memorable ride with some Aussies around the waterways. Two of them were Italian Aussies so could translate the Gondalier's rantings as he manouvered his boat around the tight turns.

Ah Venice........

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Sep 12, 2006
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The different views on the water

Favorite thing San Marco square, Napoleonic gardens, Giudecca, Rialto bridge, are the quality that composed a character of this city.

Fondest memory For to enter completely inside the heart of Venice, the best thing to do, is to cross the water way "the arteries" that it will bring directly to the center of its soul. There are scenes that you only can see it from the water.

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Sep 18, 2005

Very expensive, but for a special occasion ....

Favorite thing Very expensive, but for a special occasion ... why not ?

What can be more romantic than having your wedding in Venice. And in that case you take of course also the most romantic mean of transport , what else ....... the gondola !

Fondest memory It's was wonderful to see this lovely bridal couple in the gondola at their weddingday, at the last day we were strolling around in Venice.

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Apr 21, 2005

There is always room to bargain...

Favorite thing There is always room to bargain. A lot of times u will fail, especially when u are bargaining with people that do it 30 times a day, 365 days a year. But you arent going to get better at it if u dont try, and if u dont exceed, atleast u know u tried.

When it comes to getting the best price on a gondola ride in venice, u have to be able to stand your ground. Most times u will get offered a price at around 70 to 80 euros. Try not to pay that if u dont have to, but honestly, sometimes they wont budge.

Always question the price, and dont be afraid to drop it 10 euros. try not to drop the price to drastically or u might *** them off. Anything under 65 eruros u should be able to live with. If u cant live with it, then dont pay it...

Good luck on the bargaining table...

*Please feel free to rate this tip, or any of my other tips. i am always looking to improve them. thank u...

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Feb 12, 2005

Gondola Making - A Dying Art?

Favorite thing I took a tour of a gondola shop, or squero, where they make those asymmetrical boats Venice is famous for. They used to be the locals' regular transportation, but now are only used by tourists. I was surprised and saddened to learn that fewer and fewer people are going into the business of gondola making.

The gondolier who spoke with us was married to the daughter of the gondola shop owner. He said you could count the squeros left in Venice on one hand, and that no one new is taking up the profession these days. He explained how gondolas are made by hand using numerous different kinds of wood for different parts, and how you'd have to apprentice for years to really learn how to make them well. I don't know what they'll do when no one's left to make them or repair them anymore... ?

Fondest memory One of my most romantic memories is of watching a couple tango-dancing on the steps of the Salute Church, which led right down into the water. I was in a gondola, complete with accordian player and singer, the moon was out, and the church was all lit up at night... fantastic!!!

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Jan 12, 2005
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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Favorite thing Gondola is undoubtely the most famous emblem of the city of Venice. These unique boats, which inspired the melodious song known as the barcarola, have acted as discreet witnesses to countless passionate love affairs, such as Alfred de Musset and George Sand, Eleonora Duse and Gabriele D'Annunzio, Lord Byron and his endless procession of concubines, and ........there is more of course.

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Oct 03, 2004


Favorite thing I really enjoyed exploring the back canals of Venice and found it just as enjoyable as being in St Mark's Square. It was especially entertaining if you came across a traffic jam of gondolas. It was nice to see them all up close as you can hear the singing or the playing of instruments on board the gondolas.

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Jul 26, 2004

Squero di San Trovaso

Favorite thing In Venetian dialect, squero means workshop. The Squero di San Trovaso is a boat- builder shop, more exactly a gondola repair and construction yard. There are not many left in Venice, and the most famous (and most picturesque) is the Squero di San Trovaso.

Just off the Zattere in Dorsoduro - turn off Zattere at Ponte Lungo, along Fondamenta Nani.

Fondest memory The alpine-style workshop, window sills clad with geraniums is a throw back to the first occupants who came from the mountainous Cadore region north of Venice.

It is not open to the public, but we passed the squero numerous times and saw gondolas being worked on outside all the time across the Rio di San Trovaso canal.

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Jul 18, 2004

Hystory or Story Telling ??

Favorite thing Concerning the "ferro", the decorative iron work on the front of the gondola....

The Venetians like to inform us, tourists, that its shape comes from the Doge's crown and the six fingers in it represent the six sestieri ( neighborhoods ) of the city, but it seems that there is no written proofs of this.
Once upon a time... tourists started taking rides in the gondola and asking what the decoration on the front stood for...

By the way.... this misty picture was not taken by me... My brother took it in 2002

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May 17, 2004

Things To Do Near Venice

Things to Do

San Polo District - Sestiere San Polo

The church of San Giulian, commonly called San Zulian in Venetian dialect, is situated on the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. Originally it is structure from the 9th century but...
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Things to Do

Canal Grande

this will be my pictures foe the night view of the grand canal The Grand Canal is the main artery of Venice that splits the city rougly into two halves and of which 4 bridges cross the grand canal at...
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Things to Do

Ca' Pesaro

This is one of the many museums in Venice. Ca'Pesaro is the International Gallery of Modern Art and Oriental Art Museum in Venice (although I was not so much intrigued by their oriental collection...
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Things to Do

Campo Santa Margherita

Piazzas are the happening centers here and there throughout the city. Some have less activity than others. This one was quite busy. I think because it was near the schools for the kids. We noticed...
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Things to Do

Palazzo Grassi

The "Punta della Dogana" building has now been restored by the French billionaire François Pinault. A new museum opened on June 6, 2009 as new centre of contemporary art displaying artists from the...
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Things to Do

Ca' Rezzonico

The baroque palazzo Ca' Rezzonico at the Canale Grande - with its striking facade of white marble - is one of the finest examples of Venice city palaces now open to the public. It was built in the...
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