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Strolling Tips (26)

Strolling: Gospel

There was not much to see at night this winter in Venice. We walked a while, searching for live music somewhere, but we only saw a few tiny bars spilling wine into many noisy but not musical tourists.

Suddenly, someone came out the church of St Geremia. Strange, at that hour of the night!

We entered, and found a choir in a gospel performance. Unexpected, and a good detail to end the night!

solopes's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2016

Strolling: Magical Night on the Canals

I took these photos coming back from dinner. When I looked at them on the computer, I immediately thought of the paintings of Turner and some of the other Impressionists like Van Gogh. The scenery was so picturesque that it was unreal.

I came back during the day and took photos where we had been.

grandmaR's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2013

Strolling: Venice at night

Venice is not a very vibrant city after midnight but that is also the charm of it.

To walk trough the small streets and campo's in the middle of the night without a map and only hearing footsteps around some corner now and then is a great experience (especially when you are walking in the "Murderers Alley") . Venice at night is very safe and a couple of boatlines are going every our of the night.

marcwensma's Profile Photo
Feb 15, 2010

Strolling & bar hopping: Vino in a Campo

Bars and enoteche are typically small in Venice, so a large crowd tends to form outside, even in cool weather. When the weather is on the warmer side, tables are even set outside. The ban on smoking has certainly fuelled the practice. When visiting Venice, make sure to go out drinking in the area surrounding Ponte di Rialto, which has the largest concentration of popular bars, especially among the locals. You will notice that most people drink wine out of a stem glass, even outdoors on the campo! Given that many of the local Venetians need to catch the last train to the mainland, Venice's bar scene tends to peak on the early side, perhaps around 8pm or so.

Dress Code Elegant for sure!

MM212's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2009
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Strolling around Venice at night: Nights in Venice

Venice is quite safe to wander around at night - as a lone female, I didn't encounter any worries. As far as I know there are no 'No Go' areas

There are plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants to sit outside and enjoy the night air. Bear in mind that Venices restaurants close quite early around 22.30 ( I read that this was because many of the restaurant workers live in Mestre and other mainland towns, and need to get the train or bus back home)

My visit at Christmas 2007, I found that one of my favourite places for a drink was the bars around the Rialto Markets, full of locals celebrating the festvities.

The Theatre or Casino are other options for nightlife -there are a few clubs and discos. Mestre has quite a few rock and Jazz clubs, where live music can be heard.

Apparently, the Tortuga Pub off Fondamente Nuova is open to 0100 and plays music- mainly rock, with food served to the early hours (see my restaurant tips)

Classical concerts are advertised, of varying standards.

I enjoyed wandering around, seeing a different side to Venice. You can really get away from the crowds if You want.

You might come across an open air concert, or cinema in one of the campos - these usually start around 20- 2100hrs.

Riding on the vaporettos, You get a different view from the Grand Canal at night - or a more expensive way is a romantic gondola ride.

The Vaporettos run through the night, so You could travel across the lagoon to one of the other islands for a meal and a drink, then return later.

The Campanile is open June to Mid September til 2100hrs, so You can view Venice by night from on high, then treat yourself to a drink at Florians or Quadris, listening to the orchestras - expensive, but an experience!

Guided night walks, including ghost walks can be booked at tour offices.

When I was in Venice at Christmas, I came across a fun fair on Riva degli Schiavoni. I think it's only there December and January.

This Christmas, I came across many stalls selling hot mulled wine- I enjoyed a glass from the stall outside the Scalzi church

I also witnessed midnight mass on Christmas Eve in Saint Marks -2006 I stood outside, and viewed the proceedings from a doorway, watching a screen. Christmas Eve 2007, I got a seat inside, although I'd intended going to one of the smaller churches. Christmas Eve 2008, I also sat through Midnight Mass, to the end of the service, when for about 15 minutes, we were all allowed to wander around the Basillica taking photos. It was a magic moment, walking out into the Piazza at around 01.30 hours, then just wandering around taking photos from the Molo.

I enjoyed window shopping at night, especially the designer clothes shops - As they were closed, there was no danger of me upsetting my bank manager!

Dress Code In winter, dress warmly - it can be bitterly cold, walking around at night . I tend to dress up a bit more smartly in Venice too.

suvanki's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2009

Strolling: Hit the streets

Nightlife during the summer months in Venice, is probably like any other city crowded by tourists, the restaurants are full, crowds everywhere. We decided to eat on the roadside places, avoid the fancy restaurants. And stroll the streets until late at night.
Venice does not go to sleep in summer. We bought sketches from students-artists along the way, very good(and cheap) . Of course the shops stay open until very late, and you can shop till you drop , until the small hours of the night, you seeem to buy more at night, I think you are influenced by the lights, and the night atmosphere, everything looks so much nicer.
You probably , once you are there, should try and catch an opera, or ballet.

Dress Code One thing I really like, when I am in Italy, and every one prepares for the Passeggiata in the evening, is watching the difference between the way the Italians get dressed and the tourists. So this is your chance to "get dressed to kill" as I find normally people don't generally do this anymore.
If you really think its worth it, you could try a gondola, if you are in the company of someone special that will be worth the ride. I thought at that time it was too expensive , or we got a rip-off artist, I was speaking English? I was dressed too chic? (approx 150 euros).
So probably this could fall under Tourist Trap?
Another warning, before you order at San Marco Piazza, ask the waiter "Quanto costa", or you could be in for a nasty surprise.
We were also disappointed by the food, so be a little more discerning when you buy food on the roadside cafes.

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Sep 08, 2008

Strolling: Venice at night

Is not a thing to do is a thing you must to do, a stroll on Venice at night, for romantic trip, for family trip and just for a walk. In the same time you enjoy with the walk you do with the live music from the cafes in St Marks Square and getting lost from the canals. Is a good choice if you don´t know what to do.

Es una cosa que debes de hacer, un paseo por Venecia de noche ya sea para los romantico, para las familias o simplemente por caminar. A la vez que disfrutas del paseo también difrutas de la música que viene de los cafés de la plaza de san marcos, otra cosas para hacer es perderte por los canales de noche, una experiencia única.

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Aug 20, 2008

Strolling: Get lost wandering backstreets late at night

Other than the small wine bars or the squares like Campo Santa Margherita that you bump into during a stroll,
again, (see things to do tip)
my favorite thing to do in Venice is wander late at night by myself, always taking a dark backstreet whenever there is a choice.

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Apr 21, 2008
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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Strolling: Venice by Night

I didn't see are any nightspots e.g discotheques or nightclubs on Venice Island but after a long day exploring Venice, you can slow the pace by having a late dinner at a local Trattoria or restaurant.

Otherwise, you can also take a walk in the evening when there's less crowd. Areas around Piazza San Marco and Ponte di Rialto are quite romantic ;-)

BorneoGrrl's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2007

Strolling: when your strolling with the one you love!!!!

just strolling around in the early hours of the morning ,listening to your own footsteps ,was that a red cape i saw!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic atmosphere,especially when its foggy. whooooooooo


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Apr 05, 2007

Walking around at night

Being in Venice you can't miss to see this city at night. Venice is beautiful during the day, but at night it's totally different story. Just take a walk form Piazza Roma to Piazza San Marco. You will pass close to Rialto Bridge from where you will be able to admire a great view of Canale Grande.
Just fallow the signs on the walls or just go forward, sooner or later you will get to the Piazza San Marco.

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Oct 13, 2006

Strolling: Wandering / Gorgeous Bridge of Sighs view

Stroll the city at night- it's a must!! If you can't afford to eat at any of the restaurants, just walk around the city and people watch.

One good path: Start at the alley just off of St. Mark's Square next to the cathedral (when you are looking at St. Mark's, it is on your left). Take a right at the next path that seems relatively full of people; keep walking down that path. There will be some restaurants, some bridges (of course!), some gelato stands, some phones (in case you have a calling card) and the most gorgeous backview of the Bridge of Sighs. At night, the Bridge is lit and it seems to come out of nowhere. If you're lucky, a musician will be playing on the bridge you cross, giving you the most perfect Venetian moment you could ever ask for.

Dress Code Anything you want!

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Jul 11, 2006

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San Polo District - Sestiere San Polo

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Canal Grande

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Ca' Pesaro

This is one of the many museums in Venice. Ca'Pesaro is the International Gallery of Modern Art and Oriental Art Museum in Venice (although I was not so much intrigued by their oriental collection...
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Campo Santa Margherita

Piazzas are the happening centers here and there throughout the city. Some have less activity than others. This one was quite busy. I think because it was near the schools for the kids. We noticed...
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Palazzo Grassi

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Ca' Rezzonico

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