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"Private Excursion by Typical Venetian Motorboat to Murano
"Private Excursion by Typical Venetian Motorboat to Murano Burano and Torcello""Get on board on a typical Venetian motor boat named ""topetta"" and start discovering the lagoon of Venice.Departing from the city center enjoy a ride through picturesque canals and the lagoon and visit the islands of Murano Burano and Torcello.Murano is famous since the XII Century for the artistic glass production. If you wish you can visit a glass factory and watch an expert glass master in action. The island is also rendered for San Donato Cathedral San Pietro Church
From EUR110.00
Grand Canal Boat Private Tour: Murano and Burano
"The best way to know and experience Venice is certainly by getting on a private boat and travelling around the Grand Canal that is reasonably defined as “the most beautiful avenue in the world.” The crew will lead you through the most beautiful history; point out the monuments architectural masterpieces art and introduce to the lives of those who created or enjoyed it – artists noblemen courtesans and other inhabitants of the lagoon.  To get a better insight of the Venetian culture you will be invited to visit Murano island that ever since all around the world is known for its glass production – worth-seeing mastery of blowi meet some locals
From EUR480.00
"Murano Burano and Torcello Half-Day Sightseeing Tour""Board a comfortable motorboat departing from the Alilaguna pier in front of the Royal Gardens and speed along the Venetian Lagoon to three islands famous for their handicrafts and architecture. You’ll cruise past the islands of San Giorgio Maggiore San Servolo San Lazzaro degli Armeni and Sant’Elena Gardens to Murano
From EUR20.00

Isola Burano Tips (72)

Colours and lace in Burano

The second stop on our cruise was the island of Burano, which is located about 8 km north of Venice. If Murano is known all around the world for its glass production, Burano is almost as famous for its lace. Around 4,000 people live on this tiny island, which is also famous for its brightly painted houses. To this day, fishing and lacemaking remain the island's two biggest industries. Burano's lace has long been recognized as some of the finest produced in Europe thanks to a special technique called "punto in aria" that was developed by the island's lacemakers in the 16th century. In 1872, a school of lacemaking was even established on the island to teach this technique to young women (the school is now home to the Museum of Lace). However, one should know that the lacework found in the island's numerous little shops is not all authentic Burano lace, which might actually be a good thing because real lace made the traditional way can be very expensive given the number of hours that goes into making a piece.

Since we only had 40 minutes to spend on the island, we used most of our time in Burano to walk up and down the lively little streets and take pictures of the island's colourful houses. We also stopped by a couple of lace shops (didn't find any pigs there!) and visited the church of San Martino, which is open to visitors free of charge. The church's campanile is one of the region's most famous leaning bell towers and it can best be admired from the lagoon where it seems to greet visitors who have chosen to escape from Venice for a few hours. I have to admit that of the three islands we visited on that day, Burano was my favourite!

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Sep 21, 2010

Excursion of the islands

Serenissime Motoscafi, Venezia provide a trip to the three islands Murano, Burano and Torcello.
They tour takes about 3 to 4 hours.

First stop is Murano, where you can see how the glass of Murano is produced, followed by the usual visit to a glass shop. After that, you have to rush back to the boat and won't have the time to explore the rest of the island.

Burano is next and of course you can see how their lace is produced. The stop is very short and doesn't allow you more than just walking down the little streets for a few minutes.

Torcello is the last stop and does not offer much.

After all, we spent EUR 13 (Students Price, normal Price EUR 19) which is a fair price, but you just don't have enough time.

So we left the tour halfway through and went back to Burano to explore the island on our own.

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Aug 16, 2008


Burano Island is noted for the colorful splashes of paint that distinguish home ownership or "the bright purple walls are my home" address. Each home has it's own color. I wonder what they do on a dark night?
The real beauty lies in the windows with the flower boxes that add the magic touch to a walking tour of the byways of Burano.

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Apr 27, 2008


Burano is one of the must island visits when in Venice. If only to see the spectacular colors that transform the homes into personal artworks and makes the waterways come alive as an artist's palate.
Make sure you cross over the many bridges and walk the lanes of these splashes of color to truly enjoy Burano.

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Apr 27, 2008
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Take a trip to Burano

We took a tour that went to Murano, Burano and Torcello. Next time we go to Venice (love it, so will definitely go back) I would take taxis to the islands instead, particularly Burano.

There was very little time allowed in Murano, only enough to watch a glass blowing demonstration. Would like to explore the island more. Would also like more time in Burano as I just love the beautifully coloured houses. It would be a treat to stay on the island for one of the nights in Venice I think. There was only enough time to briskly walk across Torcello to the habitated area (well there were a couple of buildings there), quickly stick your head into the church, grab a souvenir if so inclined then briskly head back to the ferry.

But definitely go to Burano - beautiful!

Mar 27, 2008


The island of Burano was famous for lace making in the past. All the houses there are painted in brightly colours. It is said the reason was that the fishermen who lived there wished to spot their houses from afar when coming home.

Burano is formed by four islands linked together and is located near the island of Torcello.

You can get there by vaporetto. You can take it from Fondamenta Nuove (it is a street name). The journey lasts around 40 minutes.

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Jan 14, 2008

Burano part III:Mysterious Carvings

I had seen round plates with animal carvings in Venice on a church, but had no idea what they could stand for. In Burano I saw them again, this time on the facade of a normal house.
Each circle holds two animals, one on top of the other, either riding on it or eating it.
I still have no idea what they symbolize, if anyone can help me there, I'd really appreciate it.

Update from May 2007:
VT Member Trekki pointed me in the right direction, towards byzantine architectural ornaments. I checked in a lot of books and finally found a reference to these ornaments. It seems they were put up partly a simple ornaments and partly as "messages".
A book called "Physiologus" had attributed certain characteristics to certain animals, so putting up two good animals was seen as an extra protection of the inhabitants of the house. An ornament showing two evil animals was supposed to tell evil spirits to stay away from there, as their place was already taken.

Reading about this got me interested in this book, it seems this concept is still existing in our
imagination today. Think about Disney's "Lion King", in which the lion is seen as the king of the animal world and not, for example, the elefant or the giraffe. In the Physiologus the lion stood for kingdom.

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May 27, 2007

Burano, part II: St Martin's Church

For such a small island this is a very large church, again holding many paintings , among them a painting showing a miracle which is supposed to have happened on Burano's shores.A marble coffin holding the remains of a martyr was floating in the water near Burano, but nobody, not even the strongest men, could pull it ashore. Finally some small children went into the water and brought it onto the island without any effort. This painting was done in 1690 by Antonio Zanchi. It shows this miracle in great detail.
The painting which impressed me most was completely different. It shows a saint and a young Jesus , both wearing very modern clothes. This was done in 1945. I tried to take a picture of it, but it turned out to be too dark.

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Apr 17, 2007
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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Burano, part I

We went to Burano early in the morning, as we wanted to be there before the crowds. The weather was beautiful again, we were able to see the snow-covered mountains far away. In Burano the vendors were just putting up their stalls, it was a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. We strolled through some streets in which we were the only people around.
Later that day, when we came back to have lunch (excellent!, see my restaurant tip), it was a lot livelier. There was a market going on and both locals and tourists were busy doing their shopping.
The most striking element in Burano is the colour of the houses, especially when you see them reflected in the water. Since the day before had been really wet, many umbrellas were hanging upside down from the windows, a very practical method of drying them.

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Apr 17, 2007


Half an hour Vaporetto ride away from St. Marks Square is the quaint fishing village of Burano. The often photographed island (note the pastel colored houses, sometimes justaposed to white laundry) is known for lace making. Great place to spend the afternoon and have a late lunch.

Take Vaporetto #12 from San Marco or #14 from Fondamente Nuove (in Cannaregio). It take about 40 minutes to get there.

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Mar 16, 2007

Colorful Houses and Great Seafood

Burano is a fishing village on an island near the big island of Venice. The first thing you may notice as you get close is the varied colored of the homes. Legend says that the fishermen wanted to see their home as soon as they got close to the island, so they painted them all a different color to make it more noticeable.

The island is renowned for its lacework and there are plenty of shops selling lace of all designs and sizes, including clothing.

Enjoy a dinner of seafood risotta, a specialty of Burano. After all, it's an island, seafood is as fresh as it gets.

To get there: head to a water taxi stand and check for the routes to the other islands. the taxi runs less frequently than the one headed to Lido, so double-check before you hop on. But it's a fairly quick trip and you'll get a nice little tour as you pass by Murano and the cemetary island.

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Jan 28, 2007

Burano - The famous leaning tower!

After this walk we came to Via Baldascare Galuppi that opened onto the square with the same name. It was time for a late lunch. We had a really great lunch at Trattoria "Da Primo" at Piazza Caluppi, the main square. It offered us traditional dishes based on a time-honoured cooking tradition that makes ample use of the local fish produce, the typical ingredients of the humble fishermen and farmers of the island, the harvest of the lagoon. The food was simple but very tasty, and splendid in the simplicity of its preparation.

After this lunch we visited the San Martino Cathedral, which was build in the 16th century. The famous leaning tower is of the early 18th century. It also houses the "Crocefissione" painting by Tiepolo. We also saw some women working away at their lacy creations in the shade of their homes and in the parks. Lace making was a craft which was valued very high of and Burano is very famous because of it. But choose carefully if you plan to buy lace on Burano, as these days much of the cheaper stuff is imported from Asia. If you're interested in the lace history of Burano we recommend you to visit the Museo del Merletto, which explores the craft and history of Burano lace.

Our conclusion is that Burano is a treat for the senses. Vibrant colour is everywhere, Italian pizza wafts through the air, small faily-owned cafes offer detectable meals, lacey linens feel cool and soft to be touched. But, best of all, the sounds of Burano offer a quiet playfulness compared to the crowded bustling of Venice.

The island of Burano.

Burano can be reached from the Fondamenta Nuove of Murano Faro stop, taking the LN Line.

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Jan 08, 2007

Things to Do Near Isola Burano

Things to Do

Museo del Merletto - Lace Museum

The museum, which opened in 1981, is situated in the old Lace-School of Burano, founded in 1871 by Countess Andriana Marcello with the aim of revitalising a centuries-old tradition. In the museum...
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Things to Do

Museo del Vetro - Glass Museum

Housed in the Palazzo Giustinian on the Fondamenta Giustinian (a short step from the Murano Museo vaporetto stop) is the Glass Museum dedicated to Murano's long-standing connection with glass making....
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Things to Do

Basilica dei SS Maria e Donato - Church of Santa Maria e San Donato

The beautiful colonnaded exterior of the apse of this church are the architectural highlight I found most memorable from my brief visit to Murano. The exterior of this church is very attractive, but...
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Campo Santa Maria Formosa

Campo Santa Maria Formosa is certainly one of the more important squares in Venice as well as one of the largest. The three areas of Venice – Castello, Cannaregio, and San Marco converge on it....
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Museo Storico Navale - Naval Museum

I was and still am fascinated by Venice’s ship building power in Arsenale. And since in May 2007 the Arsenale ground was not open for visitors visiting at least the Museo Storico Navale was very high...
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Things to Do

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

San Zanipolo or with its full name Chiesa Santi Giovanni e Paolo was my favourite church in Venezia (apart from the Basilica, but this is another world). I still don’t know why, maybe because it is so...
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