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Private Tour: Venice Art and Architecture Walking Tour
"Highlights on the tour include the interior of the grand Gothic San Giovanni and Paolo church with the largest stained-glass window in Venice and the jewel-box Renaissance exterior of the Miracoli church.During the tour you will make your way through a maze of narrow alleyways to the area where the illustrious Venetian Marco Polo lived. Along the way your informative guide will give you a clear understanding of the evolution of a broad range of artistic and architectural achievements in Venice."""Discover the incomparable art and architecture of Venice on a private walking tour with your very own guide. You'll focus on areas of architectural and artistic richness away from the well-trodden pathways and enjoy personalized attention on your private title=Tour+Highlights&1=Two-hour+private+guided+walk+through+Venice&2=Focus+on+the+art+and+architecture+of+Venice&3=Stained-glass+window+of+San+Giovanni+and+Paolo+church+and+beautiful+Miracoli+church&4=Enjoy+privileged%2C+personalized+attention+from+your+
From EUR37.00
Private Tour: Venice Grand Canal Evening Boat Tour
"This Grand Canal cruise follows an ideal itinerary for lovers of architecture taking you from the Byzantine and flamboyant Gothic periods to masterpieces of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.The tour begins at the church of Madonna della Salute and returns along Giudecca's Canal where Palladio's masterful churches of the Redentore and San Giorgio Maggiore will dramatically reveal themselves.Soak up the atmosphere and history of magnificent Venetian palaces and churches including Ca' Venier Ca' Foscari Ca' Rezzonico the famous Rialto Bridge Ca' d'Oro
From EUR59.00
Private Tour: Venice Gondola Ride Including the Grand Canal
"Step aboard your boat at a gondola stop near St Mark’s Square and then sit back and relax as your gondolier expertly navigates your gondola around the waterways. The traditional flat-bottomed boats have been used for centuries in the city and as you explore the canals your onboard guide will keep you entertained with trivia and history about them. Cruise along Rio della Madonnetta a picturesque channel that borders the San Polo and Santa Croce neighborhoods and enter the Grand Canal. Snaking some 1.9 miles (3km) through the city the famous canal is lined by grandiose churches and glamorous palazzi that look out on the countless gondolas
From EUR70.00

Algiubagio Tips (5)

Algiubagio: Algiubagio revisited (again and again)!


From my previous tip, you can see that I was looking forward to eating here. I wanted to eat here Christmas Day 2008, but being a Tuesday, it was closed - but it was open Boxing Day .
There was a board with a menu outside, I was nearly drooling looking at the choices -one in particular made me smile - Beef with apple and chocolate!!!

Well after a days sightseeing, I'd built up an appetite.

I felt a bit nervous entering the restaurant by myself - as a lone female, I like to be able to suss out a place from the outside - is there a table tucked away?, is it full of romantic couples? Is it too fancy?etc etc.

I was greeted by one of the waiters, and I asked if there was a table for one. He said yes, and held out his arm to escort me to a table at the side of the room - Perfect!!!

I ordered the aforementioned beef, with a salad and glass of sparkling water, and asked the waiters advice on which wine to choose, he recommended one that would compliment the richness of the dish - a Nero Avola - apparently this red wine grape comes from Sicily, and is similar to a Syrah or Shiraz.

While waiting for my food, I had brought a book to read. One of the waiters had spotted it and had got quite excited- it was Anthony Bourdains 'Kitchen Confidential' which I was enjoying reading. He picked it up and said that he was a big fan of Anthony Bourdain. Later he returned with another waiter and asked if I was here for a special reason.

I found out later that apparently someone who knows Mr B. quite well, had eaten at this restaurant. The staff were keen that AB should come to their restaurant to try their dishes, especially the beef and chocolate (as he's noted for trying unusual dishes) As I'd ordered this dish, and was reading his book, they'd thought that I was connected in some way - I wish!!

Well, the beef was superlative!!!
It was well presented . The waiter explained that there were slices of sharp raw apple, pieces of cooked apple and the chocolate sauce. He advised that I ate a small piece of each with the beef to get the contrasting flavours.
Wow!!! The beef on its own was gorgeous, very tender and with a good flavour, but the chocolate and apple blew me away. I've had apple with pork, but not beef before, though I've had chocolate with beef in chilli dishes.
This was definitely my 'Last Meal' main course choice! I even had a photo of it as my 'phone screen saver for a while!!

All in All, I'd had a great night here, it was well worth a visit - Great food, lovely atmosphere, and charming waiters! I felt quite at ease here.

Venice has a reputation for poor food, I'd say that this place is one of those establishments trying to change the cities reputation.
UPDATE - to celebrate my 50th Birthday, It had to be Venice, with my friends, and this was where I wanted to eat. As I was in Venice for Christmas, I had chance to call in and book a table -this would be for the first night that Algiubagio re-opened, after some refurbishment.

For the next few weeks, Giulio (one of the owners) and I were e-mailing, while a menu and budget was decided on. I liked the choices, but was aware, that my friends might not be in favour of the dishes, or price. It was decided that some would probably chose from the main menu on the night - I was starting to get quite apprehensive as the meal approached-in the end, I needn't have worried, from start to finish, we had excellent service, and my friends all went with the menu that Giulio had planned. They are still raving about our meal in Algiubagio!

Menu and prices to follow

June 2013 During our long weekend in Padova, I was hoping to get the chance to see Venice. Phil agreed to a 'short' visit and in order to avoid the crowds, I decided that Algiubagio would be a good place to head to for a relaxing drink and to enjoy the views across the lagoon. There are a few seats outside the restaurant for those wanting drinks, while the covered 'pontoon' is for diners only now. We enjoyed an excellent Aperol Spritz each.

Favorite Dish The Beef with chocolate and apple - I'm still drooling over it now! Tender Aberdeen Angus fillet, with a smooth dark chocolate sauce, unsweetened, but not too bitter. Sharp raw acidic apple slices and cooked sweeter pieces of apple (25 euros)

Side salad of mixed leaves, carrot, tomato etc (which I'm afraid that I didn't finish - It was fresh and tasty, but I was too busy devouring my beef!) (4.50 euros)

0.75 litre bottle of carbonated water - (3 euros)

1 glass wine - Nero Avola - I'm no wine expert, but I thought this was a lovely wine - I did well to restrict myself to the one glass! (3.80 euros)

bread 3 euros

No Service Charge!!

Total 39.30 euros, which I thought was quite good value - especially compared to my previous nights meal near the Rialto Bridge.

suvanki's Profile Photo
Jun 08, 2013

Algiubagio: Atmospheric bar/restaurant Fondamente Nuova

I stopped here (June 07) while waiting for the No. 13 vaporetta to Sant Erasmo. This bar/restaurant is next to the vaporetto stations for the Lagoon islands, and near to the stop for Marco Polo airport.

I sat on the outside terrace, and enjoyed a cold beer. It is a pleasant place to enjoy views to the cemetery island of San Michele and Murano , over the troughs of red geraniums.

After I'd finished my beer I went inside to pay and use the toilet.

A lovely dark wooden interior with glass lampshades. Blackboards and brass fittings. There was a selection of food on display, plus a selection of confectionary and tobacco.

Oh and the waiters were all very handsome!!

The toilets were clean - the wash basin was a stone trough with water pouring from a bronze lions mouth!

I really liked this quirky place, and had intended eating here on my way back to the airport.

The menu looked quite interesting! Unfortunately it was closed (Tuesday). By Italian Law, all restaurants have to close one day a week.

The building in which Algiubagio is located used to be a boat-house, or barchessa, which you can appreciate more, if you eat in the restaurant.

Exposed brickwork, and a stunning orange Murano glass lampshade.

The owners of this restaurant also own a pizzeria/ gelateria a few metres away to the left of Algiubagio, where You can sit inside, or take away - quality fresh baked pizza - whole or a slice and yummy ice cream.

Since this initial visit, I have eaten twice at Algiubagio, once at Christmas 2008, then in January 2010, where 10 of us celebrated my 50th Birthday. These have been 2 of my best dining experiences ever, and this is my favourite restaurant not just in Venice, but THE favourite. Hoping to return again soon.

Favorite Dish This restaurant specialises in Venetian cuisine, with a twist, their signature dish is Aberdeen Angus beef served with apples and a chocolate sauce-delicious!

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Aug 06, 2010

Algiubagio Pizzeria and Gelateria: Delicious Pizza and Ice Cream

CANNAREGIO Not to be confused with their Restaurant further along FN.

I was waiting for the vaporetto to San Michele, when I spotted this place, the pizzas smelt delicious, so I decided to eat here before getting the waterbus.

I was surprised to see that it was called Algiubagio, as the restaurant of the same name is a few metres away - apparently it is owned by the same people. This was a good reason to eat here- I'd enjoyed a drink here at my previous visit, and was looking forward to eating there during this visit - especially since I'd read many good reviews in food and travel articles.

This place is quite small and is divided into 2 areas of Pizzeria and Ice cream parlour. There was just one young man serving. Very handsome! - I'm sure that the Algiubagio group only employ gorgeous men!

As I arrived, he was in the process of removing pizzas from the oven, then slicing them into portions. I pointed to the pizza that I wanted - topping of cheese, mushrooms and artichoke hearts. I ate this outside -Mmmm delicious - nice herb flavour, with a base that was just right!

Now, it's December 26th, it's quite cold - Oh Yes, I'll have an Ice Cream!!

I've recently become quite addicted to good ice cream, and the ones on display looked quite appetising. I selected a double scoop of velvety chocolate in a cone.
Again, delicious!!

I paid 2.00 euros for the pizza and 2 euros for the Ice cream - Well worth it!!

I'll certainly visit here again!
Christmas 2008- got here just as they were closing, - :-(

UPDATE Christmas 2009 - I'm afraid that this place was less appealing this visit- I wanted a coffee but the machine was 'Broken' which I interpreted as 'not worth setting up for just one person' There were a lot of scruffy hand scribbled price lists in the window, and above the counter one of those electric display boards with photos of pizzas etc.

I did return the next day for a slice of pizza and a coffee which were both good, but the service wasn't as charming as my previous visit (the 'handsome staff policy' had ceased too!)

However, I'll still return here for pizza and coffee.

UPDATE JUNE 2013 - This place has undergone a transformation - still serving Pizza and gelato, but looks much more appealing now.The Algiubagio sign has been partly covered (pic 4)

Favorite Dish The pizza slice was first class -- very tasty. Tomato base, cheese, artichoke hearts, and I think ham - this could have been a Pizza Capricciosa (if so, I think it would have had egg as well) - I just pointed to the one that had just come out of the oven, and wolfed it down!

The dark chocolate ice cream was quality! rich, creamy with the right mix of bitterness/sweetness.

June 2013 Phil and I had a good sized wedge of Pizza, with mushrooms and salami, which was fresh and very tasty. Still good value for just over 2 Euros!

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Jun 08, 2013

Caffè Algiubagiò!: Typical venetian bar for a break in the afternoon

A beatiful "bacaro" where you can drink good wine (good choice) with a sandwich, a big "tramezzino" or a bit-size pizza... There is a peaceful venetian atmosphere... up, in the terrace, in summer there is a beautiful view on the Laguna, with the islands of San Michele, Burano and Torcello. Sometimes actors come here, but prices are medium for Venice...

Favorite Dish I found the bit-size pizzas just marvellous... hot, fresh, a superb food.

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Mar 02, 2004
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Algiubagio: Extraordinary & wonderful experience

I had inquired about a romantic restaurant in Venice from a member here on VT & was directed to Algiubagio. All I can say is that Guilio (co-owner) knows what customer service is and how to treat clients/customers with class. From the instant when we arrived until we said ciao (4 1/2 hours later), we enjoyed a dining extravganza. Impeccable service, outstanding views, unbeliveably delicious food and top notch wine/champagne give you an example of the experience we had at Algiubagio. Thank you Guilio and also to your staff, and looking forward to returning some day soon.

Favorite Dish For our Antipasti, Guilio suggested a combination plate of Prosciutto di parma 20 mesi (Parma ham aged for 20 month) & Miillefoglie con tomino al lardo di norcia e miele di vignole (puff pastry with fresh tomino cheese, served with artichokes honey).

For the Primi piatti, we slected the Ravioli di mare (sea fish ravioli with prawns & black cabbage) and Caprese di bufala e capperi (milky buffalo cheese served with fresh tomatoes & capers).

For the Secondi piatti, I had the Filetto di manzo al gorgonzola e vodka (grill filet of beef cooked with gorgonzola & vodka) while LJ had the Filetto di branzino al lime e menta (plaited fillet of bass with lim and mint).

And for Dolci, LJ had the Crema catalana (Creme brulee) and I had the Tortino di noce con crema di arancio (hazelnut cake with orange cream).

Of course, we had some fantastico Bibite e Bevande to go along with this awesome meal; Moscato V.T., Champagne Brut and Prosecco. To end the evening and also while chatting with Guilio, we ordered due Caffe Correto.

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Apr 16, 2012
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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Getting to Algiubagio


Fondamente Nuove 5039, Canaregio


  • Sunday 07:00 to 00:00
  • Monday 07:00 to 00:00
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 07:00 to 00:00
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