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"Private Tour: San Polo Walking Tour - Merchants
"Private Tour: San Polo Walking Tour - Merchants Courtesans and Painters""In a city where west met the east exotic items like silk and oriental spices were traded along with copper and wood. Many of the courtesans lived in sumptuous apartments and were accomplished musicians and brilliant conversationalists. They were even secretly used as spies for the state.The second part of this tour allows you to admire the Gothic Frari church which dwarfs the eastern section of San Polo. Built by Franciscans in around 1250 it is one of the city's largest places of worship. You will admire its striking interior
From EUR37.00
Skip the Line: Best of Venice Private Tour Including San Marco Doges' Palace and Gondola Ride
"See the very best Venice has to offers in one day private walking tour. Explore historic sites including an extended visit to St Mark’s Basilica with our very knowledgeable English-speaking guide. No queuing and VIP treatment all the way with this exclusive package. You will be immersed in Venetian culture as you meander through Venice perhaps Venice’s most famous landmark. Here you can admire the magnificence of the Doge’s Palace and with 'skip-the-line' tickets you will soon be inside discovering the beautiful ceilings with frescoes by Tintoretto and walls adorned with paintings by V Venice’s famous lover and writer was imprisoned in one of the palace attics before managing to escape? Next is the highlight of the tour; the spectacular Basilica San Marco. The guide will point out how eastern architecture and western design have come together to create the Basi some made in the city and others plundered during the crusades. Of particular interest are the 11th century mosaics some of the few treasures that have survived the Basilica’s floods and fires over the centuries. This carefully designed guided tour includes many other famous sites includingCampo San Giovanni e Paolo
From EUR760.00
Venice Like a Local: Private Walking Tour
"A secret walking tour that will allow you to know the best preserved and authentic face of the city: narrow streets and canals beautiful squares and churches.Discover the areas of the city less frequented by the bustle of tourists and experience the authentic Venice following routes more peculiar than the classic tourist tours. There are numerous examples of places that bridges and facades.The tour departs from the top middle section of Rialto Bridge and explore the secret spots of Rialto and San Polo area. The route can be customised according to your personal wishes."""Discover the authenticity of Venice and visit those hidden pathways and secret spots like a local. Explore the city's streets during this 2-hours walking tour with the help of knowledgeable local guide.title=Highlights&1=%3Cp%3E2-hour+private+walking+tour+of+Venice%3C%2Fp%3E&2=%3Cp%3ESee+the+hidden+side+of+Venice+only+locals+know%3C%2Fp%3E&3=%3Cp%3EGet+away+from+the+crowds+to+see+authentic+Venice%3C%2Fp%3E&4=%3Cp%3EChoose+a+morning+or+afternoon+tour%3C%""
From EUR250.00

Food, wine and sweets Tips (18)

Food, wine and sweets: Doge Palace Convenience Store

If you don't have time to buy water or an energy drink or forgot to brink a water bottle while touring the Doge Palace, then fear not as along the ground floor courtyard of the Doge Palace beside the cafeteria is a Mini Convenience store where you can buy basic food and drinks to quench your thirst. the convenience store here mostly sells just assorted bottled water and softrinks and fruit jices and iced teas and some snack foods but do not have other items you can find at regular convenience stores such as toiletries, umbrellas, personal care products, etc.

opens: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm everyday

What to buy like what I've said, mostly various bottled water and other drinks and some snacks and the prices are higher than buying them at supermarkets as the doge palace is an attraction after all.

What to pay higher than buying them at groceries outside the doge palace

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2016

Food, wine and sweets: Convenience Stores In Venice

Venice has a large concentration of neigborhood alimentari (Grocery Stores) and even various convenience stores of different kinds and brands of which sells various goods you can find in a typical convenience store like personal care items, assorted dried foodstuffs, various drinks that range from bottled water to fruit juices to beers and wines and assorted fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits and even some fresh meat items and italian dairy products such as various cold cuts, cheeses and bufalla mozzarella balls and even local sandwiches and light meals an pizza slices which you can have reheated at the microwave ovens

most convenience stores are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm everyday

What to buy you can buy practically everything you need for travel in the convenience store such as microwaveable food and sandwiches, bottled water, energy drinks, supplies you need for you tour (if you are tourists like us) at cheaper rates than buying it at the touristy places you go or at the hotels.

What to pay way cheaper then buying them at restaurants and bars but prices are still higher than buying them in Mestre at the Mainland.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2016

Chocolate and pasta – Venezia editions

When I was in Venice in 2007 I saw many shops selling chocolate and sweets with Venice motifs. But at the end I didn't buy them in town because I feared they would melt. So I stocked up with them at the airport, although had to pay slightly more than I would have in town.

My main photo isn't a chocolate but one of the typical Venetian motifs featuring at one of the sweet manufacturers. It is called “Baute di Venezia” (photo 2), sold in metal poles like these famous ones. It is from company Dolcerie Veneziana. And I am happy that this company still exists in June 2015.

The small chocolate pieces with the watercolour paintings (at the top in photo 3) of several Venezia sights are of company Santomiele and cost been 4 Euro (60 g) at the airport, in 2007.

This lovely chocolate postcard (bottom of photo 3) was made by Caffarel. But it seems that they don't produce them anymore, given their website. However, they are specialist for finest Gianduiotto The postcard chocolate cost 4 Euro (125 g) at the airport.

To complete this, I have included a photo of coloured pasta, which was available in various delicatessen shops in town.

© Ingrid D., May 2007 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.). Update June 2015: wording.

Trekki's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2015

Traditional sweets and bread: Kosher bakery

The Jewish comunity is big in Venice, and around the old Ghetto area there are a lot of shops offering Kosher food. This bakery attracted our sense with the color of the windows and the smell of the sugary goodies they were baking.

What to buy We tried their tiny pizzette di sfoglia and a variety of their cookies. The ones with almond were exceptional.

What to pay few euros

oriettaIT's Profile Photo
Jul 27, 2012
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Bakery Volpe?: Kosher Bakers shop

Wandering around the streets and campos of the Ghetto, I realised that I was feeling a bit hungry. The display in this bakers was very enticing. Inside it smelt wonderful! A mix of sweet and savoury scents.
I managed to restrict myself to the soft sweet bun in picture 3 and a savoury patty, which I wolfed down before I remembered to take a photo. My second experence of eating kosher food in less than 24 hours-I'd eaten at Gam Gam - Venices best known Kosher restaurant the evening before.

Apparently, although the food sold in this bakery is all certified as kosher, the owners aren't Jewish-so the shop will sometimes open at times that Jewish shops remain closed such as Shabbat (The Sabbath).

The food shops/restaurants have certificates on the wall showing that the Chief Rabbi has inspected the ingredients and preparation of the goods, and is satisfied that this is in accordance with the kosher standards and laws.

The Rabbi doesn't bless the food or equipment to 'make it kosher'.

My knowledge of kosher foods is very limited-I was aware that certain foods are forbidden such as pig - or any animal that isn't cloven hooved, or is cud chewing. Also that meat products and dairy are kept seperate. I found this
LINK for info on KOSHER/KASHRUT Dietery laws etc was quite an interesting introduction to Judaism

Some typical cakes made in here include "Orecchiette di Amman", which are filled with fruit, "Bisce", which are an S-shape. "Zuccherini" and "Sweet Azime" are donut shaped.

There were various types of breads, biscuits, cakes, savouries, cheeses, pizza, plus plenty of dry goods and drinks including kosher beers.

Opening hours: Sundays from 09.00 - 13.30pm, Mon-Fri from 07.30 -13.00 and 17.00- to 19.30 Closed on Saturday.

What to pay I spent a couple of Euros

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Mar 29, 2010

i Tre Mercanti: Food Specialties in Venice

An elegant and welcoming atmosphere, with dark wood and brass, Tuscan terracotta floor and intense aroma of truffle and chocolate. Outside, the Gondolas pass lazily behind the windows overlooking a quiet canal.
The shop gives you the opportunity to find the best of enogastronomic italian production, all under one roof, but also the chance to have a unique and particular experience where the customer is taken on a path of discovery. This not only includes the italian food traditions but also cutting edge creations that you can find among the 1500 products displayed on the shelves.

What to buy You should definitely ask their Original from Ischia island ( near Naples ) Limoncello, and have a look at all the wines and oil and balsamic winegar bottles.

What to pay Nothwithstanding the fact that the shop offers the top of the quality in italian food you can easily spoil yourself with some sepcial sicilian chocolate or some pasta sauce for as little as 3 or 4 €. Of course if you feel a little bit more adventurous you can even think about some nearly impossible to find vintage wine but in that case you'll have to deal with more engaging prices.
Overall is an experience for alla kind of budget and wether you buy a pack of hand-made spaghetti or have delivered in your country 12 bottles of Amarone the staff will make you feel at home and will provide you alle the infos you need.

losmilzo's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2009

along numerous side alleys: good wines, cheap!

You gen buy some good homemade red wines by wandering along smaller side streets and loking for large (

You can find pretty good local red wines sold out of 30 gallon glass jugs in many tiny shops on smaller side alleys. The seller actually uses a simple foot pump to (re-) fill a 1-liter or larger plastic water container with your choice of wine. Cost under $2. US in 2007. If you're a germaphobe, bring your own container. You won't be displeased.

Mar 02, 2009

Dolceamaro - cioccolateria artigianale & enoteca: Hand made chocolates


I came across this enticing shop while wandering around Cannaregio on Christmas Eve, and couldn't resist going in to buy some of the hand made chocolates on display. There was so much choice-I was 'The kid in the sweet shop'.

The shop was divided into smaller rooms, all stocked with high quality Italian produce - wines, champagnes, balsamic vinegars, olive oils, herbs, jams and preserves, coffees, teas, pastas etc.
There were some very smartly attired locals perusing the goods, and stocking up on Christmas gifts, and wine.

The lady behind the counter was also very elegant, and a bit intimidating (like those women who work on the expensive cosmetics counters in department stores!)

I was trying to decipher how much the chocolates were, whether they were sold by weight or per item from the different notices on the counter. The woman asked how many chocolates I wanted, when I replied that I didn't know - (I wanted to select a few, but wasn't sure how much this would come to) - she sneered and said that she needed to know, so that she knew what size bag to put them in. I selected about 8 chocolates- including limoncello, rose, coffee, and chocolate fillings. My selection came to just under 6 euros.

I enjoyed eating these back in my hotel room , and managed to restrain myself from eating them all at once!

There is another branch of this shop in San Marco sestieri near Campo San Bartolomeo
Sotoportego de la bissa, S. Marco 5415. Tel 0412413045

What to buy Hand made chocolates, dragees, pralines, nougat.
Locally produced wines

To buy as gifts or to treat yourself!

What to pay From around 1 euro, to enough to upset your bank manager!

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Feb 22, 2009
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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Marco Polo Airport -: Bottega dei Sapori

Once I've 'checked in' I head for the shops of this airport - sometimes stopping for a small ice cream from the well stocked stall.

Bottaga dei Sapori is my favourite shop-stocked with 'the best food and wine from Italy and abroad' - (their blurb!)

I usually stock up on presents such as Italian biscuits and chocolates for family and friends, then usually treat myself to something. Coffee, Bellinis, Prosecco, cheese etc.
My next visit I'll have to buy a bottle of Aperol so that I can enjoy my evening spritz!

You can purchase gifts from Florians, The Cipriani and Harrys Bar here too.

What to pay From a few euros to as much as you (and your bank Manager) like.
There are sometimes reduced items.

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Dec 08, 2008

I Tre Mercanti: Food shopping in Venice

In this shop you will find the best italian food from all over the country, more than 100 sauces for pasta and over 100 different italian wines chose from the best wineyards. Huge selection of olive oil from all the regions, Balsamic Vinegar up to 50 years old. Truffle paradise from white to black truffles, whole and in paste. English and French spoken, they deliver all over the world even in the USA with wine custom duty included in the shipment fee.

Some important tip on buying food around venice:
Avoid the stalls selling colured pasta, Coloured pasta is not a traditional italian or venetian food, only tourists buy it, an italian would prefear to eat dirt than that coloured stuff. Limoncello is only a southern liquor made from lemon sugar and alchool, anything branded Venice's Limoncello or Limoncello del Doge ( the Duke of venice ) is a not an original product is clearly made only for tourists. Don't buy any food beside chocolat, bread or biscuits branded like is been original from venice, venice has never had a food producing tradition ( is a built up island , no lemon trees, no cows or sheep ). Don't buy anything with a picture of venice or a mask on is probably made in china.

What to buy Wine, Truffle, Pasta, Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Salami, Cheese and Chocolat

What to pay is up to you, all kind of customer can enjoy a rewarding experience in this shop.

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Jul 06, 2007


Italy is famous for many things and when it comes to eats and drinks, if you have a sweet tooth, give yourself as many treats as possible at the local pastry shops and bakeries. Most of them ellaborate local delicacies and also each of them have their own varieties of " tortas ", buscuits and other varities. One that specially was a big weakness for me was a pastiserria between rialto and ferrovia. I am sorry I did not take note of the name, was just excited trying different stuff from this place. The owner is sort of rough while he attends but what he sells is really worth, so look for it get in there and try out what he sells. A torta that I particularly liked very much was a green coloured one made of pistachos and wine - hmmm...

MaheshSamtani's Profile Photo
Jan 06, 2007

Many shops like this one: Baking, local treats

Baking, Venetian style. Much of this is different than the usual fare found in other parts of Italy. My favourite is the green pastry shown in the photo. Goes well with coffee.

Be aware, bakery goods are sold by weight, not per piece or by the loaf as is usual in North America. The exception would be a set price for one piece (higher) eaten at the counter.

What to pay sold by weight, priced accordingly.

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Apr 09, 2006

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This is one of the many museums in Venice. Ca'Pesaro is the International Gallery of Modern Art and Oriental Art Museum in Venice (although I was not so much intrigued by their oriental collection...
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this will be my pictures foe the night view of the grand canal The Grand Canal is the main artery of Venice that splits the city rougly into two halves and of which 4 bridges cross the grand canal at...
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Campo Santa Margherita

Piazzas are the happening centers here and there throughout the city. Some have less activity than others. This one was quite busy. I think because it was near the schools for the kids. We noticed...
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