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Private Tour: Venice Gondola Ride with Serenade
"Head to Campo San Luca in central Venice either during the day or at night – whatever time suits you best – and then hop aboard your elegant gondola boat. With just your group (2-4 people maximum) on board plus your own gondolier your boat will glide away into the waters of the Grand Canal.Once the main form of transport around the beautiful water-logged city of Venice gondolas have more or less been replaced by the vaporetti (water buses) for getting quickly around. But nothing beats a pleasant glide around Venice by traditional gondola boat passing the city’s Gothic palazzos and elegant bridges at a gentle pace.Look out at the hustle and bustle of the ancient Grand Canal seeing vaporetti water taxis and other gondolas passing by
From EUR80.00
Private Tour: Venice Gondola Ride Including the Grand Canal
"Step aboard your boat at a gondola stop near St Mark’s Square and then sit back and relax as your gondolier expertly navigates your gondola around the waterways. The traditional flat-bottomed boats have been used for centuries in the city and as you explore the canals your onboard guide will keep you entertained with trivia and history about them. Cruise along Rio della Madonnetta a picturesque channel that borders the San Polo and Santa Croce neighborhoods and enter the Grand Canal. Snaking some 1.9 miles (3km) through the city the famous canal is lined by grandiose churches and glamorous palazzi that look out on the countless gondolas
From EUR70.00
Private Venice Gondola School: Learn How to Be a Gondolier
"Meet your instructor in a quiet area of Venice and then head to the waterside where your gondoletto is ready and waiting for you. More stable than traditional gondolas gondoletti have been used for centuries to train the Venetian gondoliers.Start your experience with some on-land training to learn how to keep your balance on the water. Then hop aboard your gondoletto and discover the tricks to gently row steer and stop on the open water. Each group member will take turns at the helm and your instructor will be close by to give you all the attention you need.Stand facing the bow and learn how to row with your long single oar. Practice your strokes on quieter canals; when you feel more confident
From EUR70.00

Gondola Tips (168)

Gondola Ride

this will be my things to do tips for the gondola. I will have a separate transportation tip for it.

If you are like me who view the Gondola Ride as a Priceless Experience and would nit mind the cost of riding one, then you would enjoy the Gondola Ride.

Gondolas are actually traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat that is used for public transport for ages in Venice and it was only in the advent of the modern age and the invention of the steamships, diesel engines and the like and the modern boat that made this humble rowing boat from becoming a tourist icon when Venice became the number one tourist destination in Italy and hence tourism saved the gondola from irrelevance!

If you want to ride a gondola, then you can purchase the gondola tickets at the several gondola stations in and around venice and then line up to do a gondola ride. an average official gondola ride cost 80 euros a boat for 40 minutes for 6 people and additional 40 euros per 20 minute increments (if you are the only passenger then you pay 80 euros for 40 minutes, if two then 40 euros each for 40 minutes). After 7 pm, the gondola rides cost more at 100 euros a boat for 6 people for a 40 minute ride and still 50 euros extra per 20 minutes.

most routes are from the smaller canals to the Grand Canal and back or from Piazza San Marco to Rialto Bridge in Grand Canal and back.

you must them tip the gondoliers after the ride as there are tip boxes located along the embarkation points.

if you want a professional serenade accompanying you on your gondola with the gondolier then you pay 50 euros extra for the singer who serenades you Italian and international songs.

gondola rides start at 9:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Mar 30, 2016

Gondola Ride

It's 10 minutes to 6:00 PM and Kiki and I are rushing through the streets of Venice frantically looking for a gondolier. ...Any gondolier. "Where'd they all go?," I ask, "A few minutes ago they were as common as pigeons 'round here!" 7:00 is the witching hour when the price of a gondola ride magical goes up by 20 Euros. I finally spot the trademark striped shirt and straw hat of one of them standing in a small cobblestoned square.
I run over, before anyone else snags him, and ask, "Are you free to give us a boat ride? Can we still get it for the 80 Euro price?" The man raises his eyebrows undecidedly and checks his wristwatch. He shrugs and answers, "Yes, okay... Follow me." Kiki and I smile at each other in triumph.
How could you go to Venice and not go on a gondola ride? Easily, apparently. Every friend I enthusiastically asked who'd previously been here, "Did you go on a gondola ride?," always gave me the same mundane head shake and disappointing answer, "Nah, it was too expensive." What?! Some of these are the same people who paid $200 for bungee jumping or parachuting because they said those were "once in a lifetime experiences". ...I know, right? What's a gondola ride, if not that? Why on earth would you come this far and then skip it?
The gondolier leads Kiki and me through a long maze of passages and I begin to worry if it's maybe some sort of scam I've gotten us into before we finally arrive at his boat. It has a plush, red and gold interior--perfect stereotype! (I didn't want one of the blue upholstered ones, that's for sure--it just doesn't look right.) He helps us get on board, unties the ropes, and we're off.
I am almost instantly hynotized by the tranquility of the canal. It's far quieter down here than I'd ever imagined and it's so calming to be away from the hoards of tourists who cram the Venetian alleyways. The soft gurgling of the water as it splashes against the side of our boat, the sound of the gondolier's oar as it pushes us around the corners of two thousand-year old buildings calms my frayed nerves. "Are you happy?"," Kiki asks. "Very," I reply having to choke back what may be tears of joy forming in my eyes. I have to add out loud for the record, "We're actually in a gondola. Can you believe that?"
However, I can tell from her deep, heaving sighs and occasional soft cooing sounds that she's having as fantastic time as I am. (Don't ask. She really has a thing for boats.)
"What's your name, sir?," I turn around and ask the gondolier. "Marco!," he states emphatically and adds, "There are lots of Marcos here in Venice--very common!" We really lucked out with our last-minute find of Marco. He's an extremely fit, slightly older gentleman with an upper-torso that is remarkably similar to Popeye the Sailor's. His forearms are massive from decades of rowing tourists through these waters. Marco gives brief factoids of Venice and tells the history of some of the buildings as we pass them. We float by other couples in gondolas, some of which are piloted by very young men who are speaking on cell phones or texting. I'm glad we didn't get one of those kids driving us! Nope, we got ourselves a professional here. Sometimes Marco even shows the youngsters up by racing by their boats as they struggle to keep up with his unspoken challenge. He always wins.
As our gondola turns a corner and we open up into the Grand Canal. Kiki and I both gasp in wonder. The sun is now setting and the warm glow it creates on the buildings reflected against the sparkling water is incredibly dramatic. Transcendental. "Wow!," is all I can mutter as I'm rendered speechless.
All too soon, our 45-minute ride comes to an end. Marco helps us out of his boat and we thank him warmly, "It was really, really great!"
I would highly recommend choosing your gondola operator very carefully. Find a seaworthy, experienced guy who looks like he knows his business. I would also advise doing a ride during the day, because at night the canals would be so pitch-dark you wouldn't see much of anything. Errr... Unless that's what you and your significant other are looking for? Romantically, I mean.
As we walk away from the boat, Chesire Cat grins plastered all over our faces, Kiki turns to me and asks, "Well, was it worth it?" I answer emphatically, "Every. Single. Cent!"
See my "Gondola Ride" video.

Kaspian's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2015

Gondola yes, but only if you're in love

Gondola is undoubtelly the most romantic way to explore the historic centre of the town. The 45 minutes tour will cost you 130 euros, which I considering as a robbery.
I didn't want to pay such extremely high price, instead I've explore the town by walking.
Maybe, just maybe, some other time in my next life.
Nowadays gondolieri established new list of prices which is up to 100 euros for 45 minutes, which is still too expensive, comparing it with low cost flights inside Europe. Good news is that 100 euros is price for two, four or six persons, so find other couple or even better if two couples and share the price.

croisbeauty's Profile Photo
Nov 06, 2014

The end of the day for the gondoliers.

After a day of rowing, or waiting for the customers, the gondoliers are bringing back their gondolas; here at Campo Santa Sofia on the Grand Canal facing the Mercado (photo 1 & video). It's around 19 h and the day has been very warm with temperatures above 40°C in the sun. The Grand Canal is for them the worst part having to move between the vaporetto's, cargos, water taxis and other motoscafi. My photo 2 shows a gondola nearly pushed by a vaporetto!

They clean the seats and carefully cover the gondola with a bleu tarpaulin for the night.
In the morning the gondolas get a good wash (photo 3).

The first and last time we took a gondola, with our then young children, was nearly forty years ago. Presently we take the "traghetto", at a cost of 0,50 € per person. OK it's only for a few minutes but it is definitively a gondola.

breughel's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2013
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Gondolas parked at their moorings

Gondolas were once the chief form of transportation through the canals of Venice, today they are generally used as sightseeing vessels for tourists willing to shell out quite a few euros for a ride on these historic rowing boats, nearly every visitor to Venice wants to enjoy a gondola ride while visiting the city, is such a great experience sitting in a rowing boat while just relax and enjoy the scenery of Venice

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Sep 07, 2013

Boat trip with gondola

Ride a Gondolas are not cheap but we feel not complete leaving the city without riding the rowing boat, it used to transport the Venetians, now is meant for tourists. The Venetians prefer to use water buses or private boats, by coincidence Venetian gondolas are all in black paint used to be even defined by law. The reason this uniform color is the flag as a tribute to the dead, all gondolas are painted black

shavy's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2013

Riding the Gondola at Sunset

One of my most memorable time in Venice was riding on the gondola at sunset. It is quite simply beautiful and a great experience. Riding on this traditional Venetian water boat is like going back in history. it is a major part of the transportation system of Venice. As a visitor, your visit to Venice is incomplete if you do not go on the gondola.

Now the canal runs the length of Venice, so it is important to know where you want to go and which attractions you want to see as just riding aimlessly could be costly. The gondola guide will suggest a route, but that does not mean its the best ride, but if you just want to ride and see what comes, it is great too. They will normally negotiate if you do, if you do not, they will charge what fare they will for the suggested route.

With the Euro as currency now, it will cost a little more for an hour ride, when I was there, the euro was not yet in use and we paid a minimal amount. for two rides, one at sunrise and the other at sunset.

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Dec 30, 2012


It's a common thing a visitor sees everywhere in Venice. A gondola is a traditional rowing boat which was designed and suited for Venice's Lagoon and canals. For a long time and over many centuries, it was the main transportation and today they're used for transporting touritst at extortionate rates and special regattas. Nowadays, the traghetti is the main transportation for transporting Venetians and visitors.

You can find out further information on the
official website

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Aug 08, 2011
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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A Gondola ride

The gondola as we know it today is the result of an evolution responding to the need for increased manoeuvrability and practicality. For instance, the original wooden cabin disappeared as tourism spread: the view of Venice from a gondola is so exceptional that it would be a pity to hide it from passengers. Today's issues are the wave motion and the motorboat traffic in the canals.

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Jul 31, 2011

Romantic Even Without Your Love

Though it is quite expensive, taking the gondola is very romantic even if you are not with the love of your life. It is also a good way to see parts of Venice that you wouldn't otherwise see. I have posted a couple of links about gondola rides.

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Apr 04, 2011

A romantic way to enjoy the canal

I confess, I'm a tourist. I wanted to take a gondola ride, but I wanted it to be special, not like a ride at an amusement park. We ventured throughout the city, enjoying the many sites and then we saw him - our gondolier. He was standing near a small bridge that spanned a small canal in a residential area of the city. He seemed very pleasant as we passed by offering up a smile and a "buona sera" as he stood, hat in hand.

We asked if he was free, asked the price and off we went. Our ride lasted about 45 minutes and took us through some very scenic areas. We eventually exited out on to the Grand Canal and made our way towards the Rialto Bridge. The perspective of looking at the bridge and surrounding buildings from the gondola was very nice. We then headed back off the grand canal and ended up where we had started.

It was enjoyable, romantic and something you can't do anywhere else. The cost was 100 Euros and though it wasn't cheap, I would have never forgiven myself if we didn't partake.

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Jun 18, 2010

Gondola ride

A gondola ride in Venice is a quitessential Venetian experience not to be missed. Each gondola can sit 6 people. A 40-minute ride through the narrow canals of Venice during the day costs 80 euros per gondola so it works out to be roughly 18 euros per person. The gondolier may or may not sing, but sometimes, he may sing your favourite Neopolitan songs like Ol Sole Mio, Torna di Surriento etc.

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Nov 23, 2009

Things to Do Near Venice

Things to Do

San Polo District - Sestiere San Polo

The church of San Giulian, commonly called San Zulian in Venetian dialect, is situated on the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. Originally it is structure from the 9th century but...
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Ca' Pesaro

This is one of the many museums in Venice. Ca'Pesaro is the International Gallery of Modern Art and Oriental Art Museum in Venice (although I was not so much intrigued by their oriental collection...
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Canal Grande

this will be my pictures foe the night view of the grand canal The Grand Canal is the main artery of Venice that splits the city rougly into two halves and of which 4 bridges cross the grand canal at...
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Campo Santa Margherita

Piazzas are the happening centers here and there throughout the city. Some have less activity than others. This one was quite busy. I think because it was near the schools for the kids. We noticed...
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Palazzo Grassi

The "Punta della Dogana" building has now been restored by the French billionaire François Pinault. A new museum opened on June 6, 2009 as new centre of contemporary art displaying artists from the...
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Ca' Rezzonico

The baroque palazzo Ca' Rezzonico at the Canale Grande - with its striking facade of white marble - is one of the finest examples of Venice city palaces now open to the public. It was built in the...
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