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Ponte dei Sospiri Tips (138)

Sestiere San Marco - Ponte dei Sospiri 2

There are two narrow passageways inside the bridge separate by the wall. The explanation is; one way is built for those who are going to the Council of Ten and another for those on the way back, in order to prevent prisoners or suspects checking their stories.
The legend says; the sigh was heard throughout the open windows as the last voice of condemned people on the way back to prison where they have been executed.

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Dec 04, 2004

Bridge of Sighs...

Bridge of Sighs, named for the simple fact that as prisoners were led across the bridge to the prison cells on the other side, their last sight of freedom brought forth involuntary sighs and moans, knowing that they might never see their loved ones again.

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Aug 27, 2004

Bridge Of Sighs

When touring the Doge Palace, you will have the opportunity to cross the Bridge of Sighs. The Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge Palace with the Palazzo delle Prigioni. Here is where you will see the cell blocks, and imagine the victims forced across it to face torture and possible death.

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Sep 30, 2004

Sestiere San Marco - Ponte dei sospiri

Ponte dei Sospiri, built in the early 17th century, connects Ducal Palace and the prison. It was inspired Lord Byron to name it the Bridge of Sights. Actualy, it was built as a passageway for those who are going from prison to the Council of Ten.

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Dec 04, 2004
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Bridge of Sighs

This was the bridge between the prison and the interrogation chambers in the Doge's Palace, built in 1602.

The story was that the last view of Venice's beauty would be the last thing a prisoner would see before he was led to the dark dank prison. This would cause one last sigh, hence the "bridge of sighs."

By the time the bridge was built that whole story was probably over with. As my picture shows, you can't get a real good view of Venice from the bridge. Great in the storybook, a bit different in real life.

One legend is that you will find true love forever if you kiss on a gondola under the bridge of sighs while the bells of San Marco are tolling. Oh, and it must be at sunset to qualify for true love forever:) Imagine that!

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Jun 26, 2013

the bridge of sighs

this is the bridge that connects venice's prison to the court rooms in the doge's palace. this bridge was so named because prisoners would "sigh" when they crossed the bridge on their way to the torture chamber. worth booking is the "secret itineraries" tour. it must be booked in advance at the palace or by phone 041 522 49 51

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Jul 30, 2006

Bridge of the Sighs

Ponte di Sospiri - 1602

This is a little bridge over a canal. There are two corridors between the Palace of Justice ( in The Doge`s Palace - Palazzo Ducale) and prison Prigioni Nuove. It`s told that it could be heard the sights of the prisoners when they passed the bridge.... But I like more the another explanation - this name is from the sights of enamoureds.

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Jun 26, 2004

The Bridge of Sighs.

I know its an old cliche' but when in Rome,it is a lovely piece of architecture and you imagine the prisoners looking out and seeing Venice for the last time.
This bridge is not to be confused with another "similar"looking bridge just 50 metres away !!!!!!(See next photo !!!)
When we were there a couple of beggars had set up base on the bridge,they weren't rude or offensive as mant of them can be.

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Jan 30, 2004
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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Bridge of Sighs

It was a wierd experience to visit this dungeon and get a feel of how convicts feel when couped up in their prisons. By the time we got out me and dad were actually feeling quite claustrophobic!
The Bridge of Sighs (Italian: Ponte dei Sospiri) is one of many bridges in Venice. The enclosed bridge is made of white limestone and has windows with stone bars. It passes over the Rio di Palazzo and connects the old prisons to the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace. It was designed by Antoni Contino (whose uncle Antonio da Ponte had designed the Rialto Bridge), and built between 1600 and 1603.

The view from the Bridge of Sighs was the last view of Venice that convicts saw before their imprisonment. The bridge name, given by Lord Byron in the 19th century, comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice out the window before being taken down to their cells. In reality, the days of inquisitions and summary executions were over by the time the bridge was built, and the cells under the palace roof were occupied mostly by small-time criminals[1].

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Feb 02, 2009

Ponte dei Sospiri

One of Venice's most famous bridges, il Ponte dei Sospiri, known in English as the Bridge of Sighs, connects the Palazzo Ducale with the Prigione Nuove, i.e. the new prisons of the Doge's Palace. Its name derived from supposed sighs of the criminals who traversed the bridge on their way to the ruthless prisons across the canal. The bridge was built in the 17th century using Istrian stone, carved in a Baroque style. While both its architecture and its purpose are unique in Venice, I still found the Bridge of Sighs to be a bit of a disappointment, but try not to be swayed by my opinion.

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Sep 04, 2009

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs was built in 1600 and is located in the Doge's Palace. It received it's name describing when the prisoners passed through it on their way to their cells as it would probably be their last glimpse of the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio and of freedom.

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Jul 20, 2004


This bridge crosses the Rio di Palazzo, it is in baroque style and leads to the prisons. It is said that the prisoners that were to appear before the court, passed over this bridge, and it was their last chance to see the lagoon from the 3 windows and to sigh for their lost liberty.

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Nov 06, 2003

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