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"Private Tour: San Polo Walking Tour - Merchants
"Private Tour: San Polo Walking Tour - Merchants Courtesans and Painters""In a city where west met the east exotic items like silk and oriental spices were traded along with copper and wood. Many of the courtesans lived in sumptuous apartments and were accomplished musicians and brilliant conversationalists. They were even secretly used as spies for the state.The second part of this tour allows you to admire the Gothic Frari church which dwarfs the eastern section of San Polo. Built by Franciscans in around 1250 it is one of the city's largest places of worship. You will admire its striking interior
From EUR37.00
Venice Like a Local: Private Walking Tour
"A secret walking tour that will allow you to know the best preserved and authentic face of the city: narrow streets and canals beautiful squares and churches.Discover the areas of the city less frequented by the bustle of tourists and experience the authentic Venice following routes more peculiar than the classic tourist tours. There are numerous examples of places that bridges and facades.The tour departs from the top middle section of Rialto Bridge and explore the secret spots of Rialto and San Polo area. The route can be customised according to your personal wishes."""Discover the authenticity of Venice and visit those hidden pathways and secret spots like a local. Explore the city's streets during this 2-hours walking tour with the help of knowledgeable local guide.title=Highlights&1=%3Cp%3E2-hour+private+walking+tour+of+Venice%3C%2Fp%3E&2=%3Cp%3ESee+the+hidden+side+of+Venice+only+locals+know%3C%2Fp%3E&3=%3Cp%3EGet+away+from+the+crowds+to+see+authentic+Venice%3C%2Fp%3E&4=%3Cp%3EChoose+a+morning+or+afternoon+tour%3C%""
From EUR250.00
"Private Tour: Venice Rialto Market
"Private Tour: Venice Rialto Market San Polo and Frari Church Walking Tour""Your first stop on this private walking tour is the Gothic church of the Frari in the San Polo area. You'll see exquisite artworks by Titian and Bellini as well as an imposing funeral monument by Canova.Next you'll explore the famous open-air Rialto fruit and fish market where local traders come to sing shout and sell their wares. The site of this historic market between Campo delle Beccarie and the Grand Canal was established more than 600 years ago. While St Mark's Square was the political center of Venice
From EUR36.00

Pigeons Tips (8)

Pigeon attack!

I guess whether you view this as a tourist trap or an attraction depends on your taste and viewpoint. At any rate there are tons of pigeons in St. Mark's square and they are waiting for you to buy some seed from a street vendor and feed them. They become VERY friendly when you do (see the girl in the photo)! All in all they are probably part of the ambience of St. Marks's, but they can also leave unwanted gifts on top of your head or clothes. The best advice I have heard is that you should let the poop dry before cleaning it and then it just brushes away. Not so easy if you have a big dollop in your hair or on your clothes.

rexvaughan's Profile Photo
Feb 04, 2005

Piazza San Marco

Watching the pigeons swarm all over the people in the piazza (and how silly they act). One sits at the cafe calmly sipping on a cup of coffee. By far the most expensive cup of coffee i have ever had in my life ( i think it was like 9 euro for the privilege of seeing this grand scene.)

Unique Suggestions Get a drink elsewhere, it's not worth sitting on the square.

Fun Alternatives Have a cup of coffee (or whatever your favorite drink is) at a little stand off the square, then see the scene in the piazza, take a picture and go inside to St Mark's, which is beautiful!

GentleSpirit's Profile Photo
Jun 26, 2013

Get rid of the pigeons!

On St. Marco's square, it seems to be a traditional thing to do to feed the hundreds of pigeons.

Fun Alternatives Some people still enjoy feeding the pigeons. Remember that if a pigeon poops on your head, you're supposed to let it not wipe it right away or it will make a mess.
Fortunately, I did not have this problem because I tried to stay away from the birds.

Jeannette1's Profile Photo
Oct 16, 2003

Pigeons- Rats with wings!

Lol, as a child in St. Marc Square in Venice Italy, feeding the pigeons was a highlight! But unless you are 9 years old and willing to fork over money for rather expensive bird food sold in the square, then its not recommended!

Unique Suggestions Some feel they must have this experience at least once- I am actually glad I did; I was a kid so I wasn't the one paying for all the bird feed! Lol. Hundreds of pigeons flock you and well, do you want a hundred just fed pigeons flying over you and landing on you?! Lol, luckily I don't speak from ill experience in that reguard.

If you MUST do this once anyways, why not bring your own feed? Save yourself money. Don't spend a lot of time feeding the pigeons; it can be fun, but as my parents often expressed to me, "You'd feed the pigeons for hours than were hungry, then were too tired to do anything else."

Fun Alternatives There are LOTS of alternatives in Venice, especially if you are an architecture/history buff. Our favorite thing to do was to meander the streets, and find our nice little hole in the wall, but I forgot the name of it now. Anyways, the interesting thing about the place we found was Mel Gibson has gone in there and taken a picture inside the restaurant, and my mom is a crazy fan so she bought it from them-- it was kinda neat for her. So, go out and explore-- having no itinerary can be the best itenerary for Venice some days.

LaurenAnita's Profile Photo
Jul 16, 2008
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Feeding the pigeons

There are more pigeons in St Marks Square than inhabitants in Venice! There are people selling seeds on the square to feed them - which I personally do not think is a good idea as every time the pigeons saw someone with food they swooped and divebombed down, and sometimes you may be in their path, which they do not really care about!!
Apparantly there was a ban on feeding them at one point - which didn't work.
Sadly the acid in the bird droppings eats away at the stone on the monuments. But it looks like the pigeons are there to stay as long as the tourists are there to feed them!

clairegeordio's Profile Photo
Jul 17, 2004

Pigeons in San Marco Square

Anybody visiting Venice has experienced the pigeons feeding in San Marco Square.
You can by a corn bag there (1€ each) and just wait for the pigeons attacking will have them everywhere: on the shoulders, on the arms, and even on the head!!!

Fun Alternatives If you remember...just bring some bread with you....the pigeons will come to you at any rate

Polly74's Profile Photo
Dec 21, 2004

The Pigeons !

I couldn't believe how many people were happy to stand in St Marks Square, hand over their money and glad accept flocks of pigeons descending onto them when they got their bird seed out!!

Unique Suggestions Wear a scarf!!

ZoeB's Profile Photo
Feb 03, 2008


FEEDING THE PIGEONS... There are people in St Mark's square selling food to feed the hundreds of pigeons there....yes it is touristy...yes it is silly....yes....I fed them too!!!

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Aug 25, 2002
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"Wandering around Venice with Suvanki"
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"Amore eterno per Venezia la Serenissima :-)"
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"Venice – the City of Art"
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"Vacations in Venice"
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