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  • Chicken with fries and Solanka soup
    Chicken with fries and Solanka soup
    by Inguuna
  • Chicken salad
    Chicken salad
    by Inguuna
  • Lillas Lavender
    Lillas Lavender
    by Inguuna

Kuldiga Things to Do

  • Waterfall Rumbla

    Rumbla is the broadest waterfall in Europe (250 metres) but maximum only 2,2 metres deep! This waterfall is quit unique. Also watch the nice bridges from 1880, close to the waterfall. When you follow the river there's also a nice watchtower where you have a wonderful view on the surroundings and river.

  • Kuldīga district court

    Kuldīgas Tiesa is the district court of Kuldīga, built in the 19th century in the historical centre of the town - in the territory of the Livonian order castle built in 1242.In this building since the time it was built, seven political governments ( the government of Tsarist Russia, imperial Germany, Stucka bolshevik government, the...

  • Kuldīga old Town-square

    Kuldīga old Town-square was mentioned in the 17th century as a marketplace. Earlier in the 20th century, wagon-based trade was still be transacted. The court pharmacy in Baznica street 10 is the only building in Kuldīga built according to the German patchwork technique. The wooden house has a garret roof with a covered chimney.The Old...

  • Liepājas Iela

    Liepājas Iela is a pedestrian street with several 17th – 20th century buildings showing the development of different architectural styles. An original feature of every house is its entrance door and skylight windows above it which are the characteristics exclusive to Kuldīga.(info taken from Kuldiga official site)

  • Enjoy Venta River valley

    Take your time to enjoy the scenery, watching Venta river from the bridge - the wide (not high!) waterfall is a famous site within Latvia, but the part of the river downstream is also worth a look. And from the many visitors around, also well worth having a swim, or trying your luck at fishing...

  • Long waterfall of Venta

    Waterfall of Venta seems to be the longest waterfall in Europe (different width in different sources of information – it is about 240 – 250 meters). Actually I think you could be a bit disappointed, as waterfall is just long, but not high one – probably about 0,5 meters high, maybe a bit more.Duke Jacob time’ (1642 - 1682) story tells that it is...

  • Longest brick bridge in Latvia

    Brick bridge across Venta river was built in 1874. It is as famous as waterfall, again, because of European record. Actually it is said it could be one of the longest such type bridges in Europe. The width of bridge was made as for standards of 19th century – two carriages had to pass next to each other on the bridge.Bridge is a famous place for...

  • Kuldiga's old mill's waterfall

    Old mill is known from 13th century, it served needs of Livonian castle. It is hard to say if mills construction could be the same now, 700 - 800 years old. Anyway, mill is more popular for its waterfall, 4,2 meters high.The waterfall belongs to much smaller river than Venta – it is Aleksupite (as I heard waterfall is the highest natural waterfall...

  • Visit the mighty waterfalls of Kuldiga

    Kuldiga has the impressive-sounding distinction of being home to both Latvia’s highest and widest waterfalls. However, to put in into context, it has to be said that Latvia is a very flat country indeed, so these terms are relative! The towering Aleksupite waterfall turns out to all of 4.2m high and the Venta Falls - the widest falls in Latvia -...

  • Relax in the beautiful woodland...

    A lovely but unpretentious sculpture park has been established in woodland just by the Venta River. It is a treat to have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of imaginative sculpture appealingly presented, and on a hot summer day, the dappled shade would be a welcome relief. This would be the perfect place in Kuldiga to have a picnic (and maybe...

  • Unaltered streets

    Much of the town centre seems unchanged for many years. Lovely cobbles strrets and old houses. Just wander around and enjoy.

  • Museum Park

    As the title suggests, a park next to the museum. Offers lovely shady paths on a hot day. Lots of interesting sculptures to admire as well.

  • Old brick bridge

    Again one of the oldest in Euope, this time a brick bridge, close to the Venta falls, good views if you walk accross.

  • Venta Falls

    The tourist office proudly say's this is the widest waterfall in Europe. I will not argue. Though certainly not the highest it's an impressive sight, and must not be missed if you visit Kuldiga.In summer also serves as a swimming and diving area, looks great fun.

  • Waterfall in Kuldiga

    There is a waterfall in Latvia!!! Who would have guested that? Well, in Kuldiga there is the river Venta and there is a beautiful waterfall, not specially high, but quite wide. Beautiful view of it from the bridge. In the summer you can go and have a swim and join the kids that play around the waterfall.

  • The old bridge over river Venta

    And here is the famous Venta's bridge, built in 1874 and 163 metres long (one of the longest brick bridges in Europe). In 1915, the bridge was destroyed, but rebuilt again in 1926.You can go on it on foot or by car (I think you have to pay to do it by car), and it's the best way to enjoy the view of the Ventas Rumba.

  • History and Art Museum

    Here is the Kuldīga History and Art Museum, with its excellent collection of ancient jewellery and Latvian war time and Soviet memorablia. The building itself was brought to Kuldīga piece by piece from Paris in 1900 by a wealthy merchant, as a present to his fiancé. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11-17. Entrance fee 0.15-0.20 Ls.Surrounding...

  • The old mill

    Quite close to the bridge over the river Venta are the ruins of Kuldīga's Castle and the old mill, with the wheel still working, and here is one of the nicest views in Kuldīga.


Kuldiga Hotels

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  • Kolonna Hotel Kuldiga

    CLOSED Pils 6, laukums, Kuldiga, LV-3301, Latvia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Kuldigas Metropole

    Baznica Street 11, Kuldiga, LV-3301, Latvia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Aleksis

    Pasta 5, Kuldiga, Latvia

Kuldiga Restaurants

  • Perfect service but so so cook

    After a terrible experience in my previous mentioned restaurant we decided not to left Kuldīga without having a meal. And went two minutes to next restaurant which I wouldn’t call restaurant, but simple eating place, they call themselves as club-bar. The place have a wide menu but could serve you only few meals from it. Choosing from two soups...

  • Trendy restaurant / lame service

    This is one of my worst experiences. We didn’t have meal there and forgive me that but I’ll write about it. We just had a nice walk though all the center of Kuldīga and passing by two times and looking on the plates and people, decided to have a meal in Goldingen Room, as it looked charmy and food also looked very good. So we went there and...

  • Kafejnica Rumba

    Just outside the museum and park, an outdoor bar with great views over the waterfall. A couple of beers for us on a very warm day, lovely.Also serves food and looked very good too.

  • Jana Nams

    Also a good hotel, we chose to eat here too. Interesting menu and well cooked food. Friendly welcome .Mrs Bonio happy with vegetarian choices too.We'd be happy to revisit here one day,

  • The only restaurant in Kuldīga!

    In Kuldīga they say there are NO restaurants at all, but this "Bārs - Klubs" is surely a restaurant, no doubts about that!Prices are cheap, as usual in Latvia, and food is very good, as usual in Latvia! ;-)Maybe the service is not so fast, since there's only a nice woman doing all the job, but that's surely not a problem for me!The house...

  • Just walk around...

    In and around Kuldiga's main street you will find a score of cafe's and restaurant offering good food and drinks, all fairly priced. Ours had a nice wooden porch on the second floor, overlooking the street. But you'll find any style, from cafe's alongside the small canals to more 'upmarket' style restaurants in the bigger hotels. Try "Rasols", a...


Kuldiga Transportation

  • Getting there and away

    If you don't have a car bus is the way to Kuldiga. There are good links to Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils. The main bus station (Autoosta) is about a 15 minute walk from the centre, it's easier to buy tickets here if you don't speak any Latvian, most buses do stop closer to the centre on Mucenieku iela.Tickets are cheap and the buses are reasonably...

  • Bus Station, not so close to the centre

    Kuldīga's bus station (auto osta) is quite far from the town centre, at Stacijas 2.As you can see on the picture, all you see from there is green, scattered houses and also an abandoned factory, quite a desolating view! But don't worry, you can go to the town centre in 15 minutes of walk, a bit more to arrive to the 2 main hotels in town.There...

  • Kuldiga Hotels

    5 Hotels in Kuldiga

Kuldiga Off The Beaten Path

  • Lavender fields

    You think lavender fields are imaginable only in France or other southern countries? The answer is wrong - we also have lavender fields in Latvia. Of course they are not so huge as in France but they are. Very ambitious persons planted two lavender fields in Latvia - in Kurzeme and Vidzeme, and I had a curiosity and visited one in Kurzeme. It’s...

  • Edole pils - a hidden gem

    Latvia has several old houses and castles, a very old but quite original one is Edole pils, in Edole village, Kuldigas rajons.It was in the process of being restored in the summer of 2002, with the inside of most rooms quite barren. But you can get a good impression of a 13th century bishop's castle, built by the "Livonian Order"

  • Ventpils - nice sea port

    Ventspils is the six largest towns in Latvia, with a population of about 43000. The place location is a junction of two waters – Baltic Sea and Venta river. The place was mentioned in 13th century first as a place for Livonian castle. It was characte4rised as quite big port town. In the beginning of 18th century Ventspils was quite destroyed...


Kuldiga General

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  • Why "Latvian Venice"?

    Despite of Kuldiga’s main river is Venta, it has some channels around, like in Venice or Amsterdam. Of course, these are different ones, much more narrow. One of these smaller streams of water is Aleksupite.So, if you ever hear of Latvian Venice town, think about Kuldiga.

  • Ventas rumba, the widest waterfall in...

    If you are in Kuldiga, don't forget to visit Ventas Rumba - the main sight in Kuldīga , a 240-meter wide natural waterfall which is possibly the widest in Europe.The old brick bridge across the Venta built in 1874 is one of the longest its type of bridges in Europe. The bridge was built according to the road standards of the 19th century (500...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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