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Vilnius Private Tour: Uzhupis City Walking Tour
"Although Uzhupis (Užupis) is a vital neighbourhood in Vilnius City it beats to the rhythm of its own drum. As this neighbourhood is separated by a river from the old town it's name hails from a literal phrase “beyond the river” pronounced ‘Uzhupis’. Back in the day Uzhupis used to be a drowsy even rough neighbourhood but today it's an artists paradise and bohemian Vilnius getaway often compared to Montmartre in Paris or Kristiania in Copenhagen. Through the initiative of some Uzhupis residents
From EUR11.00
Day Tour around Vilnius city and Trakai Castle
"Tour starts by discovering Vilnius old town: from classical Town Hall the small church of St. Anna - a gem of Gothic architecture old Vilnius University central Cathedral square. Then move to ""another"" republic of Lithuania - Uzupis area with its Angel and unique constitution. Church of St. Peter and Paul - one of the most beautiful catholic Church also be visited on the tour. After that you explore Vilnius surroundings - unique geological monument - Puckoriai exposure with its enchantin authentic Exile Memorial which reminds the painful part of Lithuanian history. Besides you visit literary Markuciai Manor
From EUR60.00
Vilnius Private Tour: Uzhupis City Walking Tour
"Although Uzhupis (Užupis) is a vital neighbourhood in Vilnius City it beats to the rhythm of its own drum. As this neighbourhood is separated by a river from the old town it's name hails from a literal phrase “beyond the river” pronounced ‘Uzhupis’. Back in the day Uzhupis used to be a drowsy even rough neighbourhood but today it's an artists paradise and bohemian Vilnius getaway often compared to Montmartre in Paris or Kristiania in Copenhagen. Through the initiative of some Uzhupis residents
From EUR11.00

Museum of Genocide Victims - KGB Museum Tips (26)

KGB Museum

KGB Museum is about the history of Soviet Occupation in Lithuania and to represent the facts of what when on during the Soviet repressions. It was a pity that we didn’t go to see it as it was closed for unknown reason.

fachd's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2012

Museum of Genocide Victims

This highly regarded museum is a little out of the old town and housed in the former KGB headquarters (hence it is commonly known as the "KGB Museum"). The museum primarily documents the horrors of the Soviet occupation, and the memories of its victims, but recently this has been expanded to cover the victims of the Nazi Holocaust in Lithuanian. The Gestapo also used this building during World War 2, and inscriptions on the cell walls from that time can still be found.

To give an idea of the horror the building bore witness too, over a thousand people were executed in its basement during the first two decades after WW2. About a third of those executed were killed merely for resisting the Soviet occupation.

antistar's Profile Photo
Jul 17, 2012

Genocide museum

This is a historical-memorial museum forming its collections following thematic principle. Historical-documentary material reflecting repression taken against the inhabitants of Lithuania by occupational regimes (1940-1990), material on the anti-Soviet and anti-Nazi resistance, information about participants of struggles for freedom and victims of genocide are accumulated

PeterVancouver's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

KGB Museum/Museum of Victims of the Genocide

This museum is placed in the former KGB administrational building. In the dungeons of this building people were tortued and executed by Russian government. Cells are left as they were found in 1991 after independence. Over 1000 people were executed in dungeons of this building alone during Russian occupation, many more questioned and tortured because they were thought to in support of Lithuanian independence. People were put in here only for simple accusations, etc. Many ended up in mental hospitals or in prison camps in Syberia, where almost a million (one third of nation) of Lithuanians were exiled by Russians.

Ticket costs:
Adults - 2 Litas
Children - 1 Litas
Permition to take pictures - 4 Litas
Permition to film on videotape - 10 Litas
Audioguide (English) - 8 Litas
Excurtion (in Lithuanian) - 15 Litas
Excurtion in other languages - 30 Litas

In September-May, every wednesday tickets are free

Excurtions are led by people who suffered in this prison

Apr 04, 2011
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An alarming experience

For those of us who have luckily never experienced either loss or risk to their freedom, it is worthwhile to visit this museum. The impact of what this nation endured and suffered since 1935 until 1991 will give you cause to reflect on how lucky you have been. True, the cellars still have the padded cell for prisoners who had been broken under interrogation and the 'wet' cells etc but if you have studied the displays upstairs, you will realise that this is not something out of 'James Bond' and why the staircases are covered in mesh. You will also understand why such museums are evident across the Baltic States and how valuable personal freedom is.

Aug 01, 2010

Museum of KGB victims

Then I was about 12 years old, it was first time I visited this museum with my classmates and teacher. It was so interesting, feelingly we were watching prisons cells and places where people were martyred and there they were killed.

I revisited this museum only about two weeks ago with purpose to see it with more agile intelligence. I was annoyed by KGB attorneys, who martyred and killed Lithuanian partisans and intellectuals without any human sense.

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Dec 16, 2008

KGB Museum

The dark days of the Soviet occupation come alive at this chilling museum. The exhibits are housed in the actual building where anyone who had rankled the authorities was held, tortured and then either executed or condemned to the gulags.

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Apr 07, 2008

Genocide Victims Museum

I am not too much of a museum goer, but the "Genocide Victims Museum" which is also known as KGB Museum was on my must-visit list from the beginning of our Lithuania trip.

The Museum which is located in the former KGB prison was opened in October 1992.

It tells the story of 50 years of Soviet occupation in Lithuania. It is the only one of its kind in the former Soviet republics.

On the upper floor many displays, presentations and exhibits document the history of the Soviet repression, whereas on the lower floor the original prison cells can be visited. These include tiny isolation cells, punishment rooms and water torture cells where cold water on the floor should keep prisoners awake. A glass floored former execution cell can be seen a bit aside from the prison cells as well.

On the outside of the building some names of the victims have been carved into the stones.

All explanations are available in English. The museum is closed on Mondays.

The Genocide Victims Museum is located halfway of the Gedimino Prospektas. The access to the Musum is on Auku gatve 2a.

Genocide Victims Museum, Auku g. 2a, Vilnius

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Oct 23, 2007
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"Very friendly, very historical and inexpensive :-)"
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"Vilnius - City of Churches"
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"Vilnius - mix of cultures"
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"The Wonderful Vilnius"
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"Vilnius - my grandparents' love"
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Horrific but of historic interest

The genecide museam is situated in the old KGB headquarters and jail. You can wander around it on your own or you can rent some headphones for 12 litas each (more of less 3.50 euros). You would have to have a pretty strong stomach or not be too sensitive as this place is hardcore. You walk around the cells where the prisioners were held and tortured and hear the history and see the photos. Not for the faint hearted. I'm glad I went as I had absolutely no idea what had actually gone on in this place, but I did feel quite upset when I came out. Its just off the main shopping street in the center of Vilnuis near Lukiskiu square

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Oct 20, 2007

KGB museum

This is an interesting, yet horrifying museum that you shouldn't miss while in Vilnius. It explains the history of Lithuania when it was under the Soviet occupation. The exhibition tells the story of the deportation, the Partisans who fought for the independence of their country and the operation of KGB. There are lots of information both in Lithuanian and English. Downstairs there's the KGB prison where you can see a padded cell (it was creepy) and other horrible looking cells including a former execution room.

The tickets cost 4 Lt.

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Jul 06, 2007

Genocide museum

A look at the events during the Russian occupation. Lots of information and possible to visit the KGB prison in the basement which has been left unaltered. Section on partizan resistance throughout the country particularly well done.

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Jul 04, 2007

Feel the horrible ex-KGB cells...

The Genocide Victims' Museum is located in the real former building of KGB in Vilnius.

The most important part of the exhibition put on by the museum is the old NKVD/MGB/KGB prison that was established in the basement of the building in the autumn of 1940 after Lithuania‘s occupation by the Soviet Union.

Its different cells and torture cells as well as officer's working rooms are hard to belive to have been true. There even was one cell (locked but a small window open) full of sacks which are said to contain original KGB material.

As we exited the museum, I happened to thank and talk a few words to an elderly woman and she started to tell her story. She had been deported from her home country for 10 years to a gulag camp to Siberia. I am so lucky she survived.

WanderingFinn's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2007

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