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Milestii Mici Underground Winery Tour from Chisinau
"Milestii Mici Wine cellar is the biggest in Moldova! Nowadays Quality Wines Complex Milestii Mici is a state enterprise specialized in producing storing and commercializing wines declared in 2005 by the Moldavian Parliament the National-Cultural Patrimony of the Republic of Moldova.Millions of years ago in the actual territory of Moldova there was the Sarmatic Sea but now there is a sea of wines with variable tones of taste. Their value as well as the value of the ""Moldova de Lux"" sparkling wines – may be appreciated in the tasting rooms along with select menus at the customers’ discretion.Surrounded by a romantic aura that natural wine depository – the biggest in the world – has appeared in the limestone galleries at the depth of 30-85 meters in the 70’s of the previous century.The wines that are stored here are the products of the harvest of different years
From EUR90.00
Full-Day Private Tour to Chisinau from Iasi
"Your tour will start at the hotel where you will meet with your travel guide. On the way to the Moldavian capital stop and visit one of the country’s most amazing monasteries Capriana. The monastery built in 1429 was the former the headquarters of Moldova’s bishop. After reaching Chisinau located in the middle of the country constructed on seven hills
From EUR78.00
Full-Day Private Tour to the Monasteries of Capriana and Hincu from Chisinau
"Monastery Capriana was founded by Moldovan gospodar Alexander the Good. In 1429 he built a very large by size the Assumption Church the thickness of the foundation was about 2.6 - 2.85 m. The first prior was Abbot Cyprian who had a beautiful voice composed music and poetry. The oldest poetic work in the territory between Prut and Dniester also belongs to him. Abbot Cyprian took part in the construction of church founded a library of religious books. Thanks to him the monastery became the center of copyists of holy writings and manuscripts. Hincu - at the sources of rivers Kogylnik is situated Hincu Monastery. Since ancient times
From EUR233.00

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good for few hours camp

before you'll get to Trebujeni, or when coming back from Trebujeni!I would advice you to stop for a snack (which you will bring with you) at Ivancea Lake. Really worth stoping, there was a summer camp...
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Aug 22, 2003
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