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  • The entrance to the medieval castle.
    The entrance to the medieval castle.
    by Jerelis
  • The main road in Laag-Keppel.
    The main road in Laag-Keppel.
    by Jerelis
  • The watermill of Laag-Keppel
    The watermill of Laag-Keppel
    by Jerelis

Laag-Keppel Things to Do

  • The castle of Laag Keppel

    Though one must plan before visiting this castle, it is surely worth the effort. one can write to the family that still lives there and make an appointment. Then they are very willingly to show you around their property. The interior of the estate and the building are partly in 18th and 19th century style. The first parts of the castle were already...

  • Agricultural history and importance

    Onto the day of today, the "Achterhoek" is first of all a agricultural land. The people here even use the term "Superboer" for themselves, which means no less then "Superfarmer". There countryside is wide and filled with arable land, furtile acres and fields for grazing cows. It's lovely to drive around here and even nicer to meet the people and...

  • The estate surrounding the castle

    The castle of Laag Keppel has quite a large garden surrounding it. Well, garden? maybe you'ld better speak about an estate or a parc. The greens however are all only accessable on request and one should thus first write a letter to the family that lives here.One of the gates leading into the parc says with letters over it "Wilhelmina". Maybe this...

  • Bridge over the "Oude IJssel"

    The landscape around this "pulling up" bridge is truely "Achterhoek". So take a spin of the mainroad and enjoy this open landscape on either side of this old river. For many the bridge can even be a touristic attraction, if your not used to the kind that can be lifted up.

  • What would a village be without a church

    Yes, of course, Laag Keppel also has a church. Well, it's small, but it's there. Now-a-days the church is however not used anymore as a house of prayer only. Aslo some expositions are held in the house of God.

  • The windmill

    Next to the watermill and on the banks of the "Oude IJssel" flow there's the windmill of Laag Keppel. Well, actually it's one that has been taken over from Friesland in the 19th century. Obviously because the people here didn't want to miss out on such typical Dutch item. The type is a "Spinnekop" that can be translated into English as being a...


Laag-Keppel Transportation

  • Travelling with (young) kids.

    Are you nervous about taking your baby or child on a plane trip? You aren't alone, most parents are nervous about it. We have moved with Iris to Callantsoog by car this holiday and drove some distances by car on when we were there and we learned a few things that hopefully will help you. General: Bring books, old favourite toys and new surprise...

  • Laag Keppel is not for nothing hidden

    The "Achterhoek" is not for nothing the "Corner behind" and is not that easily reached. The larger towns Doetinchem and Winterswijk have a railroad, but Laag keppel has to do it with car-access and bus services.By car and coming from the East: A348 to Doesburg and next follow signs Doetinchem. You will go right through the village.

  • Laag-Keppel Hotels

    0 Hotels in Laag-Keppel

Laag-Keppel Local Customs

  • Voltage, frequency and plug ins.

    Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but as an experience traveler I know that you every now and then need this kind of information in advance: electricity in the Netherlands is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to the Netherlands with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.There...

  • Grolsch -> Just like home sweet home!...

    Let’s make no secret of it. We both like a nice cold glass of beer. Being at our travel pace is always a challenge to find a beer we like, which reflects our taste of having a beer. At Callantsoog (and this probably counts for our entire home country) it was rather difficult. We found out that there are a few local beers, only known in the...

  • Talko to someone who knows ...

    I guess we all agree on this on; there is nothing more exciting than going travelling - exploring another country, experiencing a different culture, travelling around in new ways, sampling the local cuisine and chatting to the local people for a different perspective on life.However during our travels we learned that there is one certain thing that...


Laag-Keppel Warnings and Dangers

  • Reading a map.

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the catchy title of the 1992 bestseller by John Gray, succinctly expresses an ancient dilemma. What--if anything--do men's and women's brains do differently?The general statement that men and women respond and behave differently under the same circumstances is true; For example, from the crib, male babies...

  • Do drink enough.

    For years, we have all been told of the importance of water. The general guideline has been to drink 2 litre of water each day. For a person who is not living an active lifestyle this may be enough, but if you are physically active, you need more water than that. That is especially true if you are hiking in the Callantsoog area due to the fact the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Laag-Keppel What to Pack

  • Jerelis's Profile Photo

    Travel light!

    by Jerelis Written Apr 6, 2016

    Luggage and bags: * Map and guidebook;
    * Crackers;
    * 2 Liter of water;
    * Fruit / power bars.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: * Hiking boots;
    * 1 extra t-shirt;
    * Shorts with many pockets;
    * Sunglasses;
    * Fleece type jacket;
    * Hat / cap;
    * Raincoat.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: * Lip balm;
    * (Neck) sunblock;
    * Band-aids.

    Photo Equipment: * Camera and lots of memory cards!
    * Filter;
    * Extra batteries;
    * Lens 210 mm.

    Miscellaneous: * Binocular;
    * Compass.

    Here we go ...
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    • Road Trip
    • Hiking and Walking

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Laag-Keppel Off The Beaten Path

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    Now-a-days not that much "Achterhoek"

    by Pavlik_NL Written Oct 15, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the busy days of the present, many Western Dutch people that live in the stress of the larger towns, retreat in summertime to the Achterhoek. In many villages summercottages are awaiting them and thus the "Achterhoek" is slowly discovered by the Dutch themselves.
    Foreigners however are still not frequently visiting this beautiful part of The Netherlands, but maybe that my pages attract your attention.

    Servants houses surrounding the castle

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Laag-Keppel General

  • Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo

    The pleasure of discovering your own...

    by Pavlik_NL Written Oct 15, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: For me, travelling to a exposition on which I had to represent that day my work, discovering such small treasure in my own country, let even province, is of great value. Here it is, right under my nose, while I have been travelling the globe in search of new things ... It made me aware that close to home, there's still a lot to discover and I will.

    The castle's gatekeepers house

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