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Independent Shopping Trip to Maasmechelen Village Luxury Outlet from Brussels
"Leave Brussels in the early morning to avoid traffic and journey across the Flemish countryside by comfortable air-conditioned coach to the elegant and modern Maasmechelen Village luxury outlet. In addition to its top Belgian brands such as Essentiel Sarah Pacini and Olivier Strelli this outlet also offers several famous international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana Juicy Couture
From EUR15.00
Maasmechelen Village Shopping Day Trip from Brussels
"Meet your host in central Brussels and then hop aboard your luxury coach for your journey to Maasmechelen Village the luxury shopping destination roughly an hour away. Choose from the Express Option or Experience Option and then — after your day of shopping — simply meet back up with your host at the prearranged time to return to central Brussels.Express Option:On arrival at Maasmechelen Village simply leave your coach and head inside to enjoy roughly four hours of shopping at leisure. Explore the spacious outdoor mall independently and browse the collections at more than 100 luxury boutiques discovering mens’ and womens’ clothing sportswear
From EUR15.00
Guided Boat Trip in Ghent
"This is a boat trip in the historical heart of Ghent. It is an informative boat trip along the River Leie which takes you through the city of Ghent to let you discover the period of the Middle Ages. See the silent witnesses of the prestigious and gloriou the big old meat-market as well as the rugged and steep walls of the Castle of Counts. Admire the only traditional remaining wooden house front.There are open and covered boats available and there will be guided commentary so you can enjoy the views whil"""Enjoy a 40 minute guided boat trip in the historical heart of Ghent with live explanations. Departure is from one of the most beautiful spots in the city the Graslei which is the medieval port in the centre of Ghent. There are open and covered boats at your disposal."title=Highlights&1=40-minute+boat+cruise+along+the+River+Leie+in+Ghent&2=Travel+by+open+or+covered+boat+and+see+the+sights+from+the+water&3=Admire+the+Graslei%2C+the+Castle+of+Counts+and+the+Groot+Vleeshuis&4=Choice+of+several+departures+throughout+the+da""
From EUR7.00

St. Pietersberg Tips (5)

The Tombe or "Motte"

De Tombe are the remains of an early "motte" located on the westbank of the Sint-Pietersberg near the ENCI forest. Original on top of this hill a castle remained.
The fundaments of the castle tower were excavated in 1920, however nowadays these are no visual details. The top of the hill was disturbed by recent cavings. A part of the moat is still there. The hill has a diameter of 30 meters and is 8 meters high.
French, Spanish and other armies used this "motte" to siege Maastricht. For that reasons it is called as the Spaanse Heuvel (Spanish Hill) or Napoleonsberg (Napoleons Mountain).
Some other names given to this motte are: Ouden Borg, Ouborch, Vetus Castrum, De Oude Tombe, Brommelentrom, Franse Batterij.
The motte is recently completely restored by the owner "Vereniging Natuurmonumenten".
The Tombe has the status of national monument, and the terrain is important for the local cultural history and very rare.

rolphbronkhorst's Profile Photo
May 22, 2014

Take a look in the caves!

Grotten St. Pietersberg-Noordelijk gangenstelsel

Luikerweg 71, 6212 NH Maastricht

Entrance fees
Adults € 3.25
Children (-12) €2.25

These are the caves of the St. Pietersberg just outside of Maastricht. People just these caves as a shelter in earlier days. Here you can get guided tours through the caves.
If you strawl on St. Pietersberg watch out for many differrent what seem to be smaller caves. Do not enter them to far, otherwise it is possible you get lost in the cavesystem.
If you like collecting fossils, take some tools and try to find them. I found several species when I was here.

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Apr 04, 2011

Bring a torch to the St Pietersberg caves

A good way to get to the caves is by the river cruise. Cost is 11.45 euros per person which includes a stop off at the caves. Buy the ticket at the booth near the boat.
The caves are a fascinating labyrinth which extend for 250 km and 20 000 passageways.
The guided tour of the St Pietersberg caves would have been better (for me!) if the guide had spoken English and there had been more lanterns available - so I would advise bringing your own torch as there were lots of paintings / inscriptions on the walls that I otherwise would have looked at - such as inscriptions / paintings on the walls from the 1800's to the Second World War.
Well worth a visit and not promoted nearly enough.

Jun 15, 2008


Nice thing to do when you are with a group. On the top of a hill near the St. Pietersberg, there is an old farmstead, located in the middle of a grapeyeard. The owners produce their own wine and will give you a guided tour through the process of wine-making. After this tour you will learn all about the fine art of winetasting and you will discover the quality of Apostelhoeve-wine. The special thing about the activity is, that you may see a beautifull part of Maastricht, that most tourist dont get to see. The Apstelhoeve is situated in the area of the St. Pietersberg, and provides you with some pretty views over the valley. You have to make a reservation at the VVV - toursitinformation. Getting there is not easy. The best way is getting a taxi-van from the marketplace.

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Dec 06, 2002
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Climb to a great View of Maastricht

We walked to the top of the "Mountain" in Maastricht and climbed the tower at St. Pietersberg. If you like beautiful views, this is a great place to go!

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Sep 27, 2004

Top 5 Maastricht Writers

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"Maastricht: Where life is Good!"
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"Limbourgeois at its best"
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"Maastricht -- beautiful city on the Maas"
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"Not At All What I'd Expected!"
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Things to Do Near Maastricht

Things to Do


The Helpoort city gate is one of the oldest Maastricht city gates, being situated at the most inner city wall as the entrance to the South. It dates from the 13th century and is the oldest still...
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St. Pietersberg closed about 70 years ago :-( For an absolutely fascinating day out from Maastricht a visit to the "caves" at St Pietersberg is a must. These so-called "caves" are in fact the tunnels created...
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Aachener Dom - Cathedral

The Nikolauskapelle in the North-West corner of the Dom church was constructed from 1473 till 1485. It was made in a Gothic style. The chapel had to be reinforced in later centuries as some of the...
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Theater Aachen

Photos: 1. Seating in Theater Aachen 2. Lower lobby 3. Upper lobby 4. Applause after Mozart's Lucio Silla 5. Stage door after the performance The Aachen City Theater, officially known as "Theater...
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Only one house survived the big city fire in the 16th century. You can find it at the East side of the Town Hall. Nowadays it's known as the Postwagen am Aachener Markt restaurant. In the past it...
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Altes Kurhaus

Photos: 1. Stage with table and piano for the reading and recital 2. Members of the audience 3. Old Kurhaus from the outside 4. Inscription in the ballroom 5. Poster announcing the reading and...
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