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Independent Shopping Trip to Maasmechelen Village Luxury Outlet from Brussels
"Leave Brussels in the early morning to avoid traffic and journey across the Flemish countryside by comfortable air-conditioned coach to the elegant and modern Maasmechelen Village luxury outlet. In addition to its top Belgian brands such as Essentiel Sarah Pacini and Olivier Strelli this outlet also offers several famous international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana Juicy Couture
From EUR15.00
Maasmechelen Village Shopping Day Trip from Brussels
"Meet your host in central Brussels and then hop aboard your luxury coach for your journey to Maasmechelen Village the luxury shopping destination roughly an hour away. Choose from the Express Option or Experience Option and then — after your day of shopping — simply meet back up with your host at the prearranged time to return to central Brussels.Express Option:On arrival at Maasmechelen Village simply leave your coach and head inside to enjoy roughly four hours of shopping at leisure. Explore the spacious outdoor mall independently and browse the collections at more than 100 luxury boutiques discovering mens’ and womens’ clothing sportswear
From EUR15.00
3 Hour Private Highlights with Non-Classic Stories Tour in Antwerp
"Start your trip in Antwerp with this highlights tour with your private guide Etienne. During the tour you will get to see the best architecture buildings local street and hear interesting answers to some peculiar questions. Start your tour at the Grand Market Place following a stop here you will get to discover in mini-alleys where you get to escape the crowds and take in relaxing vibe of this beautiful city. You'll also get to enjoy the water as you'll be visiting the riverside and the castle in Antwerp. such as: where were they hiding the poor people in the earlier days?If you want to see Antwerp in a nutshell this is the tour for you. Let your guide Etienne know if you want to see anything in particular he'll be happy to create a personalized tour for you. Here is your itinerary: 10:00 - Central Station discovery11:00 - Jewish neighborhood walk12:00 - Diamond area exploration12:30 - Coffee & Chatting Stop About Etienne""
From EUR24.00

Stratumseind, Tips (15)

Stratumseind,: A Streetful Of Bars

It seems the Stratumseind is the place to be in the evenings and weekends for lively nights out. The whole street is lined with bars and restaurants ranging from traditional to trendy. During my midweek daytime visit there wasn't a lot happening but I did note a couple of interesting-looking places should I ever find myself here overnight.

johngayton's Profile Photo
Feb 23, 2016

about 40 different pubs: Stratumseind, the street to be

This is the street to be when you want to chill out, have a blast, dance or just enjoy beer or
and a smoke or have a meal or just a snack.
This street is very crowded in the weekend, during the week its more quiet.
Each cafe has its own public/music. From latin to disco, from Dutch to Rock and Rollmusic.
Lots of different restaurants like Italian, Greek, Egytian, Chinese, Israelian etc.
Eindhoven has a lot of festivals during spring/summer and Stratumseind is one of the places in the center where the events take place.

closed: this pub is'nt there anymore 2014
Le Squale used to be my fav, pub on the Stratumseind, the atmosphere is great, everybody is welcome no matter what profession, clothings or believes.
Its was called Le Squale, then 2 bB's, but now it has changed again.

On the first and 3rd. picture some of my friends after the marathon Eindhoven 9 October 2005

The 2nd. picture was made on the VT meeting 2002 with Sharon (Israel), Csauve-Chris(Canada) Gianluca (Italy) and me

Dress Code casual, what ever you like

catnl's Profile Photo
Dec 16, 2014

Stratumseind, restaurants: Food late at night or early in the morning

what time to do wanna eat? opposite the station you can have breakfast early in the morning or at:
La Place HeuvelGalerie opens at 9 am:
at night there are enough small and big cafetaria opened at Stratumseind.

where is the gig?

PJ Wilhelmina is indeed one of my favourite pubs but....they dont serve food at night/morning:-)

catnl's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2008

Thunderroadhouse, closed down on 10 February 2008: Bikerscafe Thunderroadhouse is CLOSED

AZfter 13 years this great bikerscafe is closed, the owner want something elase....what a shame, this was one of the greatest piubs on Stratumseind..

Thunderroadhouse is a bikers cafe on the Stratumseind.
Mostly bikers and hardrock-lovers visit this pub. The owners wear "klompen" .
The only 2 persons in Eindhoven i think.
Here we started the beertrail hehe...
This picture was made during the Eindhoven meeting on Sept.28th.2002 made by

Diamonddog (Rudy) thanx for the picture :-)

Dress Code Casual or hardrock or whatever:-)
For a real good night out u should visit this pub as well, it has great music! Lifesessions and lifebands!
look at their website below.
Closed on mondays!
FRI and Sat open 14.00-04.00
Sun 14.00-02.00
Tue, Wed en Thu 19.00-02.00

catnl's Profile Photo
Feb 11, 2008
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Stratumseind,: Thundher road house

Eindhoven has a compact and lively city centre. People go out and nightlife takes place mainly in five different 'going out areas'. These areas, each with its own atmosphere and character, are all within walking distance of one another in the city centre...this is one of the bars in Stratumseind area and looks like a riders bar in route 66..

Dress Code no dress code

traveloturc's Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2007

usewd to be yearly summerevent, but now..: Camelrace at the Stratumseind

they stopped and its a skelterrace now in 2006.

We had races (its forbidden now to use animals on events) with real camels for about 13 years, people working at bars were racing for the best driver, but now its forbidden!
Camels are still there but only to take kids for a ride, meanwhile the bartenders can still race but on mechanic camels(((
but the atmohspehere in the street is great, lots of fun, lots of beer and very crowded untill the early morning:-)

Dress Code casual, the bartenders extreme:-)

catnl's Profile Photo
Aug 13, 2006

Jules Hodge, pianist from Aruba + 8 Jan. 2005

Jules passed away on 8th. January 2005..........OHe was one of the most famous pianists in Eindhoven Jules Hodge, he used to play at my favourite pub Le Squale for many years.
This guy was music!
This is'nt a nighttime tip anymore but a memory for myself and maybe for others who know him.
May he rest in peace, thanx Jules for the great times

Dinsdag 11 januari 2005 - In het Tilburgse Elizabethziekenhuis is in de nacht van zaterdag op zondag de Eindhovense pianist/entertainer Jules Hodge overleden aan de gevolgen van een herseninfarct. Hodge werd 63 jaar.

De uit Aruba afkomstige beroepsmuzikant was decennialang een bekende verschijning in het uitgaansleven van Eindhoven en daarbuiten. Hij ontleende populariteit aan zijn imitaties van Fats Domino en was een begenadigd muzikant, die er altijd in slaagde om gezelligheid te scheppen. Om die reden speelde hij op ontelbare feesten en partijen. Ook trad hij vaak op in Duitsland en was hij entertainer op cruises.

Zaterdagavond speelde Hodge met zijn trio in het Eindhovense Cafe Vlakbij. Na twee sets werd hij getroffen door een ernstige herseninfarct. Hij werd met spoed per ambulance naar het Eindhovense Catharinaziekenhuis en aansluitend naar het Tilburgse Elizabethziekenhuis gebracht, waar hij overleed.

De uitvaartplechtigheid vindt vrijdag om 14.30 uur plaats in het Eindhovense Crematorium Rijtackers aan de Anthony Fokkerweg.

catnl's Profile Photo
Dec 25, 2005

Stratumseind: Best pub crawl

The Stratumseind has more than 40 bars and various eating places which are also open at night. You can walk from bar to bar with your drink, and there's really great DJ's playing LOUD music - Dutch techno, of course. Crowds tend to be very young, as most older people (>21) tend toward the discos (which are >21 only).

Dress Code No special dress code, although most are dressed nice/trendy (typical European)

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Oct 09, 2003

Top 5 Eindhoven Writers

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"my hometown, Intelligent Community of the Year2011"
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"City of Lights"
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"Eindhoven, Netherlands"
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Stratumseind: Stratumseind

If you like bars crowded with people, with music so loud that even the slightest attempt at a conversation is bound to fail, and with lousy drinks at high prices; this street is for you! If you don't like this sort of place, you have a problem in Eindhoven. Most bars seem to be like this.

Dress Code The bars are dull so you're probably supposed to dress 'trendy'. It's an obvious combination.

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Feb 06, 2003

The nightlife in Eindhoven is...

The nightlife in Eindhoven is probably some of the finest in the world if you in your teens/early twenties but for the older generation I have not found it. I truly don’t know where the old “nightlifers” go but would love to find out.

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Aug 26, 2002

Eindhoven is FILLED with bars...

Eindhoven is FILLED with bars and restaurants.
I must admit I was very surprised by all the culinary posibilities offered in this city. All types of food are offered in this city and bars are all over the place.

Dress Code Seems pretty casual all over..

Deus_ultima's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

One of the best places to...

One of the best places to be!
At daytime it is a restaurant, but when the moon wakes's party time!
The restaurant is transfered into a mixture of cafe and discotheque...with trancy kind of music, very nice!
Good music, nice (and beautiful) people, good atmosphere....all there is to it!

Dress Code From normal, regular, to light extravaganza...but don't overdo it.

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Aug 24, 2002

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