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Maps & City Guides Tips (16)

map of modern Amsterdam

Favorite thing The map of the modern Amsterdam is in the center just like it was centuries ago.
The city was started at a dam in the river Amstel. And every time it wanted to get bigger a new canal was dug at the outside. And you still seee the canals in a round patern. The semi circles getting bigger and bigger.

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Mar 17, 2004

Tourist map

Favorite thing The first thing one should do after coming to Amsterdam is ofcourse get a tourist map. you have two choices. One, go up to first floor of Centraal station to tourist information centre and buy a map for 2 euros, or buy it for some price at any other place or stoer around. Second option, that I really liked is that just go to the map machine in the station near the ticket machines where you can just print out the map with directions in dark black line as you require. The first photo is the one that I printed out from the machine and the second one is a photo of the machine itself. well this photo is one of the machine frome Rotterdam station. The machine at Amsterdam station looks same, but is in blue colour.

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Feb 02, 2008

research the internet before you go

Favorite thing for one year i prepared for our trip to amsterdam, looking up every aspect of the trip.. besides this site which is the best i reccomend anyone with questions about amsterdam to go to
there are a few people from here that help on that site as well as some very friendly amsterdam natives...

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Jan 16, 2003

StreetWise Laminated Map

Favorite thing A good map is a must for getting around the city without too much difficulty.

Fondest memory A good map with give you the ability to know which trams to get on and what stops to get off at:)) And it will keep you from seriously getting lost in this confusing town full of tiny streets!

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Jan 14, 2003
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Handy print-out guides to Amsterdam FREE !

Favorite thing Check Steven Pemberton's FREE online Guide
for handy links and info when visiting Amsterdam.
And this is another FREE guide, a PDF file from Boom Chicago Amsterdam. A printed version of this guide can be picked up at Boom Chicago and various locations around town. It includes a map of the city center too.

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Apr 08, 2008

City layout

Favorite thing Most tourists will spend most, if not all, of their time in the old part of the city. This part consists of a series of concentric canals in between which are islands. A map of this part of the city shows a remarkable similarity with that of hell as described by Dante in his Comedia. You may want to get a map of this area if you don't want to get lost; you're not going to see much difference between the canals! Getting lost may be fun in another city, in Amsterdam's canals district it's just a bore. A simple map with just the names of the various canals should already be a big help, and you will usually find the name of the canal where you are at houses standing at corners.

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Mar 10, 2004

Get the free map from the...

Favorite thing Get the free map from the hotel or tourist information. The half circle canals always guide you in Amsterdam - hard to get lost, but this specific tourist map is great in another sense, not only to give you the shortcuts from A to B:

We were three collegues spending a weekend in Amsterdam, all equipped with the same tourist map (marked with guiding numbers for different sites), and mobile phones. We wanted to do different things, split and meet, split and meet again. Instead of dealing with addresses and how to get there and where exactly to meet each other, we speedily just could communicate like this:
- I'm at 12 (on the map), where are you?
- I'm a centimeter from number 3. Talked to x and she's close to 6. She hopes to see us at 4 around 8. OK?
It was very simple!

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Aug 25, 2002

Pick up a (free!) copy of the...

Favorite thing Pick up a (free!) copy of the Yellow Pages Visitors Guide - it contains maps, tourist sites & information, embassies, etcetera...
I think I got mine at the hotel, but I'm sure they'll be easy to find.

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Aug 24, 2002

Top 5 Amsterdam Writers

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"God made the Dutch, but the Dutch made Holland"
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"Amsterdam - I love it!"
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"Amsterdam, is it real?"
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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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Like I said..the geometric...

Favorite thing Like I said..the geometric shape alone makes Amsterdams layout interesting.Add to that the fact that between almost all those streets are canals and you simply have a plethora of visuals...each turn of the corner gives you another focal point....time after time.Its like some labyrinth that doesnt have dead-ends...just cooler places.

Fondest memory My fondest memory of Amsterdam was the 2nd trip in 1985..we had rented a motorhome and parked near the Olympic Stadium campground. It was on a bus/tram line and in a city that was expensivce even back then ,,the campground only charged like $7...these days you tip the bellman that to take your bags to your room.

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Aug 24, 2002

Get travel assistance at the VVV

Favorite thing Visit a VVV office. Tthe Netherlands has some of the best tourist information available at their tourist offices throughout the country. A VVV office can provide the traveler with anything from maps to city guides to hotel reservations all at a reasonable price. If you don't already have the information you need or if you need a room I highly recommend that you visit a VVV office before you do anything. A hotel reservation will cost you under 10 Euros and is well worth the price if you have ever tried to book a room in Amsterdam by yourself. Once you have settled on the hotel you will be asked to pay for the full bill at the VVV office. The only down side is that you don't get to see the hotel that you are given but again, it's well worth the convenience. VVV offices can be found at Schiphol Airport and in front of Amsterdam's Central Station (walk out the front door and head straight and to the left). You can also use any other VVV office in the country to book as we did from delft.

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Aug 24, 2002

Visitors guide, Yellow pages.

Favorite thing Pick up this very informative book at the tourist info office and some hotels.

Its FREE, includes a mine of info, telephonenumbers, events, tourist info and maps.

The only guide you will need for your visit.,

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Nov 28, 2005

Free Maps & Brochures at Hotels & Tourist Centers

Favorite thing In this modern age of the internet and the advent of the smartphone, tablet and phablet, you can just download the various maps and the layout of the various attractions in and around Amsterdam Area from either their website or other related tourist friendly apps and then use them on your tablets or smartphones and phablets to get around the nooks and crannies of the attractions so as not get lost (provided that you have an internet connection or there is a free public wifi in the premises of the hotels you are staying or the restaurants of bars where you are dining or drinking).

Fondest memory Or you can still do it the old fashion way via getting various pull up maps and brochures of the Various Brussels attractions so that you would not get lost or disoriented and the best deal here is that the maps are free at your friendly lobby area of the hotel of hostel that you are staying in and around Amsterdam or at the various Tourist Service Centers around and even the canal tours offices in Amsterdam offer free pullout maps for tourists as well.

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Sep 29, 2015

Things To Do in Amsterdam

Things to do

De Krijtberg

Officially dedicated to St Francis Xavier, De Krijtberg is another Catholic church in Amsterdam. The actual elegant Neogothic edifice was constructed in 1883 by the architect Alfred Tepe. The church's...
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Things to do

Flower Market - Bloemenmarkt

New Year's is certainly not the season to visit a flower market, so Bloemenmarkt was not super exciting when I was there in late December 2014. There were definitely flowers being sold along with...
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Things to do

Begijnhof - The Wooden House

The Begijnhof - Beguinage in Amsterdam is certainly a pleasant and quiet part of the old city but as a beguinage I felt surprised by the architectural heterogeneity of this ensemble! Maybe I am too...
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Things to do

Allard Pierson Museum

Allard Pierson Museum is the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. The museum is housed in a nice classical building formerly from the Nederlandsche Bank. Allard Pierson was a...
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Things to do

Bijbels Museum

Biblical Museum. Located on Herengracht in a group of stately mansions called the Cromhouthuizen. I was impressed by their collection of Bibles, and the model of the Temple Mount. "Archaeological...
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Things to do


If you're into shopping, you might want to check out this street. There are plenty of shops here selling so many things for men and women. The only traffic here are tourists! Lots of them. In fact,...
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