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Private Tour: Amsterdam Red Light District and Coffee Shop Tour
"Explore Amsterdam's popular Red Light District neighborhood and learn about the district's history as well as the coffee shop culture in Amsterdam on this 2.5-hour historical walking tour. Your knowledgeable local guide will provide you with an e as well as the Red Light District afterwards. Tour the small alleys of the Red Light District and see some of the city's many coffee shops on this guided cultural walking tour. Enjoy a relaxing break after 1.5 hours in a central Amsterdam location where """Join this educational and amusing 2.5-hour private walking tour through Amsterdam and learn about the history of the city's famous Red Light District and coffee shops. Walk through the small alleys of the Red Light District with your local guide learning as the guide explains the liberal marijuana laws or visit the Sexmuseum Amsterdam (if option selected.)"title=Highlights&1=Private+2.5-hour+Red+Light+District+and+coffee+shop+tour+in+Amsterdam&2=Hear+the+facts+and+fiction+behind+Amsterdam%E2%80%99s+tolerant+attitudes+and+laws&3=Learn+about+the+area%E2%80%99s+colorful+past+and+how+prostitution+came+to+be+leg
From EUR47.00
Amsterdam Canals Paddleboat Rental with Optional Heineken Experience
"Check in at one of three piers in central Amsterdam then hop in your boat. Travel independently or bring along family and friends. Each boat can accommodate up to four people.See Amsterdam how it was meant to be seen while floating around the busy waterways. Enjoy unfettered transport drinking in the gorgeous architecture as you go. Seek out top attractions including Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum and slow down to take pictures when and wherever you wish.After one and a half hours on the canals sightseeing at your own pace return the paddleboat to one of three rental piers
From EUR11.00
Private Tour: Amsterdam Canals Sightseeing Cruise
"Head to the pier opposite the Rijksmuseum to meet your skipper and board your small private boat. With just you and your private party float effortlessly along Amsterdam’s scenic UNESCO World Heritage-listed canals on your afternoon or evening sightseeing experience.This private cruise lets you customize the route to your interests. Pass by the Rijksmuseum Anne Frank House Skinny Bridge and the Amstel River as well as any other attractions you like such as Mint Tower (Munttoren) St Nicholas Church the Golden Bend
From EUR70.00

FEBO Tips (20)

FEBO: Desperate? Poor? FEBO it is then.

Automatic vending machines for burgers, chips (fries) and croquettes. It's pretty cheap and pretty terrible. But if you're hungry, everything else is closed and you don't fancy a night shop rip-off, then needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle (c) Blackadder.

Not a huge range for vegetarians.

Situated all over town.

Favorite Dish I've only ever had the 'cheese souffle' (kaassouffle) and it was awful. Very cheap, though.

Gyppo's Profile Photo
Feb 18, 2014

FEBO: Eating out the wall

FEBO is a chain of fast food. Well-known Dutch snacks like kroket, frikandel and more, can be bought 24/7 from of heated vending machine; also known as Eating from the wall.

You find FEBO branches at the major streets.

The first FEBO ever at the Stadionplein (opposite the Olympic Stadium) closed in October 2013. A new shopping mall and apartment building will fill up the square. Another landmark will be gone.

pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Oct 26, 2013


FEBO is a popular chain of Dutch snack bars. They have more than 20 branches in Amsterdam alone.

Their typical feature are vending machines from which you can buy deep fried minced-meat hot dogs (frikandellen), croquettes (krokets) or different kind of burgers for prices between 1,50 and 2,00 Euro.

FEBO snack bars usually also have a counter from where you can buy french fries and beverages. It is probably not the healthiest food, but definitely worth a try as a small snack between proper meals.

We twice shared a frikandel and a satekroket, which were both tasty and well worth the experience.

HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
Dec 17, 2012


This is not really a restaurant tip, but about a unique Dutch way of selling snacks. I have been fascinated with these "snack machines" since the first time I saw them.
An Automat or AUTOMATIEK is a fast food, coin-operated vending machine where simple foods like hot, deep fried snacks and drinks are served. The Dutch FEBO stores provide a variety of sandwiches and croquettes (my favourite) which are back-loaded from a kitchen.
You just put in the required coin, then open the door for your favourite pick. Simple - easy!
The Automats are open 24 hours and are popular with locals and tourists alike.

LoriPori's Profile Photo
Jun 22, 2011
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Fast Food: FEBO

The Dutch have these fast food stops called Febo .
They consist of lots of little boxes with your choice of fast food inside
While most Dutch will say they are horrible, they are very popular.
To tell you the truth for a little snack for a couple of Euros the food tastes better than it looks.

Favorite Dish I think they are called Frikandel, cost about 2 Euros and yummy.

kazbah's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

FeBo: FeBo

Tasty and quick.
If you fancy a mid-day snack or for that matter a middle of the night snack you can't get better.
Very good value.
The choice of items from the vending boxes is great.
And they all taste great

Favorite Dish Frites with Frites Sauce (from the counter) and a Kroket (from the vending boxes).

kenbac's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

FEBO: Super Fast Food

When you get the snack attack during your long walks around the city centre, look for the FEBO sign, where there are Dutch treats such as croquettes and bamis. It's not really a restaurant but a self-service vending machine of morsels of Dutch snacks. Very cheap and it's quite tasty. I remember, there used to be many of these vending machines in the 1980's , but they seem to be fewer in 2010.

Favorite Dish Croquettes with veal or beef inside.

Ramonq's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2010

Febo: You just have to try it

Something specific for Holland are the food out of the wall places. You just put in the coins (prices are between 1 Euro-2.5 Euros), open the door and the warm snack is there for you. Burgers and some specific Dutch snacks. Not healthy of course, but actually quite tasty and something different to try out. Febo is a chain and you can't miss it when walking in Amsterdam (or actually any large city in Holland).

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Apr 27, 2009

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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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FEBO: Fast food option

I was fascinated by FEBO, although not fascinated enough to plunk money into one of the slots!

We passed by one of them in Amsterdam, FEBO is a chain of Dutch walk-up fast food restaurants, you can purchase certain items at the counter but most of the food is sitting inside little metal boxes, presumably under some sort of heating device, just waiting for you to plunk your Euros into it, sort of like a hot food vending machine.

Most of the food inside the boxes are krokets, described on one website as "a thick gravy or ragout, that is covered in breadcrumbs and then deep-fried." Doesn't that sound appetizing?

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Jul 14, 2008

FEBO: Dutch snack treats

Carrying the most typical Dutch snacks such as Frikandel (Dutch sausage), Kaassouffle (deep fried cheese pastry) and Kroket (deep fried ragout) you have to give FEBO a try when you are in Amsterdam.

They have multiple outlets in the city, including on prime locations such as the Leidseplein and Dam. You will notice the vending machines with the snacks inside (the Dutch calls it 'eating from the wall') and the snacks cost 1.5 - 3 Euro.

Fries (try the garlic mayo!) is available at the counter but you might want to stay off the hamburgers...let's just say the Dutch hasn't mastered that particular snack yet :)

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Jul 12, 2007

Local Dutch Cuisine: FEBO - Must Try Just for the Novelty!

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip to FEBO. It is an automat with food. How can you go wrong? Actually the results can vary. Just walk in and get change from the machines on the wall. Turn around and make a guess. Hollywood Squares with food. Drop your coin in the slot, open the door, and take out your prize.

Favorite Dish The sandwiches were probably the least appetizing, but the chicken wasn’t too bad. The selection of croquets were equally hit or miss. The cheese (kass?) soufflé was about the best of all the offerings in the case. They also sell fries from the counter. I think that they were ok, but not as good as others

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Mar 16, 2006

Feebo: This was wacky!

Very interesting....the food is prepared in the back and uploaded into individual acquire some chow simply insert some euro and pull the little door ranges from burgers to fries to chilli....comdiments on the side...
These little outlets are at various places and you dont have to walk far to find throughout the night....
My evaluation...hmmmm...well I didnt actually try....there is so much food in Amsterdam that if you have to go to one of these places, you really dont care what you eat.....there are so many little restaurants for schwarma or pizza or cakes for that matter...
Above and beyond that, you should be full from eating at any decent restaurant usually costing $15 euros to fill your belly and have a beer....see "All u can eat ribs tip"..

Favorite Dish aaaaaa....

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Dec 01, 2005

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Getting to FEBO


Damrak 6; Reguliersbreestraat 38; Leidsestraat 94


  • Sunday 10:30 to 02:00
  • Monday 10:30 to 02:00
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