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I amsterdam Card - City Pass for Amsterdam
"Amsterdam has so much to offer including world-renowned museums delicious food and delightful canals. The I amsterdam city card makes it easy to get the most out of your stay in this vibrant city while saving lots of money. With your pass gain free admission to illustrious Amsterdam museums including the Van Gogh Museum Rembrandthuis Museum and Hermitage Amsterdam. Save 25% off popular Amsterdam attractions such as Madame Tussauds and Icebar XtraCold and receive discount offers for restaurants and shows. You'll also get a free city map to help you navigate the streets and canals of Amsterdam and unlimited use of public transport (airport train not included). Enjoy the sights from a free canal also included with your city pass. Your I amsterdam card contains 2 separate chips which can be activated separately
From EUR55.00
Half-Day Tour of Red Light District and Jordaan District with Private Guide in Amsterdam
"Discover Amsterdam on this half-day walking tour with a private guide. Start off with the Red Light District explore the atmospheric streets and learn about the coffee shop culture the prostitution history the political issues and the city's history. Walk through the narrowest street of Amsterdam see one of the first coffee shops and condom shops in the world.Next head to the famous Jordaan district
From EUR94.00
Amsterdam City Tour by Tuk-Tuk with Cheese Tasting
"Meet your guide at 3pm near Amsterdam Central Station and start your tuk-tuk tour. Your professional local guide will show you the Amsterdam highlights and tell you about the city history and culture. Besides your guide will show you the secrets of the city: where to shop the best products where to have a nice dinner or the places to go out. Admire the 17th century canals which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ride past the Anne Frank House and explore the Red Light District in a new way.  At the end of the tour enjoy a cheese tasting and learn about the authentic cheese making process. Experiment 4 different cheeses with dips and mustard and try some typical Dutch beer or have a glass of red wine while watching a short film about the traditions of Dutch cheese."""In this 2-hour tour
From EUR39.00

Pancake Bakery Tips (19)

The Pancake Bakery: Pancakes and more pancakes

This eatery is located close to Anne Frank House. The speciality is pancakes and because I had read good reviews I decided to try both a savoury pancake (chicken, mushroom and cheese) and a sweet pancake (banana and Nutella). It was a cold day outside so the pancakes were like comfort food. Both were very nice.

There is outside seating on the Prinsengracht canal which would be nice on a pleasant summer evening but my daughter and I managed to get a table inside even though it was rather busy. It was noisy and cosy and we enjoyed the experience.

Opening hours are between 9am and 9pm.

Favorite Dish Try the traditional dutch pancake with warm cherries, icecream, cherry liquer and cream.

swissfondue's Profile Photo
Aug 22, 2014

Pancake Bakery: Completely Satisfying!

I was eager and excited to try Dutch pancakes and the Pancake Bakery was the perfect choice. I tried a fancy savory pancake: The Brazilian (€ 13.00). The pancake was thin, soft and delicious--topped with mocha ice cream, whip, nuts and caramel sauce. I wish I had gone back to try this restaurant again. The menu was large and there is something for everyone's palate. Go early or be prepared to line-up.

sinjabc's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2011

Pancake Bakery: local pancake spot

This was very close to my houseboat I was renting, so I checked it out one night and had a great experience---it was crowded and they were a little rushed but still came through with a good performance----I had a thai chicken pancake with veggies and salad included---also some good homemade rice chips----had some cinnamon ice cream for dessert and some expresso---a very good meal at a local retaurant----very much recommended------

Favorite Dish thai pancake

dustmon's Profile Photo
Sep 18, 2010

Pancake Bakery: Don't miss this place!

I happen to pass by this place while roaming around the city and trying to find the Anne Frank House. It was closed at the time, but I vowed to return. After a quick morning stop at a coffee shop this place definitely hit the spot. It's a fairly small (but typically long and narrow for Amsterdam) restaurant. I think there is a second floor, but the main area downstairs is nice and cozy. We got there fairly early, and by the time we were eating there was a considerable line outside.

Favorite Dish They have a great menu. Never had I seen savory pancakes. Their pancakes are light like crepes. I had the pancakes with ham and mushroom. They were freakin awesome!

jame1030's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2009
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Pancake Bakery: Don't miss this place!

I happen to pass by this place while roaming around the city and trying to find the Anne Frank House. It was closed at the time, but I vowed to return. After a quick morning stop at a coffee shop this place definitely hit the spot. It's a fairly small (but typically long and narrow for Amsterdam) restaurant. I think there is a second floor, but the main area downstairs is nice and cozy. We got there fairly early, and by the time we were eating there was a considerable line outside.

Favorite Dish They have a great menu. Never had I seen savory pancakes. Their pancakes are light like crepes. I had the pancakes with ham and mushroom. They were freakin awesome!

jame1030's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2009

Pancake Factory: Pancakes!

Dutch pancakes are more like we in North America call crepes. You can get them with many types of fillings or as a dessert with syrup or chocolate, which is how many of the Dutch have them. We were with a Dutch couple one day and they seemed to scoff at anything in a pancake that wasn't sweet. But I digress.

The Pancake Bakery has been featured in guidebooks, which is where i'd heard about it and it wasn't too far from our hotel so that was our choice for our last evening in Amsterdam. It's on the well known canal, Prinsengracht, a very short walk from the Anne Frank house and is in a 17th century canal house on two levels. It's an unassuming restaurant, not flash and fancy like you might think a touristy type restaurant would be. You go down a few steps into a narrow, deep room and there is also an upper level. One wall is brick with framed old photos and prints lining the walls, the other is plaster with a specials board and more prints. The wait staff are quick and efficient and the menu has dozens and dozens of varieties of pancakes, sweet and savoury.

They have traditional type pancakes with fruits, or ham, and always cheese if you want it, and they have international versions with things like chili, curry, and satay. If you want more ingredients that listed on a particular type, you will pay a fee for each so it can add up.

They also do omelettes if you prefer and they have a children's menu for smaller sizes and have a few soups and starters as well but you probably won't have room!

Tram 13, take the Westermarkt stop. Open from noon until 9:30 p.m. they accept major credit cards. Prices vary from 5 ro 13 euro per pancake, more if you add extra toppings. The traditional ones average about 8 euros and the specialty and international ones are 10 to 12 euro so it can be expensive especially if you're adding extra toppings. Children portions are a bit cheaper.

Favorite Dish We each had a pancake and the one i had, if i remember, had chicken and cheese and it was the size of a pizza. Too much for me to finish but it was quite tasty. Mind you i made the mistake of having onion soup as a starter and that's filling on it's own. Graham had an Indonesian satay one and was quite satisfied with his as well. We shared a dessert called poffertjes which we thought were like profiteroles but are actually mini pancake type rounds with sweet stuff on them. This one had cherries soaked in kirsh with cream ("slagroom") on it which i liked but Graham didn't as he found the liqueur too strong.

tvor's Profile Photo
May 21, 2009

Pancake Bakery: Great savory takes on pancakes!

The pancakes are large and crepe-like! My husband doesn't usually like pancakes or Greek food so he was going to sit it out while I ate my Greek pancake but he tried one bite and ended up eating half of my pancake both times we visited the restaurant! You can sit inside or out. And the experience was just as good the second time!

Favorite Dish Liked the Greek Pancake because the lamb was seasoned nicely and there was a good sauce. The feta cheese was mild. and the pancake base lite and fluffy. Lots of veggies, meat and cheese made this perfect for brunch in between the Anne Frank museum (Also great. Don't miss the film and questions at the end of the tour) and a long walk through Jordan and down to Vondel Park.

Jun 12, 2008

The Pancake Bakery: Those famous Dutch pancakes!

The Pancake Bakery, a famous restaurant in Amsterdam, was one of our favorite eating spots during our visit. We saw a lot of the area trying to find it the first time, before we learned how the canal street building numbering worked. It's at Prinsengracht 191. "Gracht" is Dutch for canal, so any street address with that in the name is a canal street, with a separate street and sidewalk on both sides of the canal. Same as in the U.S., building numbers are odd-numbered on one side and even on the other, but not necessarily corresponding from one side to the other. If not aware of this you can easily walk in the wrong direction. Picture the numbering starting from opposite ends of the street on each side and this will make sense. It's a short walk down the street from the Anne Frank House museum, and convenient to tie that in with a visit there.

As with many other Amsterdam restaurants and buildings in general, the very small size when facing it from the street made it at first seem like a hole-in-the-wall sort of place, but as we became accustomed to, was larger inside than expected due to the depth of the interior. Watch your head on the way out. I got my first of two noggin bumps there!

Some of the friendliest staff we encountered anywhere, and a very nice mix of other people both times we went.

Favorite Dish We went expecting U.S. style flapjacks as pancakes. Wrong again, but pleasantly surprised once we tried them. More of a French style crepe, but delicious, very large, and with a mouth-watering variety of toppings. Also some very good omelettes.

jss1018's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2007

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The Pancake Bakery

This is a great place for pancakes. There are 70 different pancakes to choose from, pancakes for dessert (sweet) or for lunch (salted). Portions are huge and well filled.

The restaurant is located in the cellar of an old storehouse and it is a cosy place with a lot of old pictures on the walls.

Helga67's Profile Photo
Jul 31, 2006

Pancakes/Stroopwafels/Poffertjes/Appeltaart: Pancake Bakery!

Claimed to make the best pancakes in town, this place is close by Anne Frank House, and so consider making a sweet stop here for an afternoon treat after a rather overwhelming and depressing walk through the Anne Frank House. The variety of pancakes offered is great, the pancakes are made rather 'commercial-like' if I can put it that way, but nonetheless tasted delicious to us!

sormuiyan's Profile Photo
Jun 20, 2005

The Pancake Bakery: Truly delicious!!!

This place is really really good. We actually liked it so much we went there twice during our three day trip in Amsterdam. They serve the famous Dutch style pancakes. There are choices between sweet or savory. There are so many options you will probably want to go back just as we did.

Favorite Dish I had two sweet pancakes, which were amazing. I had the banana and chocolate and then the caramel with ice cream. I couldnt finish them, despite how delicious they were, becuase they are really big. I also tried a savory style with ham and mushrooms which was great as well.

meeshelmybelle's Profile Photo
May 31, 2005

The Pancake Bakery: Delicious Pancakes

This restaurant is the best place to sample dutch pancakes. They are totally different than US style pancakes as they are made with a different batter and are much thinner, almost like crepes. They are served with an assortment of toppings. The pancakes are served on large plates as they are 12-14 inches in diameter. They are simply delicious. A variety of syrups are available as well.

Favorite Dish Pancake with apple and raisins. Divine.

roamer61's Profile Photo
May 17, 2005

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Getting to Pancake Bakery


Prinsengracht 191 - 1015 DS Amsterdam


  • Sunday 09:00 to 21:30
  • Monday 09:00 to 21:30
  • Tuesday 09:00 to 21:30
  • Wednesday 09:00 to 21:30
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